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  1. Can not take the time to quote the different parts of your wall of text but- 1-Your Hogan and Tiger swings do not look like Hogan and Tiger.-Agree with @klineka on that. 2-You are open minded?-Not true. 3-Your friends are probably poking fun at you.
  2. The point is to post your swing and what you are working on-Not you pretending to mimic the swings of others.
  3. Driving and iron game-And it is not even close. You will not score that low.-BUt you will score MUCH lower than if you were the worst driver/iron player. @dagolfer18 -It is probably too late for your grandpa to change but it is not too late for you to learn.
  4. Ha ha ha ha-Wake up on the crabby side of the bed today dood? Duke is not far from me and in no way is it "tricky" so I get why he is asking. And before you go on a rant about how I am not a real "pro"-just go look up the freaking definition. I am a golf professional just like @iacas and a former professional golfer-Which he has never claimed to be at all.
  5. The reviews on YouTube for this product are bad- and by bad I just mean the reviews themselves. Not their opinions of the PlaneMate. The reviews are quite favorable-Very positive. They're just poor videos. I have three.-I loan one out constantly to students who need it. One is mine and the other I use in lessons a few times a week.
  6. Oh my-That is NOT what he said.-What a doof. Still waiting for you to stop posting in the thread like you said.
  7. No.-This is: In one post you did three things that people who are losing do-You changed the topic, you dismissed those who side with Tiger by saying they are too young to have seen Jack, and you said the discussion is not worth having. I played and teach golf and that is about it.-All my life. This is the only golf forum I am on. But add a fourth thing to the list-Outright dismissal of someone else without any proof to the contrary. Glad you are bailing-You have not added anything here worth considering.
  8. SPECULATION ALERT And buddy-I played WITH and AGAINST Jack-And I think Tiger is head and Shoulders above Jack. @turtleback grew up watching Jack and was a huge Jack fan. Oh for the sake of Pete.-We are not talking about once a week or on a certain kind of course or any given day-We are talking about a whole career. Heck if you consider the whole career Tiger can add three US Ams and three US Junior Ams.
  9. @james_dunder-You are a stooge if you think that the fields are at all anywhere near the same level in the 1960s as they are now. I played in the 60s and 70s.-I could not make the cut in a Web-Whatever it is called now-Event these days. Complete lunacy.
  10. For being a club pro and instructor the dozens of PGA Tour events I played in went pretty darn well considering I really had no business playing in em.-No regrets here at all. My career has been awesome. No.-Not at all. I feel he is over-rated. Look at how many people picked him to win a major this year. Ummmmmmmm Tommy Fleetwood turned pro in 2010 dude.-Do not put words in my mouth. Viktor is beating Tommy at the US Open right now. He is overrated IMO-That is the reason. What irony?-There is none here. He is overrrated-That is what the title says and that is my opinion. Could not be much clearer about it. And I never called him Haircut.
  11. It means the same thing it has always meeant-And he got a backdoor second place finish. Perfect definition for what he did there. It was two years ago and I said his BEST finishes in the majors which fourth is beat by second. Overrated. And son-I have not cared about the Ryder Cup since the Ryder Cup started. It is an exhibition.-The golf there does not matter. And Francesco carried Tommy Hairstyle. DItto-Overrated until he does something big. Look at how many people-sheep really-picked him to win a major this year.
  12. This is right-A back-door finish is when you are not near the leaderboard and you finish a relatively low pressure round to earn a high place in an event. Tommy Fleetwood is overrated. Oh bullhonkey-He was a hot pick to win some of the last majors the last two years. Picked by several people. Page 1 has his name nine times.-Page 2 six times. And I do not just mean people here- I mean media people too.
  13. THAT IS STILL THE BACKSWING. He is not pushing forward-He is still swinging BACK. Every 30 seconds you post something else dumb to this topic.-Does your mommy know you are using her Internet and still up at this hour? Go to bed.
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