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  1. I think he would have to retire to be removed from the testing pool. From the articles I’ve read the PGA can do out of competition testing, I’m not sure if they actually do it though. It seems like they mostly do random tests at each event.
  2. I’d actually believe him if he said 6 months not 6 weeks. He can definitely get in good shape in 6 weeks but he won’t be adding much muscle. Most people on average can gain about 10-15lbs of muscle in a year. Thats assuming he isn’t using PEDs.
  3. I would guess it against the rules as would be drinking (even though pros have done it) or taking TRT or beta blockers.
  4. I think it depends how often you really have to hit that forced 5 iron/light hybrid shot vs using your full wedge range. If you only come across that shot once a round or once every few rounds I wouldn't change a wedge setup that works, I would just practice that hard 5 iron/light hybrid shot. It may be a good idea to track which clubs you use on every shot for your next few rounds both at your home course and away courses. That should give you insight on weather you really need to change anything.
  5. I had issues with hitting my 3 wood thin all the time. I ended up cuting my 3-wood down an inch and it helped me a lot (but I also play my driver at 44.5", so I like to play shorter woods). I think when my 3 wood was longer, subconsciously I had more of a driver swing with it (upwards) leading to constant thin shots. I also made sure my ball position was around the same as my 3 iron. When on the range practicing I tried to take very small divots and that helped, for me the idea of "sweep" always led to thin shots/no turf interaction at all. If you're thinking of cutting your 3 wood down but are unsure, you can go to a golf shop and have them put a 5 wood shaft into yours/or another 3 wood.
  6. I play golf in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo NY and haven't noticed greens fees going up at all. They typically fall between $35-65. I have notice that the quality of the golf courses, specifically in Syracuse, has dropped a lot. It seems like owners are starting to use the courses as cash grabs. Putting no money into the courses and trying to wring them dry.
  7. Any chance this could be a poll? It's between group 2 and group 4. I would go with group 4 just because I think it would be the most fun out of the pairings. I feel like there would be a lot more interaction. Some of the other groups seem like be intense or have some tension.
  8. I've never had any issues with rude pairings only one odd situation (I play about 95% of my golf as a single). I was playing alone and another single came up behind me in a cart ( I was walking) and I asked if he would like to join in since there were a couple of foursomes in front of us which he accepted. On the first hole we play which is a par 3 he looks at my bag and proceeds to tell me that I should not play blades and should get game improvement irons because it'll make the game easier etc. Which I replay that I'm not all that interested and that I have actually played them before and didn't like them. We continue to play just talking here and there until we come up to the 9th hole where he says "That he should grab my number so we could potentially play in a few scrambles" or something along those lines, which I say is fine. Then he says we should play this last hole for $5, which I decline and tell him I don't have any cash on me. He then says well you can just owe me if you lose, which I tell him I'm not all that interested but he can do what he wants. We play the hole I hit a great drive and he pulls his behind some trees. I hit the green and make a two put par. He ends up punching out and hitting a wedge to somewhere around 12ft. I'm in for par at that point and he looks at me and says "you're not going to give this to me". I respond with "no, that's all of 12ft." He proceeds to miss the putt, picks up his ball and just walks off the green. I say "It was nice playing with you" and he does a sort of wave thing and drives off. I know he was trying to just hustle me out of a little money but I thought he'd at least shake my hand or have some sort of "good game" at the end of the round.
  9. Well I've explained myself a few times now so if you don't get it, that's fine. You don't have to agree with it, that is also fine. But I'm going to stop repeating myself. Many golfers have won majors against the odds (or stats).
  10. Missing a cut for a major isn't exactly new to Rory, he has missed a cut every year for the last 4 years. To me that says a lot about his play at majors. Since we are talking about a distant future event that, the history of missed cuts weighs more heavily on my decision than current play.
  11. I wouldn't really say Rory has been there for quite some time, he did miss the cut to the last major of the year. Since this is only about majors and not just any tournament win it weighs pretty heavily.
  12. I'll take Spieth. He's got a 7 months before the next major to work on his game and seems to be trending the right direction.
  13. I think a lot of this depends on what level of golfer your son is trying to achieve. If he plays purely for fun, you can probably go a cheaper route vs if your son is a very good golfer looking to go to a D1 school for a full ride you may want to get the best fit which will be a bit more expensive. It may be worth while to talk to the fitter and give him a price range you are looking to fall into, he may be able to tell your best options or refit to that price range. Another idea could be to buy a used set of irons in very good shape and reshaft them with the better shaft. That should save you some money and help offset the expensive shafts. So instead of paying $875 for the new irons and $525 for the shafts, you can pick the irons up for $400 and pay the $525 for the shafts.
  14. Besides looks and workability as mentioned above, I've also heard of some SGIs having very low spin numbers. Low spin is great for distance, but can be troublesome for holding greens if the descent angle is too low. Definitely try them on a launch monitor too see where they compare to your current gamers.
  15. Assuming there is equal amounts of men and women you could split both into A and B players. Then pair the together an A and B man and pair a A and B woman. Look at the handicaps of the pairs and match them accordingly to create the foursome.
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