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  1. A good start may be tracking your stats (if you are not doing that already) to see if there is anything that stands out. Something with strokes gained relative to the handicap you are looking to get to would be ideal.
  2. Yeah the wind speed/direction definitely should have been recorded especially since they are saying the golf ball aerodynamics can have up to an 8 yard impact on distance. That should be made even worse in the wind. Also just as a general question to everyone, are there any places you can get fitted for a ball that is full flight with a trackman? I've only really seen indoor fittings for balls with maybe the exception being manufacturer fitting locations. It seems like it would be impractical to do because of having to separate balls at whatever range you are at.
  3. Yeah it definitely seems like it. It would be nice to see an open dialogue between the TXG guys and the MGS guys about the testing as they are having conflicting results, but MGS just brushes all comments off that ask for clarity. A test procedure along with the data would have been really nice.
  4. It is kind of odd that the test shows almost identical numbers for the longest and shortest balls with the only difference being 3mph ball speed. Are the aerodynamics really that bad on the shortest ball to cause that big of a distance loss?
  5. You may want to include the link to your review in your OP.
  6. The data is pretty interesting but doesn't surprise me all that much tbh. I noticed very little difference between all the golf balls I've tried. The only one I had a visible/measurable change with was the Titleist AVX (Which launched lower and spun less), I gained about 5-10 yards per club. Edit: I found that MGS did a podcast about the testing and findings.
  7. It really depends on how ill fitting your current equipment is to you. The worse the initial set is the bigger the improvements you can expect to see. The big key is finding a high quality fitter. Most people get fitted for free at a big box store and are surprised that they don't see any improvements. It's hard to fit someone when they only have 3 shaft offerings and aren't will to change club head specs (loft,lie,etc) on the spot and have you retest. Also most "fitters" at the stores don't have a ton of training.
  8. Striking the ball perfectly would lead to your best scores. It's the combination of both that brings people back. If you only care about ball striking and not scoring, you can just go to a driving range.
  9. I was listening (not watching) and heard that toe ball. I thought to myself "That sounds familiar, sounded like a shank."
  10. I do hate when those kids walk in my lawn.
  11. What is so magical about age 35?
  12. I haven't. I was on pace for a 6 hour (maybe longer) round, but left mid round instead of enduring that pain.
  13. I remember in a high school golf match we experienced all four seasons in a round. It started at 60 and sunny, then it started raining, which switched hail, which switched to snow on the final couple holes.
  14. Agreed. He probably would have gained some fans if he said that instead.
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