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  1. Low Rounds

    Ha ha ha.-Did your research include reading my post earlier where I pointed this out to you? And if $29 is -a lot of money- then might I suggest you take up a different sport? Golf clearly is not for you. As you wish. I played today with two guys, both a bit better than scratch. - One guy shot 68.-Very good but not spectacular day for him. Putted okay. - Other guy shot 75.-Not a good day. Worked a bit to shoot that score too. - One guy hit 13 greens and had no penalties. Three putted -for a par- once and otherwise played a boring round. A few birdies were kick-ins and he did not get up and down every time. - Other fella hit 7 greens and pumped a tee ball out-And found the water once too. Did not three putt at all and only had 27 putts on the day. Holed a shot from off the green -Too bad it was for a bogey though. People know where that is all headed if they understand golf.
  2. Low Rounds

    I would address you by name-But you do not share that. So @downbylaw11 have you ever considered that a guy who wrote a book on this and devoted his life to helping golfers improve may know a thing or two about this topic? What are you? What are your credentials? I am not saying that to be obnoxious-Or confrontational. But you are arguing against the information provided by experts. Deep down I know Erik likes being challenged here.-If he did not he could just not respond at all. But deep down you have to know you are really up against it too. Related to this topic kind of I found this interesting. OTT is Off the Tee. T2G is Tee to Green. ARG is Around Green. So Jordan gained about 0.8 strokes per round on Dustin in Putting and another .25 around the greens but still only tied and then lost because Dustin gained so many strokes off the tee and in his approach shots he made up the difference.-And it is not like Jordan did a lousy job with his approach shots or off the tee they just were not huge numbers like Dustin.
  3. Mike Austin

    @NuroPane -Mildly interested to see you try to respond to @mvmac and @iacas.
  4. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    LPGA is not watched by as many people and sponsors want eyeballs.-Bottom line for them-Simple.
  5. I like the logo.
  6. I still have ten pair that I cycle through-Crossing fingers that soon I will have the faith to restock.
  7. Determining Honor in Handicapped Match Play

    If you win the hole-Handicap included-You tee off first. Same as regular play. Apply the handicap strokes because that is how you determine who won the hole.
  8. Pulling the Handle Inward

    What is the URL to this info?-And why do you seem to hate Joe Mayo?
  9. My Swing (wakefield724)

    Well that just seems dumb.-Do you want to shoot better scores or just be a guy who sometimes hits it 300 in some random direction?
  10. Old grip video De La Torre

    @JonMA1 just called @Jack Watson an asshole without actually calling him an asshole. I think Jack is a troll or a shill-Or both.
  11. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    Some members today were talking about how Jordan Spieth is a whiny baby-Their words not mine. That he whines about bad breaks or bad shots or putts that lip out or whatever. That if Tiger did those things thousands would hate him but because he is Jordan he is okay still.-But they did not like him. What do you all think?
  12. Groove Sharpener

    Real grooves will get a little wider through normal wear because the corners will soften-So they get wider. Volume, radii, width, depth, etc. ALL the measurements matter. There is more to it than width and depth. -And depth is measured from the high point on the face, because wedges are supposed to be flat. No concave or convex nature. They can actually-these are some famous pictures - but the master club guy said they measure depth from the high point of the clubface not on a micro level where the center of the face is dented in a little. That club would be measured for depth at the high toe area.-Otherwise the clubface is not flat which violates a different rule. Either way the ignorance of @TropicalSandTrap is coming to light.
  13. Groove Sharpener

    The master clubfitter at my club said the groove depth is measured from the flat part of the clubface.-So your picture does not represent reality. Oh and your grooves are wider in the picture you just posted.-Non-conforming.