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  1. Ahina + Anser = low trajectory with reduced spin. Dropped over 1k rpm on spin from this.
  2. Guiness is my staple beer. If I go to a trendy spot I may have a Walt Whit or something like that. Obviously if someone wants to do a Irish Car Bomb I am game, unless I'm driving as it turns me into the equivalent of Superman drinking a Kryptonite Margarita.
  3. I am a huge fan of the ProV1 ball. But after reading all of the marketing/specs on the ProV1x it seems as though that is the superior ball. Since Titleist is having a "buy 3 personalized boxes of prov1(x) get 1 box free" special I have been researching what benefits each provide extensively. The amount of information on this site and other golf sites is remarkable, however a good amount of it is conflicting. From what I gathered, it seemed as though ProV1 was the ball for someone who wants more spin and a softer feel. The ProV1x was for the player who wants slightly less spin and possibly more distance. The confusion came into play when I started researching the different shots for each ball. Numerous people said that the ProV1x was longer than the ProV1. Some people said that the ProV1x has greater short game spin with lower long game spin. Meaning, that inside of a 7 iron, the ball will spin more, especially on half wedge shots with the ProV1x. Are these true statements? If so, they lead me to the question, if the ProV1x goes further, has less spin on shots where the typical golfer wants less spin (driver, 3w) and more spin where the typical golfer would want more spin (half wedge shots/irons), then why would anyone choose the V1 over the V1x? I have played my best rounds with the ProV1, but it seems as though the "science" and marketing are pointing to the ProV1x being the better ball.
  4. I agree with Scotland Run or you could do Twisted Dunes. For my friend's bachelor party we all chipped in, got a suite at Harrahs and had the "entertainment" come do a private show. It was way better than any other gentleman's club in AC area and less expensive.
  5. I think it is one of those shows you have to watch with someone else and watching more than two at a time is difficult. Seinfeld and Modern Family are up there for comedies. Also having two MILFs in one show helps.
  6. Hahaha - that's gold Jerry! It is so cool watching someone's first reaction to the show and even better when they get deep in it (I.e. Bodie's performance in the series 4 finale) "I don't know about cards, uh, but I believe these .45's beat a full house"
  7. You said it perfectly. This is the best season of the best show that has ever been on TV. I had a hard time getting into The Wire the first time I watched season 1 episode 1 due to the writers throwing me into a world I thought I understood, but truely had no idea. Once you get past episode 4 (the first episode with Omar) you will be hooked.
  8. 2013 ProV1 and ProV1x - I am trying to figure out which one is better for me.