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  1. That was the best round I've played this year so we'll see how much those numbers change lol. Hopefully I will be adding more rounds this weekend. Thanks for setting this up!
  2. I have the same issue of tending to go for pins I shouldn't. Definitely joining these challenges.
  3. Doesn't really matter to me.
  4. Driver, 3 wood, 2i, 4-PW, 52, 56, 60, Putter
  5. I have the GameGolf Live and like it a lot. I did initially have issues with the tags breaking but I contacted them and they sent me a new set. The other issue I had was it marking some fairways as missed when they were actually hit (due to shading on the hole maps they use). Overall it has been great.
  6. 36 (+1) on Wednesday. Played mediocre but scored very well.
  7. If I'm playing by myself or in a league I typically walk as it seems to keep me more in rhythm and can control pace a lot better if it is slow. If I am playing with other I let them choose. The only time I specifically ride is if it is very hot and humid or the course is very hilly.
  8. I've been playing Vice golf balls and like them a lot. They are around $25 a dozen but have to buy 5 dozen to get that pricing.
  9. What do you consider to be cheap in terms of per dozen?
  10. It can be beneficial if you keep your ego in check and make sure to have good/strict form as stated by TN. That's a lot easier said than done from what I've seen. Some instructors teach bad form and a lot of crossfitters get so obsessive about the reps/weight that they end up forcing sloppy reps which is where the injuries occur.
  11. That's awesome! Good luck! Always wondered how intense the open qualifier is, so it'll be great to hear it first hand from a player.
  12. I feel like a lot of golfers run through this same issue at one point or another in their golfing career and I was no different. I personally decided to keep playing golf but it is was after I realized that I was only playing to shoot a particular score and not playing golf because I enjoyed it. At that time I decided for the next couple months I wasn't going to keep score and was just going to go play with friends with the sole purpose of having a great time. It did take me awhile break the habit but once I did I enjoyed golf a lot more and actually started playing a lot better. Instead of getting really mad at a mistake or bad shot I looked at it as an opportunity to make a great recovery or a lesson learned. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself do you play golf because you enjoy it or are you solely playing for a score/means to an end. If it's the latter and you have no chance of meeting the goal, it may be better to hang it up for awhile.
  13. I think the enforced 30 second shot clock is pretty cool.
  14. I hit the 2016 M2 and the new epic sub zero and didn't see any substantial difference in performance personally, definitely not an extra $200 worth for me.
  15. During the winter I travel 80 miles round trip to an indoor range plus the $20 for the range session.