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  1. you cant fault a guy for doing the "gimme" putt for a 2 footer in a public course It's actually good etiquitte to tap it and pick it up. If he wants to take all of those shots and knock down his handicap, that's just fine. When it comes to a match play he will get destroyed, which is the ONLY time handicap matters.
  2. I don't mind playing with my mom, but she's in her 60's and cannot hit a ball over 150 yards.. so we're 200 out and she feels the need to take her GPS off of her belt and then ask where the pin in to adjust the yardage. Gah!
  3. Good point about Liberty (one PGA player called it a waste of a perfectly good landfill, lol).. however I've heard (from the horses mouth) that LNCC is "redoing" (not sure to what extent) 17 of their 18 holes. So it should be interesting to see how it looks next year. I wonder what kind of spectator turn out to expect this year in LI. Prob not 50k/day like the US Open but with the top 125 (and Tiger already qualified) it should be a big draw. Too bad about Plainfield last year, the weather really killed the event mostly.. should be much different in 2015.
  4. Signups available Visit the site to volunteer and get more info: http://barclaysvolunteers.pgatourhq.com/ If you never volunteered before, it is a lot of fun. Do consider it!
  5. The tourney went pretty well, except for the cut to 3 days on Sat. But it was the right call. Many hole became lakes on Sunday morning! A 3hr rain delay on (Friday?) had many people leaving, but those who stuck around got a really nice day and maybe 6 hrs of golf (till dark!). It's a fabulous course and I look forward to it's return there in 2015. See ya next year at Beth Page black!
  6. 124 slots on Tues/Wed but just 22 slots on Thurs, 6 for Fri, 0 for Sat, 10 for Sun. This is your absolute last chance to register if you want to work Thurs-Sun. In 18 days we went from 85% to 94% full on marshal committees. A new record for sure.
  7. Tues/Wed shifts now just 177 open spots, Thur-Sun just 84.. and just 6 holes have open spots for the weekend (Sat/Sun). Sign up now or lose any chance of getting on the marshal squad!
  8. Shifts are filling up in record pace! We've never had so many marshal volunteers by Apr 21st. Of the 1176 total man-shifts on Tues-Wed just 220+ remain, and of the 2352 man-shifts on Thurs thru Sunday only about 180+ remain. With the average person taking two of their shifts on Thurs-Sun that means only about 100 people are needed to fill up the holes for the last 4 days. Be sure to sign up sooner than later as this data is already ten days old and since Apr 21st we've closed out 19 available shifts and two holes.
  9. 2 and 17 filled up now. That's half the holes gone now (1,2,3,6,9,10,11,17,18).
  10. Holes 1,3,6,8,10,11,18 all filled up. Holes 2 and 16 almost filled up. Sign up soon if you want to marshal.
  11. not a chance. Baltusrol is very happy with their "once in every 13 year"s major. I did read Liberty National was making "significant" changes, which they claim is NOT due to PGA player feedback.. suuurrreee.. If Bethpage fails to get it, it may go back there as a fall back option.
  12. they should have assigned you a hole, or at least you should have been able to pick your committee. if you are not a marshal, then volunteer for evacuation (they drive the players off the course in bad weather). If it's a nice day, you are free to roam and watch the golf.
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