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  1. Hole in one stories!

    I've had two- took me 25 years of golf to get the first one, and the second one was a year later. First one I was playing with my wife and an older gentleman, who was playing the up tees with her. 148 yards from the blues and you can't see the bottom of the flagstick from there but you can from the golds/reds. Hit a nice cut 8 iron and it disappeared over the ridge and they started going nuts, I knew it was good but I was like "don't f**k with me" and they said "it's in for sure!!!". I cried when I saw it in the hole. Ended up going par-birdie-birdie-birdie-par to finish the 9 to shoot 31 which is my career low 9 holes. Second one I was a single playing through a group of 4 so I quickly teed it up and fired away, 5 iron from 187 and it landed 20 feet short and tracked dead into the hole. The group all died laughing was like "that was the fastest anybody has ever played through!"
  2. My Swing (philcski)

    Didn't name him because I didn't know if that was OK, but he's Cory Kaufman out of Oxmoor CC in Louisville and he has an absolute STABLE of juniors that are tearing up the junior ranks. We both felt like the player that I could most match in terms of swing and body style was Justin Rose so he has been the model. As for the current work, we are trying to get the feeling of the club being pushed away from the body at the top without letting the right elbow chicken wing. It requires a lot of tricep strength that I didn't have that I have been working out to improve. As far as the heel staying down, it's a conscious thought during practice, almost feeling like there's gum stuck to my heel. Comparison pictures:
  3. My Swing (philcski)

    So I started working with one of the best instructors in Kentucky about a month ago and we have been working on some stuff. Really pleased with the progress. Scores haven't improved much but that's more due to lack of playing thanks to the lovely summer we have been having (i.e., every time I try to play it rains.) The two key points we are stressing is keeping the right heel down longer and keeping the width in the swing despite trying to steepen the angle of attack.
  4. My Swing (Ghansen)

    By the way, if you need a model try finding one of the hottest players on tour- Billy Horschel. Your swing is very similar to his. I couldn't find a good one on YouTube.
  5. My Swing (Ghansen)

    Let me first say that I love your swing. Balance, tempo, power. High handicappers, this is how you do it!!! Only thing I might add is getting the club a little more down the line rather than laid off at the top (harder to do with S&T;). This would accomplish fixing the push cuts when you don't get back to the ball in time. I think comment that suggested increasing hip angle (and by corollary shoulder angle) will help fix this. That said, Foley's method with Tiger has him a little laid off and it's working really well for him, but I think some of that is eliminating the left side of the golf course for Mr. Woods. And go work on your short game because you should be better than a 2
  6. My Swing (philcski)

    Making good progress (in short time!) with the tweaks I want and suggested here. Standing up taller reduced the angle between the arms and clubshaft, and getting the hands away from the body has made it easier to be more upright. Next steps I want to work on is setting the angle a little earlier and slightly less shoulder turn. Also need to reduce hip turn but I think some of that is the cold weather causing me not to be flexible enough to create hip/shoulder differential. Great help guys, keep it coming. Haven't felt this good about my game in a long time.
  7. My Swing (philcski)

    Put some work in today in the ridiculous cold. Tried to get a little more upright at address and reduce the angle between clubshaft and arms. Hitting it really good.
  8. My Swing (philcski)

    Great points guys. All things I've thought about trying to improve on, in fact the brushing the leg thing was a lot worse a few years ago where I actually would occasionally brush my leg on the downswing. At least now there's some space at impact. It's a fault I think due to being taught the Ben Hogan method of keeping the upper arms very tight to the body... which I think is probably more effective for someone of his build (short, shortish arms) vs someone like mine (tall, long arms). So I'm gonna work on standing a little taller, getting the hands a bit farther away at address, which should increase the shaft/arm angle to the mid 140's from the current 137 degrees. Louie O would be an ideal model for the modern golf swing IMO. Efficiency in motion. PS... I only wish I was a +3. You meant a "regular" 3. I only know a few amateurs that have legitimate + handicaps, and I know a lot of golfers!
  9. My Swing (TMarshall)

    First things I noticed were the hips getting stuck, and starting from the top, which is causing fighting the slice. Notice how straight your right leg has gotten. Need to keep some flexion in the right knee. Hips need to be more active, leading the club down from the top. Look at where Rory's hips are at impact- already firing through and cleared. Same thing here. Look at Rory's lower body when he's in the same position as you. Your right foot hasn't even come up yet and the ball is long gone. Once you get your lower body unlocked you're going to hit it really good. Your plane and timing are obviously good.
  10. My Swing (philcski)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 26 years My current handicap index or average score is: 3.0 My typical ball flight is: low, straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: not compressing the ball enough aka fan to the right Videos: So my focus this year has been to try and get the club out in front of me and more upright, which fixes the club getting "stuck" behind and inside. I think I'm making good progress on that but still could use some input on what to get to next. I have been without an instructor for about 2 years now.
  11. Taylormade R1

    I splurged and got it. Really happy with the results so far. Dialing in the proper loft and face angle (which for me was 10.5U and neutral with the heavy weight on the outside) has improved my carry distance by 8-10 yards and reduced spin to 3200 RPM vs 4100 RPM with the Burner 2.0.
  12. Anyone Golf around Dayton Ohio

    http://thesandtrap.com/t/5024/the-golf-channel-amateur-tour/72#post_819078 We have several events in the Dayton area. Come out and play with us.
  13. The Golf Channel Amateur Tour

    Great! Looking forward to having you. Introduce yourself when you get out.
  14. (distances assuming normal conditions on flat ground) Driver: 255 3 Wood: 235 3 Hybrid: 215 4 Hybrid: 195 5 Iron: 175 6 Iron: 165 7 Iron: 155 8 Iron: 145 9 Iron: 135 PW: 125 GW: 110 SW: 90
  15. The Golf Channel Amateur Tour

    I don't know the Arkansas director at all but I've heard he's doing a great job. They may have less of a selection than we do to work with if they were playing a mediocre muni, we have a really good schedule this year- 10 top publics and 9 private courses between our two tours. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Come out and play some more and bring some friends!