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  1. Im ordering a glove online just because i have a gift card to golfsmith. When it asks for which hand (right of left), do they mean which hand i will wear the glove on or what my dominate hand is? I would imagine they are wanting to know which hand i will wear it on but im just making sure. Dont wanna order it and have it be for the wrong hand Thanks!
  2. Are you better off playing with 3-4 matching wedges as opposed to different brands of wedges? Right now im playing with a gap wedge from my mizuno mx-100 iron set, a 56 degree mizuno r series, and a 60 degree ping I was thinking about getting a set of wedges like 3 vokeys (52, 56, 60) but if it isnt going to make much of a difference id rather now throw the money down on them (college student) So how much of an advantage is there to playing the same type of wedges? And also, is a spin milled vokey wedge really that much better than other wedges when it comes to getting the
  3. I have always been use to hitting the ball with a big descending blow similar to my irons. Lately ive been trying using this video as a guide and i find that its very difficult for me to be consistent when trying to use the bounce. One time i will hit it too thin and it will skip across the green and the next time ill hit it fat. Obviously, its tough to know what im doing wrong without a video but do you have any ideas to improve on being more consistent when using the bounce? Thanks!
  4. Today i was bored in lecture so i started watching some videos on youtube. I came across one where Sergio Garcia says he actually starts his downswing with his hands/arms as opposed to the lower body. In the vid he said his first move of the downswing should feel like he is pulling a chain/rope towards the ground and that doing this helps him stay behind the ball. Ive never heard of this before and i was wondering what you guys thought of this.
  5. Every once in awhile i have this problem as well, especially with my driver. I made a thread about it a couple weeks ago and Golfingdad commented and linked a video with a tip that i tried out and seemed to help. Although i have only been to the range once since then. Heres a link to the video http://thesandtrap.com/t/61376/5sk-video-thread/30_30#post_807110
  6. Yeah that would make a lot of sense but since its been happening off and on throughout the last couple years it makes me wonder if its actually something with my swing mechanics. I cant wait for it to stop raining here so i can get back out on the range and get some videos of my swing. I was looking through my computer and found a swing video from last year. Its with an iron so i dont know how much help it will be for this subject but i thought id let you know! http://thesandtrap.com/t/66217/my-swing-surge
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: 13 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hook with woods and hybrids This was taken in the early summer last year. One thing i notice right away is that i dont maintain the "triangle" on my takeaway, which i was aware of and have been trying to fix for quite some time now. It has been raining here for the past 4-5 days so as soon as i can get back out on the range i will have some updated videos. 8
  8. I hit the range up for the first time since last fall the other day and about 90% of my shots with my driver and 3 wood were pull hooked with very low ball flight. I can definitely feel something is wrong with my swing because it just feels very uncomfortable. My stock shot is a draw, especially with my long irons/wood. I cant even remember the last time i hit a fade/slice with a wood. I had this problem off and on last year. One day i could hit every fairway off the tee and the next time out i would pull hook every tee shot. It feels like i may be coming over the top too much (especial
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