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  1. I agree and that's fine. It just seems from this discussion that it shouldn't be an "if they ask/say", it should be required. I could just be misinterpreting that though.
  2. It would not have a big impact on pace of play at the pro level right now as they do not walk ahead a bit towards their ball like amateurs, but If i have to wait for a player to walk 40 yards or so to mark their ball while I'm waiting in a bunker that's added time for something that does not happen a whole lot.
  3. I'm not a fan of it just like Tiger having a crowd of people move a boulder as a loose impediment, not sure if the frequency of either requires a rule modification/addition. I see this just adding more time to rounds that are already too long.
  4. Seems like a non issue with how infrequent it happens.
  5. I tend to prefer brand name hats with the course logo on the side.
  6. I don't see myself moving away from 4 wedges (46,52,56,60) any time in the near future, just alter lofts (46,50,54,58). I personally would much rather have the large gap be in top end of my bag than the low end. I have way more shots in the 110-130 range than the 230-210 range.
  7. I would assume Taylormade would have their lawyers look into it before even trying to release something like this but who knows. Also in 1993 Taylormade released the burner midsized iron which was a foam filled, so this isn't really a completely new concept.
  8. Being tall an advantage?

    I'm gonna go ahead and say being tall and having longer arms is an advantage.
  9. Didn't realize they only sold groceries in Rochester. Good to know!
  10. Yeah, I was just reading the thread and it was brought up that it was in Rochester.
  11. I wonder what he was doing in Rochester lol
  12. I play music quietly out of my phone when playing by myself, it stays in my pocket which muffles it quite a but and gets turned down/off if I come up to groups on a tee box or green. To me it's no different than golf clubs clanking together as people walk, carts driving by, or people having loud conversations.
  13. My Swing (PaddyMac)

    You're welcome! A couple recommendations I would make are to pick up a copy of lowest score wins, it has a ton of good information in it about course management and how to score better. Also if you're going down the lessons route make sure to do research on the instructor and ask a lot of questions, it's easy to end up with a pro that does not teach very well (happened to me when I was younger) which can waste a lot of your time and money. Another thing to do is to get into the habit of recording your swing at the range, what you feel like you are doing and what you actually are doing can be drastically different. Plus if you are paying a lot for lessons you wanna make sure you are making the right changes and not falling back into old habits which the video assist in that.
  14. My Swing (PaddyMac)

    I think it really depends on what your goals are in golf and how much time you have/willing to put into golf. If you wanna lower your handicap a bit and shoot lower scores you may be able to do that just through course management. If you are trying to get to scratch, lessons are probably going to be in order. I would say try implementing some more strict course management and see where you are at, then decide if you need/want lessons.
  15. What is your formula for playing in wind?

    I typically just play the ball normal and adjust distances or aim based on wind direction, which is mostly just feel. I try to estimate to about 5-10 yards for head/tail wind.