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  1. Good God man-Your arguments are not even consistent with themselves. The box does not use different video inside the box versus outside.-Whatever you are smoking man lay off. The box is overlaid on the same video.-That is why replays can use the same video but not show the box.-It is a production level drawing just like the leaderboard, player names floating above them in the field, etc. So now it is no longer about being a purist but about whether you perceive-incorrectly- a difference in video quality? Good God.
  2. Interesting-We have not heard from @David in FL the last few days.
  3. What is the point of this?-So it was not an accident even though that is what we call things like this-Auto Accidents? Is anyone else as annoyed by the talking heads worrying or wondering when he can play golf again?-Dude is 45. Will be 46 before he can do much of anything athletic again.-I just hope he can walk relatively normally and pain free.--Lord knows I can not. Shut up about the golf. He is done and if by some miracle he is not then okay-But that would be a bonus to end all bonuses.
  4. I agree, @Jim Venetos could have been nicer and less elitist! Please tell me-What has been unfair? People in this topic have said- Simpler swing that can get you playing OK golf semi-quickly Power or speed will be limited Low ceiling for how good you can get with this swing Nobody has done much to disprove those-Have they? WHERE WAS THIS SAID? They swing more like the-Traditional swing-Than the JV swing-Yeah? It is not a Stack and Tilt. No-Hogan shifted right and then back forward. EriK made a good picture of this-I will try to
  5. OK so-Does this video make you watn to go to take a lesson from this young lady? Is it a good video?-Is this all we should expect from a Best Young Teacher in America? Cuz from what I see she is a slicer-Huh?- and she thinks that by standing two feet right or left you are going to completely eliminate half of the hole. Also-Why would you want to eliminate half of the hole?-You do not. Political correctness?-You decide. These lists are pointless IMO. Congrats to the people on them, but I think even the pros on them realize they are bunk. @iacas has been on thi
  6. OMG-I obviously do not know where you work so maybe picture a workplace where you see someone who works at your company now and then but never really interact with them-They still have an opinion of you and you probably have one of them-Even if it is just based on how they dress or smell or because you saw them angry on a phone call one time two years ago. It does not have to be a strong opinion but people still form opinions even though they might just see how he behaves after he hits a good shot or an interview or a speech he gives after winning an event.
  7. Clarify what?-He is a golfer and a human-He is not a robot. You work at a job right?-People there probably have opinions about you based on how much they see you smiling or how hard you work or your emails or whatevs-Even though you may not even see them outside of work. And @SEMI_Duffer the world is not black and white and people are not ever some thing because they did some thing once, or else every-body on earth is a liar and a cheater and a moron and a criminal and a thief and so on.
  8. Which is why I used the word IF. You assume too much @woodzie264. I am not being visceral here. Relax. Then your vote is yes. Nobody has argued that his upbringing is an excuse-AT ALL-for cheating. At best the lot of you are arguing against what I think is-Straw Man. You just said "certainly." So your answer is yes.
  9. Plz tell me where I said it excused anything he would ever do- @Vinsk. I did not. My point is that what you experience as a child has a profound impact on you as an adult and the rest of your life. Tiger is still pretty young, he has still lived more of his life under his father influence than without. You are clearly not a psychologist if you think that an abuser always reacts to that by abusing too.
  10. First-Dont talk for me please. Second-Youre right that this is not what I am asking. @phillyk and others-I am not asking about the cheating, but people disliked and thought badly of Patrick long before the cheating stuff.-People were rubbed the wrong way by his Top 5 Player comment and other things. If knowing the back story does not change your opinion of the man then I do not think you understand childhood abuse as someone else said earlier. The Tiger documentary is making other people feel differently about Tiger and Earl-Is it not? The same here.
  11. @iacas-I voted now. Voted no-Because I have heard these stories since Pat was in college. So I do not think I have ever really been overly negative about Patrick.
  12. Patrick Reed is estranged from his parents.-He cheats at golf at least a few times and has been caught once or twice. I have never been harsh in my opinion about Patrick because I'd heard so many rumors-Credible ones-About his abuse as a child. Patrick's dad was much like Earl Woods except that he also got physically abusive-If Patrick didnt play well. Reed had to form an ego as a bit of an act or a shield.-Some kids get quieter and withdrawn when they suffer abuse, others try to act tough to deflect things-Serving as their own protector.
  13. Wow- @MattM if a guy said that in my groups we would have a real problem-The problem is that guy would not be an acceptable playing partner at all because his talk is nowhere near strong enough to hang with us.-We are competitive every week and -CONSTANTLY- ribbing each other on all kinds of shit. I will crack on my own students about their swing flaw that we are working on and they eat it up and give me shit right back. The guy said he was glad he wasn not in the bunker-And that was all it took? Bank on it that this guy will remember this now and will redouble his efforts to get under yo
  14. No-It was you. I do not really care-But that was the clear implication- Ten shots better by moving up a set of tees.
  15. @Sandy Lie-Might have the wrong person but did you say before that moving up a set will save you ten shots? I play whatever tees the members I am playing with are playing.-Usually the CR and my score track. Some holes-If I play way way up- have a few forced layups that might affect score by half a shot or something over 18holes but even that is small.
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