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  1. Honestly, I have never tried to calculate my handicap. I dont know why. But...when I am inside 20-130yds I am clueless. I end up chunking a lot because I slow my downswing with the wedge most of the time trying to control the distance. Yea I am confused. I have been working on the range with just that distance and getting some improvement. My putting is just starting to be decent since I started putting my elbows against my body and just using shoulders. So yea, my short game never cooperates :)
  2. OK. I have a Cleveland Comp 9.5 with Grafalloy Comp NT Stiff shaft. I have just begun hitting it horribly. Awful hooks. Sometimes I can straighten the hooks out a bit and make it look like a "power draw". I was hitting this club very well, 300+ yards then all of a sudden the hooks appeared. I have tried everything. Some of my friends say I am too stiff at the tee but I have tried to loosen up and everything else. I hit my irons very well, no hooks at all, mostly fades if not straight. My irons are Mizuno MP33 blades Stiff shafts. I hit my 3 iron very well, straight and consistent 230+ yards. This driver situation is driving me crazy. I think it may be defective somehow. Maybe I loosened the shaft from head or something else. I know that the ferrule came loose but I think that is only cosmetic. I think that I may need to switch to X stiff shaft because my swingspeed is high. Please offer some suggestions. I am confused with this. Luckily I still hook/draw this thing 260-275 if the hook isnt so severe. When that ball hits the ground it has super spin right to left. Thanks for any help! -Ryan
  3. I wonder what the meter would be for the fairways. I heard that the fairways are puttable since they are so nice. Is this true?
  4. Crandon Golf Club in Miami (Key Biscayne) http://www.crandongolfclub.com/
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