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  1. Some awesome clubs there! I was very interested in a similar setup, but unfortunately the closest place that carries them is about a 40 minute drive. I ended up picking up some Mizuno JPX 900 tours instead, got them yesterday as well.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    That is subjective as to what their prime is. I mean Jack came in 6th in 1990 at the masters, which still puts him at about 120ish majors and tied for 6th in the masters 1998 which puts him at 155ish. If we are talking wins then that still puts him at around 100ish. Still putting him past most even counting every major that the rest played "out of their prime".
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I didn't really see any information posted (could be buried in this thread) on the amount majors the high level players from Jacks era competed in, though its been discussed a bunch. Majors competed in Jacks era: Gary Player = 150 Arnie = 143 Billy Casper =94 Lee Trevino = 89 Jack Nicklaus = 164 Nick Faldo = 100 Tom Watson = 145 Johnny Miller = 74 Seve Ballesteros = 87
  4. Depends on how much room I have in front of and behind the pin. Would either be my full 50 degree wedge (120 yards) or a choked down pw (140 yards, full).
  5. I don't think it's a smart move to "work through" and injury depending how bad it is. You can start compensating for the pain in your problem area which will cause more stress on other parts of you body making them susceptible to injury. The best thing to do would be to let it heal and continue to work on other parts of your body. Also one of the biggest keys to feeling better is diet, that will have the largest impact. A lot of people are seeing huge improvements with low inflammation diets.
  6. The members tee for 18 is 385, they wouldn't really need to rebuild anything (for the pros), also long hitters are always going to have an advantage no matter how much they roll it back.
  7. It seems like a huge waste of time and money, I mean how many courses will have to be renovated to shorten them vs courses that are are "obsolete" due to length.
  8. It's a mix of both for me. I have spent a decent amount of money at the Golf Galaxy near by, their fitting isn't the greatest and don't have a really good shaft selection (especially in woods) which makes me a bit hesitant in purchasing equipment from them. I do occasionally buy grips and balls from them if I need them quick.
  9. Your Greatest Athletic Achievements (Non-Golf)

    I guess I only really have two things one was an organized sport (swimming) the other non (weight lifting/powerlifting). First was deadlifting 2.5x my body weight, not all the impressive but I was pretty proud of that. The other has more of a story attached to it, I joined a college club swim team turning D3 having never swam competitively before because I had some interest (swam all the relays, distance events, and the breast stroke). Since we were in a transition period we were not allowed to compete in the division championships, we ended up being able to attend an MIT invitational meet. I was told my times weren't fast enough to swim the 1000 free during the event and had to swim it during the mile (1650), I ended up beating a few of the people which made me feel pretty good about myself given everyone else pretty much swam their whole lives and told I wasn't fast enough.
  10. Lie angle advice

    It seems like it is more of a lie issue, I don't think your stance would impact turf interaction with the club. It may be worth going and getting a fitting with your current clubs.
  11. I have a 14 way divider sun mountain bag and have had no issues with binding. I am also pretty gentle when putting my clubs away though.
  12. It seems like your set has a coating issue, like it wasn't hardened all the way. If you only spoke with the people at Mizuno about the corrosion, it may be worth another call focusing on issues with the club finish instead. They may be more responsive to that.
  13. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thank you so much!
  14. Can someone short off the tee become #1 again?

    I voted yes, I think that it is possible but it's fairly unlikely.
  15. Are Golfers Better on Faster or Slower Greens?

    With faster greens you get a more true roll and don't need as long of a stroke thus having less potential for error which would make it easier to putt on. The only reason I seen that people cite for faster greens being more difficult is because of distance control, which seems more like bad round prep than actual difficulty. Most people can get relative decent feel of distance control spending 15-20 minutes on the practice green before teeing off. Slower greens inherently have more imperfections and those really can't be practiced for which is why I would say it's more difficult.

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