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  1. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    It seems if they want to keep video reviews they should have all players shots recorded and have ref's on site reviewing them live. I don't really see an issue with that if they choose to do so but if they do, they can no longer call golf a self policing game. Also will be debatable if you can call it a game based around integrity.
  2. Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    If 70% feels like 20% then its probably not 70% of your one rep max. 70% of your one rep max should always be difficult no matter how long you've been lifting because it's not a stagnant weight, its a percentage of your max output.
  3. Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    I might be misunderstanding you but 70% of your single RM is a kind of standard for muscle building, that shouldn’t be light. If it was something like 20% it would seem more likely. Imo cleans are great for workouts but there are a lot better exercises to warm up with.
  4. Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    I usually workout after golf because I would not want to be worn out before the round. I do typically do some warming up and stretching before each round though. Power cleans are more of a workout exercise than a warm up movement especially at those weights and reps.
  5. I have similar issues as you do with hooking hybrids and had a gap at the top of my bag. If you hit fairway woods well definitely go that route but depending on how you hit your longer irons it may be worth checking out the newer driving irons that have come out in the past couple years. I've put one into my bag and has filled the gap perfectly.
  6. Tough hole vs Gimmick

    To me gimmicky holes are mostly poor design. A 240 yard par 3 with a small green seems more of a hard hole than gimmicky. Gimmicky to me would be more like a 90 degree par 4, teeing out of a chute that isn't maintained/designed properly so you have to hit a weird punchy shot off the tee that can't go too far or you're in trees.
  7. Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    When I play by myself I play close to the right distance, but with others I tend to err on the side of shorter because they are typically not longer hitters. I think about 50% play the wrong tees.
  8. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Fairly close with the exception of the lob wedge.
  9. It'd be interesting if the did this type of testing with scuffed golf balls.
  10. I'm confused. You say that you're glad that you played when skill mattered but also say course difficulty doesn't matter? The whole premise behind rolling the ball back is to make shorter courses more difficult which conflicts with what you said. This seems to go back to what I was saying earlier that some people just don't like the fact that pro's hit it a lot further than they do or you just don't like marketing of golf equipment. Also distance isn't just swinging fast, you can swing fast and still not hit the ball a long way. You need to swing fast and have good technique, for instance with a driver AoA is important for longer drives.
  11. I personally don't see the issue here but they could just set the course up a little differently to make it more difficult. Make the fairways narrower, rough taller and don't cut down the fairways as much to reduce roll. It always seems like the people who want to roll back the ball only want to do so to make the themselves feel better about their game, "oh that pro hit it 250 just like I did yesterday".
  12. For sure, but without going further off topic 3 putting quite frequently should be a pretty good indicator of bad putting.
  13. By either being worse than the average or subjectively.
  14. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Flexibility and explosiveness seem to be more important than just strength alone. Training correctly for the application is more important than just moving more weight.
  15. Which one would you take?

    30 birdies because I'm assuming the score is gonna be lower.

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