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  1. @joro-You get to have an opinion like everyone else. Problem is you shout down other peoples opinions as if they are from on high while you behave the same way-That your opinion matters more because basically because you are old. Congratulations.-I too am old. I too played many PGA Tour events back in my day.-Guess what? The guys now are miles better than we were. MILES better. Has equipment gotten better?-Yeah and unfortunately that's to the detriment. Had equipment not gotten better Tiger might have 20 majors by now-Or 23 if you count his Amateurs like ol Jackie used to until Tiger got 3 of em. Everyone does get to have an opinion here-Yes. But that includes the young and the old. So get off your own lawn unless you can actually participate in the discussion without just saying you are old and so what you say is right. First of all it is the Darrell survey. What is obscene about it? That is what the winner shoots and not at every PGA Tour event either. Guys shot those scores on the courses we played sometimes. They are better than the guys we played against buddy. Everything is better. Every sport is better now than then. Nobody wants to watch a U.S. Open every week. More Penal, ha.
  2. My Swing (phillyk)

    I hope I can do this right. That is not what I said-I said I do not think with that action that he can demonstrate things well. And even if he can he does not do some of the things in the golf swing that he would be demonstrating. ANd what I said makes sense-That his swing will scare away potential students.-THe ability to demonstrate a good swing is important. Your swing is marketing. Fred Couples has a better swing than Nick Price in the eyes of many because it looks better-And PGA Tour players who give lessons get people to line up for them even though they probably can not teach worth a lick. If you are a nobody AND you have a goofy weird swing you are putting up roadblocks. You do not know how good he is at making your swing better-Not before you choose to spend $100 or whatever. Looks are important and everyone judges other people by how things look. Never mind that I do not think he will be able to demonstrate things as well-That is a real thing that goes beyond looks. Sez a non-instructor. Could just take a few months.
  3. My Swing (phillyk)

    Then what are you going to do about your swing?-Cuz it will not sell lessons and I am not sure you will be able to demonstrate things properly. I saw it in the video- I am not a one swing for everyone and I am glad that you have found a way to be a +1 with that motion-But-People will judge you, I do not know if you can demonstrate drills or things properly or well. And those People are potential students. Yes there is a Do as I Say and Not as I Do but that does not work for parents or grandparents and does not work in business very much either. You obviously have some hand-eye coordination and talent so-If I were you I would spend a lot of time reworking to have a more normal looking swing.-It is important to your business if you want to teach more I think.-But if you want to play more and play well maybe that is not the right call. Just my opinion.-Dismiss if you want I will not care.
  4. My Swing (phillyk)

    You are an instructor or just a shop guy?-I ask cuz you mention winning a chapter event.
  5. Golf Digest Best in State

    Congrats yes to @iacas and @david_wedzik. Disagree-Though-That students would be the better choice. Most do not take lessons. Those that do mostly do not practice and only take lessons from one or two people and almost always right in their very small area.-Might work in Rhode Island, not in many other states. You only vote for other people in your state right @iacas?
  6. Man you guys got to play some good golf-Got some good swag-And look like you all enjoyed each others company. @mvmac and @iacas-What did you do the whole time? Play behind them? How much work did it take to do this. I run a few monthly things and THOSE take a heck of a lot of work.- Can not imagine this. Matches would have been tied without the challenge balls?-Does everyone think having them was the right idea? What do you do in a tie? Glad you had fun near my neck of the woods.
  7. How Often Do You Hit the Sweet Spot? (Deprecated)

    I think all anyone was saying @midpack is that you be realistic. 72% is almost not realistic for Iron Byron.
  8. Pool Noodle Grip

    What is the point of this? I mean-Let us be realistic. Nobody is going to do this. It is pointless. Besides I think it could be dangerous if the club comes flying out of the noodle and I think you could still squeeze it too firmly.
  9. Directed Force Putters

    The more you keep talking the more you bump this topic in Google and the worst your ugly putters look to those with half a brain or more. I have bought some things I really like.-I like my car a lot. But I would not dream of spending hours talking to other people about how stupid they are for buying a different car or how their world would change if they bought the same car as me. I am just content to drive my car, and if people ask, I tell them a little about it. But if they say they don't like sedans I drop the subject. Why would I care so much as to keep talking about it? What are your vested interests?-Or are many of you employed by DF, or friends of Bill, or Bill himself just like how Bill lied about who he was on the early pages?
  10. Is golf more mental or physical?

    @Jack Watson -This does not feel like the right topic for you to continue to push your bullshit Just Swing the Clubhead crap. Also I voted-Golf is way more physical-Except maybe you have to be mental to stick with it for as long as many of us have!!!!
  11. Directed Force Putters

    Hope that is mostly directed at @Jack Watson.-Very open minds here from what I have seen.
  12. Directed Force Putters

    Yes-The company is good about sending out shills to vouch for how awesome these flat pieces of metal on the ends of sticks are. The guy who started the company even pretended to be someone else-Right here on this site-for a time.
  13. Directed Force Putters

    Like @iacas said -It is a flat piece of metal on the end of a stick. Find one you can aim, find one with a good balance, and then learn to make a good stroke. It is not like a putter actually twists in your hands.-There is a reason they have to go so low friction in the Revealer or like Edel has to in their no torque putters. Good putters can putt with anything.-Look at how you putt almost as well with a wedge as your putter.-Your wedge is not using a formula for power or angular velocity to stay balanced and resist twisting.
  14. Directed Force Putters

    That is odd-On the Wikipedia page it says "power =" and then does some substitution to get power = torque x angular speed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torque But hey, you are a bullshitter-This is what you do.
  15. Directed Force Putters

    I do not have a degree in anything related but it seems to me you have almost avoided talking about physics because you are probably afraid of being caught in a lie.-This is in spite of being invited to talk about them. Seriously-You looked at Wikipedia and copied the information there? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torque I feel I can spot a bullshitter when I see one and I feel I have spotted one in you-Citing a formula from WIkipedia on torque?-Really? Bullshitter.

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