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  1. Phil McGleno

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Even high school athletes are better now than they were when my kids were in high school. The QB in my son's class was a beanpole but he could throw a ball okay. The kid that QBs the team now looks like a 25-year-old man -And he is the third best QB in the league, maybe fourth.
  2. Phil McGleno

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    I do not know how you have not understood this since I have said it a bunch of times-I played as a club professional in many pga tour events. This is because a lot of the fields in the early decades of Jack Nicklaus were club pros-Local guys used to fill out the field and generate local interest so spectators would come out. We rarely made the cut-And when we did it was because we played well for us and a few of the actual touring pros had a really off week-and since we were 70-80 people deep -The club pros I mean- some of us would make the cut each week even if every touring player did too. Tiger has never really played against fields that had very many club pros. Just the PGA which still has the strongest field of all the majors, even with 20 club guys playing-And they had to win a national championship or finish top 20 just to get there. And they almost never make the cut now, and they are NATIONAL, not LOCAL like we were. Remember people the PGA was still in charge of the Tour back then-Even after the PGA Tour split off the PGA still had a lot of control.-They wanted to look out for their members so the fields had a LOT of PGA club pros in them even into the 70s and 80s. To deny that is the height of stupidity. I could qualify for Tour events back then.-Today I would not qualify if the field was 10x as large. -And I mean if I was the player I was then now, not as an old guy.
  3. Phil McGleno

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    Not what I said or what I was.-I was not a journeyman. I was a club pro. I had no aspirations at all to be a PGA Tour player.
  4. Phil McGleno

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @Jack Watson @sheepdog @GrandStranded -Is it harder to win on the LPGA Tour in 2018 than it was in 1978?-Yes. Why?-"Because of the Koreans" you say? But Korean people are not physically superior golfers because they are Korean.-They are just humans. It is much tougher to win on the LPGA Tour now than in 1978 because there are a lot more women playing golf now than in 1978.-A lot of them are Korean. But there are 150 people on the PGA Tour or LPGA or whatever who even have a chance to play in and win tournaments when in 1978 they would take anyone who could break 80 and on the PGA Tour they were still filling out fields with club pros like me. Nowadays the top 150 have trained their entire life and beat out a hundred thousand other pros just to make the Web.com Tour. The best 20 club pros can not even make the cut in a major regularly let alone winning them like Harmon did in the 30s. I have no idea how this topic stays open.-The sheer stupidity of those who think that Jacks competition was remotely as good as Tigers astounds me. @iacas-you should close the topic.
  5. Phil McGleno

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Bo Jackson Deion Sanders Dustin Johnson might be a better athlete than Babe Ruth-I would bet on it if there was actually a way to measure-but he chose golf. We had a saying-Big fish in a small pond. That right there is Babe Ruth.
  6. Phil McGleno

    Time On The Driving Range

    You sound defensive.-And making excuses. If your back can tolerate playing golf it can tolerate a 20-minute range session hitting 30 golf balls. And you do not need to be under trees to learn to punch out. It is fine if you want to just play golf-No need to make it your job like you said. But you are lying to yourself if you think you are getting better without actual practi
  7. Phil McGleno

    Time On The Driving Range

    Which is good-If you want to stay a higher handicapper or whatever. Most good players And All the good players looking to improve use the range for more than just warming up.
  8. Phil McGleno

    RIP Hubert Green, Peter Thompson

    Do you think I care what you think of me?-How is me the topic here? It is not. He beat a bunch of nobodies. Do we pretend Arnie was a great family man when his daughters did not like him and he cheated on his dear Winnie left and right?-Let a man be judged based on the truth not some aggrandized version of him. He died. He was a much better golfer than I ever was. He was not in the top 30 golfers who ever lived and it is lying to pretend he was. Neither was Hubert Green.-But man what a character that guy was.
  9. Phil McGleno

    RIP Hubert Green, Peter Thompson

    When I die I hope people make up bullcrap like that about my accomplishments. Who did he beat in 1954? 1955? 1956?-Truth is the British Open back then was not even really considered a major. The PGA Championship was regularly scheduled at a time that almost guaranteed the best players in the world wouldn't play in the British Open (nor would they care to anyway). The prize money won by Peter in 1954? 750 pounds.-According to a currency converter that is under 10 thousand in today dollars.-$9,107.09. Place Player Country Score To par Money (₤) 1 Peter Thomson Australia 71-68-70-72=281 –7 1,000 2 John Fallon Scotland 73-67-73-70=283 –5 500 3 Frank Jowle England 70-71-69-74=284 –4 350 4 Bobby Locke South Africa 74-69-70-72=285 –3 200 T5 Ken Bousfield England 71-75-70-70=286 –2 90 Antonio Cerdá Argentina 73-71-71-71=286 Bernard Hunt England 70-71-74-71=286 Flory Van Donck Belgium 71-72-71-72=286 Harry Weetman England 71-71-70-74=286 T10 Romualdo Barbieri Argentina 71-71-73-72=287 –1 40 Christy O'Connor Snr Ireland 71-75-70-71=287 Oh I bet Peter was quaking in his boots with Flory Van Donck and Harry Weetman nipping at his heels five strokes back-And winning 90 whole pounds for their efforts-That is almost $1150 in 2018 money! I hope he rests in peace-and nobody can take away his wins. But they were not major championships. He won one event on the PGA Tour and the British Opens had worse fields than a modern-day Web.com Tour event. I give him more credit for winning the Texas International Open than his first four British Opens combined. The 1965 one at least had a few decent players competing.-Kinda. Greenie-Man-the world lost a character there. RIP to both men.
  10. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    Do you want an honest answer?-Or are you just happy for the one day? There are some people that should just not play golf if they cannot be happy playing terrible golf at their best-You seem like one of those people. If you enjoy playing horrible golf-or Practicing fruitlessly for years and years-By all means keep at it. But I just can not help but wonder sometimes why people like you play golf-And spend so much time and effort on it. Do you like to punish yourself for some past sin or something?-Do you like being outside that much but can not think of something else to do? \-Why do you play golf? Asking for real. Not trying to be rude either-Genuinely curious.
  11. Phil McGleno

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    I did. Played against him a bunch-What is your point? The fields Tiger faced are multiple times stronger than the fields Jack faced-I should know cuz I was in them. I would get my ass handed to me by a Web.com Tour player but I played in dozens of PGA Tour events.-Even made the cut in almost half.
  12. Phil McGleno

    Phil McGleno

  13. You cannot separate the two.-Pointless.
  14. Phil McGleno

    Harry Anderson, R. Lee Ermey - RIP

    Ermey had to be one of the strongest typecast guys around-But he did it so well!
  15. Phil McGleno

    Golflivesmatter Stuff

    @Golflivesmatter what is the point of the last two posts?-You do not seem to have understood that you have lied and made stuff up. That you can not read what other people wrote. I am really old and could still give you four strokes a side and kick your butt up and down any golf course you can pick. Does that mean I know more than you? No. There are a lot of ways to teach.-There are a lot of good instructors who disagree with things.-Does not make your stuff right and everyone else wrong. Competitive golf?-Dude you are a 7.3 index and from your posts you never even noted really regularly breaking 80. Competitive golf? And you do not relate "what you do." What golfers actually do is grip the club really quite firmly. They do not grip the club lightly. What golfers actually do is expend a tremendous amount of effort with their arms. They do not turn their body and let their arms swing along like whips effortlessly following the body. You do not know what you are talking about. @iacas respects anyone with good information.-You do not seem to have any. You give massive weight to FEELS and not WHAT IS REAL.

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