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  1. I love my Speed Blade irons, however, when it comes to the driver I couldn't get the Xhot out of my bag. It seemed like no matter what I tried, the Xhot was farther and more accurate. I am actually quite excited about this latest TaylorMade driver. That being said I don't understand why TaylorMade keeps creating golf clubs so quickly...it really feels to me like I am getting ripped off. before I forget...$329...is that really the going price for the driver?
  2. I find it confusing today when you are looking for a driver, which one to go with. I love Callaway drivers, however, it appears stats have both the Big Bertha and Xhot2 hit basically the same distance....then you have the fantastic TaylorMade SLDR and the Jetspeed, both which appear to have similar stats as well. Has it really come to the point where there isn't anything technology wise that will separate drivers anymore? It seems that if you normally drive a ball 250 yards with a driver, more than likely you can go into a golf store and buy a new driver and guess what...still 250 yards. I am starting to wonder if it has just come down to looks now...and if that is the case are we going to see a price war? I honestly hope so, I really don't know where this ($400.00) for a driver number came in as a standard, but it is a joke.
  3. What I received: Bridgestone’s Tour B330-S : Tour performance with more spin and swing speeds greater than 105 MPH. Tested on 2/8/2014, Bonita Golf Course by three golfers. First some eye candy of the new packaging. And some close up photos of the ball itself. The golfer’s bags: Golfer 1 – TaylorMade Speedblade Irons, Callaway XHot driver, Callaway Xhot fairway 3 Wood, Cobra Baller T-Rayl 3 Hybrid, and TaylorMade Ghost putter. Usually plays whatever is the more affordable Titleist ball. Golfer 2 – TaylorMade Rocketballz irons, Callaway Xhot2 Driver, TaylorMade Stage 2 (3 & 5) fairway wood, Nickent 3 hybrid, and Odyssey blade putter. Usually plays Titleist NXT Tour. Golfer 3 – Mix bag of Callaway irons/woods/driver. Usually plays Noodle. Longest Drive: My best drive was measured by GPS at 280 on a flat fairway, this is about five yards longer than any other ball I have utilized using the same course and driver. Feedback: Golfer 1 – Great ball all around. If you hit the ball solid, it made an awesome sound. If the ball was not hit properly, there is even a sound for that! You could feel the ball explode off of the club face. Golfer 2 – Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green. Putting was good. Liked the sound of the ball. Golfer 3 – Much of the same comments as golfer 2. Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green. Putting was good. Liked the sound of the ball. Very soft feel ball. He did not like the fact it was easily scuffed. Spin - 8/10 Durability - 5/10 Feel/Sound - 9/10 Distance - 9/10 Launch Angel - 9/10 Lastly, I wanted to thank Bridgestone for allowing us to play the 2014 edition of this ball. If I have this ball in my bag, it will be used for any shots that require my driver!
  4. I have yet to find something recent that is as long as my XHot...that being said, they are ugly as sin....can't stand that grey top. I do like the look of the SLDR and the JetSpeed, however, the SLDR wasn't as long as the XHot under testing...I got to try the new Jetspeed vs. Xhot2.
  5. Definitely more yardage on the Ping fairway woods than the Nickent F26 woods. The Hybrids however...just awesome, I recommend all golfers go hit them if you have a Dick's Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy nearby.
  6. Hi Dragon...yeah I had the RAZR Fit woods and was unable to get the comfort level I was looking for. I did test the G25 3 wood today against the F26 Nickent 3 wood and was surprised...Ping won. I honestly thought based on the hybrid f26 that the Ping was going to lose the battle...but not only did it win, it won big. Distance was about 20 yards longer on the Ping. Accuracy was much better on the Ping as well.
  7. Hi Golfingdad - Yeah, the last three years I would say. I play a lot of golf though, probably more than most...this last year I played around 60 rounds of golf. I feel very fortunate to have been able to have done that. And thank you Kujan for the heads up on that, it was driving me nuts.
  8. I went from TaylorMade in 2011 to Callaway in 2012 and now to PING. Opinion on the irons - Hands down the most accurate irons I have used to date Feel heavier than my old Callaway RAZR irons "W" iron, having a bit of trouble figuring out distance as I am used to "AW" from Callaway.."W" is a bit longer club Overall the irons hit further than my past irons. Very comfortable grips. White line on the iron I have missed, it helps getting everything squared. My RAZR X didn't have that. Opinion on the driver - 1. Longest driver ever owned (268 into the wind). RAZR Fit was average 250 yard, wind would put me about 240 2. Found that I need to change the shaft from regular to stiff to improve accuracy due to swing speed. 3. Largest head on a driver I have ever owned, actually helped me feel a bit more confident Opinion on the fairway woods - 1. Still not 100% sold on the woods. I like the fact there is no gloss/reflection from the driver or woods.
  9. I recently purchased the 3i and 4i F26 hybrids @ Dick's Sporting Goods. These are hands down the best hybrids I have ever hit. I highly recommend them. I may be trading in my PING G25 fairway woods for the F26 fairway woods after I test them out this weekend.
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