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  1. I do not find it to be a instructional book-More about what skills to practice without saying how to do them mechanically. And game planning and stuff too.
  2. Guys I played many events against Jack.-He was better than me. But hell at this point Sean O'Hair is 10x the golfer I ever was. Jack had much weaker competition in his day - ME! Me and a bunch of club pros.
  3. Phil McGleno


    You are both just talking about @Righty to Lefty and @Puttin4Dough/@Golflivesmatter? I think that people think "open minded" means "you are taking my theory seriously" or something.-If you dismiss my theory you are close-minded even if the facts or science or whatever make sense. They think open minded means you consider even ridiculous things. Scientists do not consider the theory that the earth is flat-It would be a complete waste of time.
  4. You missed the part-I think they edited it out-Where he basically called EriK-I got it right that time-a liar or something. Of course he is latching on-He is a troll desperate to WIN something, anything. The way I see it the net advantage is still to leave the flagstick in and I can give full weight to the EM study even while ignoring the flaws and it still comes out on that side of things. @iacas-Do you consider any study conclusive?
  5. Dude-What is your actual problem here? You do not like playing with a swing thought?-Good for you. I can not play without a good one. When I have one I play my best. Swing thoughts are just feels-What I am working on, a key feel for the shot at hand-Things like that. So what is your actual problem?-What is your point? I feel like you are just here to be negative-You do not have an actual point. What is your point in a sentence? Put something out there to be picked at like you are trying to pick at others without actually saying anything.
  6. The AP1 is the most "GI" Titleist iron-and it has almost 25% less offset. G410 has a bit less than the G400-I guess.
  7. You are probably right-Most might not say that offhand. But I think that with a simple test or the OP or a very short conversation most could see it as truthful. But yes-You are right that most might say rotation or something at first.-I sometimes forget that there are a lot of golfers out there who are not on the site or who have not taken lessons from good instructors.
  8. @iacas I sometimes am not sure why you bother.-But then I realize that because someone else might read this later on-Someone who is not R2L-They might benefit from seeing you make simple statements that destroy the nonsense from R2L and people like him. R2L is the worst kind of person to discuss things with.-Can not actually understand the topic and thinks he is right but persecuted all the time. And I am sure that he is playing the victim behind the scenes and moping about how different opinions are not ever heard here-Ignoring that this is not an opinion anymore. PhD people as you have said back your statements-Which you made after visiting with them. I have talked with Dr. Kwon-He could run circles around R2L intellectually, but R2L just plays the victim card and posts random bullshit that he hopes-I guess-will distract everyone from realizing that he has no actual knowledge of this topic. Hell he does not even know what the topic is.-You were right with the straw man comment. It is obvious to almost everyone else who plays golf that the speed comes mostly from the arms. That this is backed up by biomechanics people solidifies that as a fact. But this R2L joker can not even read the OP and understand that you are not telling people to only focus on this or that you are not telling people not to use their legs.
  9. Anyone considered that there are some kinds of people-Like me-Who if we do not have a swing thought I will think something worse. Swing thoughts keep me focused and I play better. Who can actually think of nothing-I know I can not.
  10. Matt Kuchar denies charge he paid local caddie just $3K during win Social media was abuzz Saturday evening on the subject of Matt Kuchar, but the man himself has noted there is nothing to see here. Tom Gillis, a former PGA Tour player and current PGA Tour Champion… I am surprised that nobody has talked about this yet.
  11. Wow do you have your finger on the pulse of this community-Man. Not. He was saying that if you are coming back from a back injury you probably do not want to grind away on the range for hours-That you probably want to play. And he knows a bit about coming back from an injury.-He has been sidelines longer than you. But You have no way of knowing whether you would have done better with an instructor. You have been playing golf for 20 years already.-It is not like you are starting from knowing nothing and never having played golf before.
  12. @Typhoon92-You can look up what trolling is. I do not think you shot 57 and did not have a single round above par in a year. But that all to the side-You should know better than to ask for advice without having a video.-Feel is not real. Post a video and you will get help.
  13. Oh my that is your answer?-That is how you think people should learn how to play good golf? I am laughing hard enough that my dear wife had to ask what was so funny. Good luck with your experiment-Even though you do not have a control group.
  14. @Faksakes-I too want to hear how you answer the question posed to you. Nobody cares about your experiment but you.-One person will not prove anything at all. You were not a good golfer before and switching to lefty does not mean you have forgotten things you learned as a righty. @iacas has helped people here who he has never met in person. People who have had to read what he has said and watch videos-And they have gotten better just from that. You do not know what you are talking about.
  15. @iacas-Why do you waste your time? Why waste your time when this guy is clearly-As you said-A band-aid guy? You help real golfers who want to get better every day. He was not talking about you-He has never met you. And he does not know what he is talking about because he has either never gotten a good lesson or he has been a bad student. Look at his handicap. I am sure he had lessons where he felt good at the end-but clearly none of them actually made him better at golf. I can give those golf lessons too-Just let the student hit a 7-iron for 45 minutes. By the end-Unless they get tired-They are hitting it better because they have been hitting a 7-iron for 45 minutes.
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