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  1. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (HJJ003)

  2. Phil McGleno

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Some courses are outgrown-Cypress Point is too short. Others exist too.-I just do not care because like it has been said 6500 yards is long enough for a lot of people-a lot of golfers.
  3. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Snead aimed right.-Trevino left. His shoulders are open to his feet but his swing is too far out. I agree his feet are right of his shoulders but you are the second person in the hour or two to talk about his camera position-That is what I was saying there.-No need to pile on about his camera angles.
  4. Phil McGleno

    Shorter Swing Causing Slice?

    I mean that if a golfer feels the club tipping out-They often tip back and unhinge the club to try to keep it coming from the inside a little bit. Do you have a Member Swing thread-You should if not. With two posts probably not?
  5. Phil McGleno

    Claim Your Achievements Here!

    I have broken par, I have eagles and one albatross-My ball bounced off another ball on the green and went in. But you already gave me those awards-Just wanted to say hi again and I have been gone for awhile.
  6. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Alignment is better-But it still looks about the same.
  7. Phil McGleno

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Former Tour player here and even then I tried to realize we were the minority and not the thing to base golf on.
  8. Phil McGleno

    Shorter Swing Causing Slice?

    You probably do not give yourself time to tip back and unhinge and get the club back a little from the inside.
  9. Phil McGleno

    Got $110 in Pro shop money that needs spent, what should I buy?

    Spend it all on tees if you please.
  10. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    DO not make a downswing that closed.-Or roll the hands like the one guy is telling you.
  11. Phil McGleno

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Broadcasting by far.-He was a better broadcaster than a player and he was a good player.
  12. Phil McGleno

    Sand Traps - That's Not Right!!

    Call them whatever you want.-So long as people know what you are talking about.
  13. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    @RST Rebuild-No need to beat him over the head with it. @iacas already said it.
  14. Phil McGleno

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Even high school athletes are better now than they were when my kids were in high school. The QB in my son's class was a beanpole but he could throw a ball okay. The kid that QBs the team now looks like a 25-year-old man -And he is the third best QB in the league, maybe fourth.
  15. Phil McGleno

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    I do not know how you have not understood this since I have said it a bunch of times-I played as a club professional in many pga tour events. This is because a lot of the fields in the early decades of Jack Nicklaus were club pros-Local guys used to fill out the field and generate local interest so spectators would come out. We rarely made the cut-And when we did it was because we played well for us and a few of the actual touring pros had a really off week-and since we were 70-80 people deep -The club pros I mean- some of us would make the cut each week even if every touring player did too. Tiger has never really played against fields that had very many club pros. Just the PGA which still has the strongest field of all the majors, even with 20 club guys playing-And they had to win a national championship or finish top 20 just to get there. And they almost never make the cut now, and they are NATIONAL, not LOCAL like we were. Remember people the PGA was still in charge of the Tour back then-Even after the PGA Tour split off the PGA still had a lot of control.-They wanted to look out for their members so the fields had a LOT of PGA club pros in them even into the 70s and 80s. To deny that is the height of stupidity. I could qualify for Tour events back then.-Today I would not qualify if the field was 10x as large. -And I mean if I was the player I was then now, not as an old guy.

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