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  1. Step right up and see the amazing....golf..ball...wacker guy.
  2. JxQx

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I feel like this change in rules further pushes golf away from a "self policing sport". It's pretty hard to self police if you don't know what you are policing for.
  3. JxQx

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Agreed. I don't think most people realize how low of body fat 8% really is. I mean most bodybuilders stepping on stage are in that 4-8% (depending on class) and those on the lower end of that range are a in extremely rough shape, it is super unhealthy. Hormones levels also play a major factor which change a lot with age.
  4. JxQx

    Mental Game Practice?

    I don't really think you are going to get a precise answer without being specific to what you mean by "mental game". Do you mean like focus, comfort under stress, confidence, etc? Do you consider game planning/prep part of the mental game or playing with unfamiliar people? It's similar to asking someone "how do you become successful?", it depends. Without knowing the details, I would say the only way to practice it is to play more. Some sort of competitive golf would probably be best.
  5. JxQx

    Stubborn Steepness

    One thing worth looking at is the location of your right elbow compared to image below. Kevin Na has his elbow much more in front of his chest (arm/elbow pointing more toward the camera/perpendicular to his chest) where was your elbow is flared out a bit (pointing more of a 45 degree angle to the right of your chest/camera).
  6. JxQx

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I knew you weren't, no worries man. It's not surprising people talk about it tbh, people do love them some conspiracy theories lol.
  7. JxQx

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    For sure, I don't think he did use any. I was putting it out there that steroids/hgh are recover drugs that are very effective, I mean that is why people use them lol.
  8. JxQx

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    They (steroids/HGH) wouldn't fix the disc but they would probably speed up his PT/rehab of the area a lot.
  9. Definitely personal preference. A lot of bettinardi's and scotty's putter designs are similar to other brands. Getting properly fitted will have a much bigger impact.
  10. JxQx

    Not Needed for Jury Duty

    I had jury duty about a year ago for a murder trial, I was an alternate juror so I didn't actual have to come to a verdict. It wasn't a very pleasant experience. Definitely changed my views on our court system.
  11. JxQx

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    Unfortunately it is the kids fault as they were told what tee's to play. It is kinda odd that they used a completely different tee box with a 40 yard difference in hole length. They should have contacted someone if they were in doubt of where to play from.
  12. I leave them in my cars trunk during the season but take them out before winter hits. The temperature isn't really going to do anything to them since the melt temps for most epoxies you would use is over 200F. It's also pretty unlikely someone is going to break into my trunk.
  13. JxQx

    My Swing (rick_plum)

    It looks like in all of the videos you tend to stand up and fall back through the shot.
  14. JxQx


  15. JxQx

    My Swing (Kekeisen)

    In the bottom video it looks like the club head is well outside your hands on the takeaway (around 5 second mark) which may be worth looking at especially if you are focusing on width, overdoing a feel on getting width could lead to you to get out of position. Also adding a face on video will be worth while to make sure you aren't swaying or having your spine angle tilt toward the target. One last thing to check is your foot/hip/shoulder alignment to make sure they are square to each other and that your balance is over the the center of your feet, it looks like you are more over/behind your heels but that could be the camera angle.

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