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  1. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    Checked the scoreboard-I am not a real golf fan either so I stop watching when Tiger is out and I am busy working my golf course job-BUt saw that Sam Saunders was predictably going the wrong way today. Bubba looking strong though.-He seems to like this place.
  2. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @iacas-I am getting old so forgive my memory of events back in the 60s-actually forgive my memory from the 60s for other reasons besides old age ha ha-but to the best of my recollection that seems like a pretty accurate thing there. You know the more you type the more I realize you do not understand golf anywhere near as well as you think you do.-THE FIELD is everyone playing. Jack had substantially fewer people to beat than Tiger. It is an outlier. I do not pretend to be good at math or probabilities or anything like that but you are much worse than me if you toss the word impossible out there like that. It was highly improbable-But Trump is President now too and that was improbable. Yet here we are. It is a quirky course that does not reward length-It rewards a different flavor of golf that Watson has always excelled at.-Not to mention he made about 800 feet of putts that week.
  3. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @Jack Watson-I played against Jack. Same field as him-Many times. Any event within about 200 miles me and the boys would pack up the car and qualify-Try to-and play. Got into the vast majority. With the exception of some local kid who plays on one of three sponsor exemptions or whatever they have now-Every one of the guys playing in the Tiger era would have whupped our asses 99 times out of 100. No questions asked. We were playing on a lark-these guys these days are doing everything but treating their game like a lark. They are after serious money. Why are guys like Leadbetter-Love him or hate him and I will do the latter-the first tour coaches? Cuz nobody could afford a tour coach back then. Gusy playing the tour back then did not have an entourage.-They could not fly their wives and girlfriends around. The women who were out there were driving the car through the nights so their husbands could sleep. You have got to be one of the dumbest sons of bitches if you think the fields in the 70s even remotely compare to the fields in the 2000s.-I think someone said it in the other thread-But the Web.com tour guys could-On average-kick the snot out of the TOUR field in the 70s. Sure Jack and Tom and a few guys would beat their counterparts-But the majority would lose and say thank you sir may I have another in doing so to the Web.com guys.
  4. JB Holmes - "Undue Delay"?

    @TheZoid-Just curious-How long would you have let JB stand there doing nothing before you penalized him? Where is your subjective line drawn?
  5. Michelle Wie's Swing Looks Different

    I will not speak for anyone else here-But I am a better instructor than Leadbetter.-He is known for being shite. Mystery as to how he keeps getting students but rather than just come on here and bash us, how about you tell us what you think of her swing and back it up? @iacas is a top teaching pro. @mvmac would have been.
  6. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    Guys @Big C this seems pretty clear to me- I made one part red. How about people start to actually talk about that?-Or is this thread too far gone now where another topic is probably better there?
  7. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    They do flinch after the ball is gone-Talk to anyone who has photographed a PGA Tour event. They do not flinch WELL after the ball is gone because they expect noise.-Flinching because of the camera shutter is not at all mental. Their brain does not process it.-They react instinctively. Like if you are lying down in your cave and hear a noise you do not expect your ears perk up and you worry about being jumped and eaten by a bear or tiger or something. If you are on a nature walk with 10 of your friends you do not instinctively react to a broken twig sound behind you. Yes but one side of the argument makes no sense at all. But again you are not going to shoot 120 because of your physical contribution. Thus the mental game plays a very small role in what you shoot any given day. Like @iacas says-You are taking your physical game for granted. And @Dean Walker you are an anomaly (sp?) with the yips I agree.
  8. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    And you are a + handicap. Case closed. Camera shutters? Huh?-It is the same damn thing.-Physical flinching. Not at all mental.
  9. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    Okay @Ty_Webb go play Lefty and tell us what you shoot.-You will have the same mental game as you do now and since it is such a big part of your score you will shoot and play not much worse than you do now with your +0.4. Like @iacas said you are taking your current scores and ability for granted.-That is why he is saying it is a small percentage-Because you are not going to go out and shoot 130 ever again perhaps.-Your physical skills limit your scores to an already better range than almost anyone will ever shoot. Idle chit chat does not annoy me.-And you used the example of someone YELLING in the middle of TW putting stroke. That makes him flinch. Bad example and you are trying to walk it back now but that is not what you said. TW missed that putt not at all because of a mental game thing-Because he flinched. Normal human reaction. Really? Because not everyone wants that lifestyle. Players have buddies caddie for them all the time.-Or their caddie gets sick and they pull a guy from the crowd to carry their bag for the last 11 holes. Or their agent caddies for them now and then. Buddy I played on the Tour-I know a bit about what goes on. Cut the crap.-Being a caddie is easy. Yes, the better ones play the role of a psychologist now and then but they are not actual psychologists.-And if the mental game mattered that much, guys would be hiring actual psychologists to carry their bag because-Despite your knowledge of the subject-being a caddie is easy. Good god this is a stupid conversation.
  10. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    @Ty_Webb-Come on buddy-People have used nerves and not controlling your emotions as examples of a poor mental game.-You do not get to come on and say no way no how now. And strategies change from round to round. A guy who just makes the cut may throw caution to the wind and go after it and try to move up on Saturday-Sunday and another may just try to play conservative to keep a higher place in the field. Courses are set up differently and all sorts of other factors are present-Like normally playing in twosomes. So no-Too many variables to chalk it up to mental game.-Pretty bad post there I think and a small sample size too. Noise absolutely has a physical impact on a player-You flinch. What are you even smoking man? You do not have time to mentally process it-You flinch or something. Instinctually. It is not mental at all. I do not care if it is noisy or quiet when I play.-Sometimes I hit great shots in the middle of telling a story-I pause just two seconds to actually swing. I think someone said it above-If the mental game was SO IMPORTANT to a PGA Tour player they would ALL have psychologists on the bag, because the other shit a caddie does is easy to learn. Get a yardage. Rake a bunker. Bring snacks. Anyone can do that. But almost none of the top 15 or 20 even HAVE a mental game coach at all.
  11. My Swing (Matty Smith)

    @Matty smith-Welcome to TST and please know people here like to help-But you need to have a better camera angle for it to be worth the time. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
  12. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    @Used to Be a 3-Just ignore @Lihu-He is overly sensitive to the idea of conning oneself as he has done it many times in the past. And he often misunderstands the point someone is making.-But he is otherwise an okay guy.
  13. Hi, I'm Clay Ballard, Instructor

    I do not think @ClayB is still here.-The posts are from 2015. I would not sleep on the guy who owns this site either.-Or @mvmac if he was still an instructor. Including Monte in your list is a serious flaw.-He is half of an idiot savant and not the savant part.
  14. My buddies in the industry out west know-The Gankas guy is a world class dillhole.

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