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  1. You cannot separate the two.-Pointless.
  2. Phil McGleno

    Harry Anderson, R. Lee Ermey - RIP

    Ermey had to be one of the strongest typecast guys around-But he did it so well!
  3. Phil McGleno

    Golflivesmatter Stuff

    @Golflivesmatter what is the point of the last two posts?-You do not seem to have understood that you have lied and made stuff up. That you can not read what other people wrote. I am really old and could still give you four strokes a side and kick your butt up and down any golf course you can pick. Does that mean I know more than you? No. There are a lot of ways to teach.-There are a lot of good instructors who disagree with things.-Does not make your stuff right and everyone else wrong. Competitive golf?-Dude you are a 7.3 index and from your posts you never even noted really regularly breaking 80. Competitive golf? And you do not relate "what you do." What golfers actually do is grip the club really quite firmly. They do not grip the club lightly. What golfers actually do is expend a tremendous amount of effort with their arms. They do not turn their body and let their arms swing along like whips effortlessly following the body. You do not know what you are talking about. @iacas respects anyone with good information.-You do not seem to have any. You give massive weight to FEELS and not WHAT IS REAL.
  4. Phil McGleno

    Within 50 yds ....

    Anything from a 7I to a lob wedge-Depending on the type of shot.
  5. Phil McGleno

    When Dinosaurs Die Off

    Buddy-You are a 10 telling a great teacher how to teach. A teacher who I think has tech at his disposal-Maybe think about why he is saying he does not use it all the time even though he has paid for it and owns it? You are arguing for the early days of word processing and desktop publishing when everyone used all 12 fonts they had because it was the first time they could do it.-Did not make for prettier posters. Made them look ugly. God some of those posters-Ug-ly.
  6. Phil McGleno

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    @Otis2014 and @James_Albatross, check out And the topic has the videos:
  7. Phil McGleno

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    When I measured my three kinds of swings-My regular swing speed with a 6-iron is 85 MPH-I got: arms only-69 MPH body only-41 MPH body turn with arm backswing-55 MPH @James_Albatross what numbers do you get?
  8. Phil McGleno

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    What an incredibly dumb thing to say @JerseyBoy-What did anyone do here? The only dickhead is you.-If you keep going from site to site and everyone is a jerk the thing in common is you. People here disagreed with you -Almost all of them. Does not make them dickheads. BTW I am not being a dickhead in disagreeing with you too. T2 T5 12th and already 88th in the OWGR. Yeah but because YOU think he is forcing it your opinion is the only one that matters? Puh-lease. Thank you @RussUK for some actual insight into this situation.
  9. Phil McGleno

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    Ha-I admit that I am a follower of @iacas on this site-I literally clicked the FOLLOW button on his profile and I see where he posts as a notification. When they are swing related I like to see what is being said. Buddy what on gods green earth are you talking about here? You are telling me that John Daly does not move his arms barely at all from here: to here: How in the hell did his arms get so high? They are above his belt and all he has done is turn back-SO what made his arms lift up above his head? Son you are well out of your depths here-As is Paul Wilson suggesting that the arms do no effort in the golf swing. Good post @boogielicious.
  10. So you guys-Some of you- are saying that if i have some delicate flowers behind my ball or something that cannot support the weight of my hybrid-That I can just let my hybrid smash them down so they do not get between my clubhead and my ball and that is okay even though I have very obviously and dramatically improved my lie? I do not think that is true-I think that you can sole your club but not to the point of improving your lie beyond some subjective threshold. Move a little grass that will rebound back to a similar shape-OK. Smoosh it down like with some flowers or something? Not okay. You can sole your club and clear out dew-To argue against myself. But you can not sole your club all around your ball to remove excess dew. And what if like Gary Player I take out a fairway wood and ground my club and then play a 7-iron because the hole is 170 yards away and I was probably never gonna hit my 5W or even my 7W anyway?
  11. Phil McGleno

    My Swing (iacas)

    Well that is just dumb. You can read the first page -Though if you were just gonna read two you should read the last two-But if you want to read the first and the last at least do not COMMENT on something from 2011.
  12. Phil McGleno

    "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    @MrGolfguy67-I do not understand what you are not saying. Maybe because you are not actually saying anything. I will give you a chance to start fresh-If it is not too far off topic. Except the WGC is over so now that is what this discussion is.-Maybe should not win Kickstarter though. Anyway here you go: Make a statement and defend it.-It sounds like you think putting is more important than the full swing.-Yes? If so make a statement and defend it. But be prepared to be shown that you are wrong-And how wrong you are. Because any statement like that is probably going to be wrong.
  13. Phil McGleno

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Look-@NEhomer it seems like you only want answers that tell you how good your idea is. We did it at my course and only one person even noticed.-After a week or two we asked people and they would say they liked it but not a single person noticed when we stopped. We asked them after a few weeks and the ones we asked before did not notice and the new people we asked did not notice we had ever done them. But that is not what you want to hear so no need to reply-You just want to hear only how great your idea is. Good luck. It is pointless. PS-The hole is almost never your target putting.
  14. Phil McGleno

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    My course did this for awhile. We got a kit with a new set of greens mowers. When we made a point of asking the members they would say great things.-They loved them. Only one person commented unsolicited.-He is the only one who noticed we had started painting the rims white. Nobody noticed when the free cans of paint ran out and we stopped painting the rims.-Nobody except the hole cutter who was sick and tired of having to paint the rims every morning and getting paint all over his gloves and pants and bucket. Almost nobody cares about this stuff.-Your course can probably do ten other things that are cheaper, easier, and have a bigger impact.
  15. Phil McGleno

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    If we ignore for a second that your list does more to prove that Jack played against weaker fields-I love it when people make these lists as if Nicklaus really played against all of these guys. Nicklaus won his next to last major in 1980 and won his last in 1986. Faldo won his first major in 1987 and his last major in 1996. Tiger won his first in 1997. But you chose to put Faldo under Nicklaus instead of under Tiger. And if Tiger wins even one more major you get to add everyone who has won majors since:Jordan, Rory, Padraig. And seriously how do people continue to make this argument? The words are STRENGTH and DEPTH of field. Would you rather play a tournament with three other really good players or ten really good players plus ninety good players?-How would the wins be distributed in each of those cases? Take that for what ever you want to give it.

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