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  1. I have ran into a few issues using GG Live. I noticed it is not accurate at picking up fairways, my would be a good 10 yards from the edge of the fairway and it marks it has in the rough. Not sure if they can do something about that. The only other issues are the app crashes quite frequently and sometimes if two holes are close together sometimes it add shots from the previous hole to the current one. These problems have kinda pushed me from using it as frequently, I mostly only use it when I play alone now.
  2. I had half a set break like this (7 or so). I emailed Game Golf and told them the weld was bad along with pictures like you have here and they sent me a whole new set free.
  3. Idk I picked up a new putter at the beginning of last year but this is making me rethink my decision. May need to look into getting fit for an Edel.
  4. That seems like more of the norm. For me, It has been kind of mixed but its probably just the area that I live (lots of rural/blue collar areas). There are people who dress like pro's that act like entitled pricks but also people who wear super casual clothes who are just out to get drunk. The older I get, the less I care what other people are doing as long as they aren't being dbags.
  5. I care more about how people act on the golf course than how they dress. I think having options of places with strict and relaxed dress codes would be best. There are many courses in my area that have either.
  6. Pretty nice looking shoe. The only thing I am curious about is how well they will clean off since they used a suede material in the toe. I'm looking for a spikeless shoe so this may have some potential.
  7. It could also just be perception of golf by people. Many younger people may only see golf on TV. They see a game that takes a long time, has a strict dress code, a lot of rules, and costs quite a bit relative to other games/sports.
  8. I think a lot of people like to get away from the chance of getting a bad bounce when hitting into a hill/fringe/etc using a bump and run .The probability of getting a bad bounce is way lower hitting directly onto the putting surface using a chip or pitch shot.
  9. If he pays this caddie 50k shouldn't he pay out that much to every local caddie he uses if he wins? Isn't it only fair?
  10. I feel like part of the responsibility falls on the caddy for this one. How do you agree to work without understanding your compensation? Does $5k seem low, sure, but if that's what they agreed upon it is what it is. Anything more than the agreed upon amount is gratuity which is completely subjective. I know I would not start any job without verifying the details of compensation and if a bonus is mentioned I would ask what it entails to receive it and what it consists of. Communication is key in all relationships, business or personal.
  11. Year round golf is very much dependent on what you can handle for temperatures and what you are acclimated to. If you only want to play when its 60-90 mid day then you are going to be pretty restricted, and with that climate usually comes higher cost of living. If you draw a line from the northern boarder of North Carolina directly west all the way through California, pretty much anything south of that is playable all year. Probably can move that line north a bit depending on how well you handle the cold. Personally, anything above 45 with no wind or rain I can manage.
  12. I keep it in my back pocket for GG and to listen to music.
  13. I'm surprised GG hasn't paired with grip and club manufacturers to have molded in tags similarly to arccos/cobra connect.
  14. The Cobra F9, mainly because I've always liked their drivers/woods. I don't think any of the new drivers are going to be ground breaking enough compared to my M2 to spend that kind of money.
  15. People are probably not talking about it because it's all hearsay and there is a bunch of info missing. Did the caddy ask for/agree to a flat rate of $3k or did they have some other agreement and Kuchar under paid him? If it's the first it's a non issue, if it's the latter then there is a problem.. From the info here it sounds like they had an agreement, then Kuchar won, now the caddy wants more. I could be wrong though.
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