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  1. Fact? No. Opinion, yes. You are not the only person that has been outside or inside the ropes. My opinions are not irrelevant wrt the press. I have seen people duck the press even after a good day. That includes me. Disagree all you want but careful with expressions of people's thoughts being irrelevant. That brings back into play the word "rude".
  2. Played the GamerTours this past week. They spun much more than the V2s. I was short of pin on the greens I hit due to much less rollout than the V2s I normally play. Distance was fine; feel was fine. Still cold here in Colorado, so I will have to wait until summer for final thoughts. But overall, I cannot complain at all about the GamerTours...I think they will be the upgrade that I was looking for from the V2s...better green spin w/o increasing the sidespin too much. Thanks,
  3. Got in a round today and put a new ball in play. Overall score was not there (chipping STILL haunts me...can you say "next lesson"?). However, ballstriking was improved...even with the high wind, also due to the lesson. To play a Pete Dye course down the stretch at par, par, bogie (16, 17, 18) from the tips felt pretty good. Courses south of Denver are all open...and in pretty good shape.
  4. Jx, You are not the only one. I took lessons when I was 8. Played sporadically for years until my baseball career ended. I start back into golf...and was HORRIBLE. I took a lesson from an instructor at an air force base near me. It was awful. It didn't screw me up...heck, we didn't even discuss golf. My hour was spent trying to understand zen and karma...yikes. Anyway, I became a disciple of Golf Digest, but got me only so far. I found a guy I trust after watching him at a local club for the past year. It was after this that I approached him and took a lesson...well worth it f
  5. Dave, Castle Rock and Denver are almost there...until this storm hit today...
  6. That was the case for me. I could beat balls but couldn't ascertain why so inconsistent. Just a couple of adjustments (moved the ball a little more forward, ensure hands are forward at impact, alignment) and a slight forward press as a trigger did help immensely. Now we are supposed to get another foot of snow...oh well.
  7. Those AREN'T her legs. Have you seen her legs on the Golf Channel? I know they said TV adds 10 pounds...but 10 pounds per leg? Still has a pretty good swing though.
  8. I am not clueless...and I took a lesson...and it helped a lot.
  9. It takes more than TV coverage for me to decide if someone is phony or not. Heck, most of us are divorced at one point because it took longer than a day to see the light. Too many people label others as Phil Lovers or Tiger Freaks...it gets old. I spent the day playing golf with Tiger. He was very pleasant and easy to chat with...but at the end of 5+ hours...I still didn't know him. My daughter is friend of some of Phil's relatives here in CO...and I don't know him any better from that relationship either. So, your bashing of Phil is a result of what knowledge?
  10. Iacas, Your comment borders on unfair. Phil definitely spends more time with the fans than most other golfers. I have seen enough of the press...I avoid at all costs. Most were RUDE and INTRUSIVE when I played with Tiger or while I was in Afghanistan as a Soldier.
  11. YG, My head moves a little to the right as I bring the club back. It used to be a lot...but less now. A tip I got from Golf Digest helped me. They said "keep your head up...and use your eyes to look down." Keeping my head higher helped create clearance. Just a thought, Michael
  12. I took a lesson this week for the first time in 40+ years (I am 49...basically self taught from Golf Digest). The long and short of it...I have never hit my irons better, direction-distance-spin. It only took a few moments for the instructor (Eric at Plum Creek GC, Castle Rock, CO) to identify several small errors/quirks. He my swing was good overall...but I those several items combined to cause problems. Within an hour, I was striping my irons. I put my ego aside...and it will pay off. What are your feelings about lessons? When was the last time you took a lesson? What ar
  13. I took a lesson this week. The long and short of it...I am spinning my wedges! It only took an hour for the instructor to refine a couple of mistakes I was constantly making. Several quirks that resulted in poor iron play overall. By mid-hour I was striping the ball. Anyway, I now have spin...still need some practice...but I feel soooo much better. I am now an 8 handicap...but that will lower if I stay on this. Put the ego away boys...a quick lesson can do a world of good...it did for me! Kudos to Plum Creek's (Castle Rock, CO) Eric for a fine lesson!
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