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  1. Real grooves will get a little wider through normal wear because the corners will soften-So they get wider. Volume, radii, width, depth, etc. ALL the measurements matter. There is more to it than width and depth. -And depth is measured from the high point on the face, because wedges are supposed to be flat. No concave or convex nature. They can actually-these are some famous pictures - but the master club guy said they measure depth from the high point of the clubface not on a micro level where the center of the face is dented in a little. That club would be measured for depth at the high toe area.-Otherwise the clubface is not flat which violates a different rule. Either way the ignorance of @TropicalSandTrap is coming to light.
  2. The master clubfitter at my club said the groove depth is measured from the flat part of the clubface.-So your picture does not represent reality. Oh and your grooves are wider in the picture you just posted.-Non-conforming.
  3. Even if it just gets deeper it is also wider because the corners are worn down so you are increasing the volume again-And the grooves are wider now too. OK to do if natural. Not OK to do if you are the one doing it with a tool not playing golf. Either way you are likely breaking the rules regarding corner radius, volume, or groove spacing. The grooves are already widened by use. It is not the removal of the material per se that makes them illegal. It is the change you make not through normal use that changes the radius, groove spacing, or volume. Yes just use a brush. You are allowed to use a brush to clean your clubs. It does not change the corner radius, grooves or volume.
  4. You are out of line-And wrong. And where did I even quote the Rules except earlier when I copied and pasted from the Rules of Golf Online? You do not know how well I know the Rules or not.-Do not even go there. You cannot possibly know. Answer my question: show us worn grooves and how removal of ANY material renders them conforming. You are allowed to have wider grooves if they are the result of normal wear and tear. As soon as you do anything to them (beyond rebuilding the face entirely to very tight specs) you are rendering your clubs non-conforming. If you disagree-Obviously you do-Please show us how. Use pictures like @jamo. I notice you did not respond to him or his picture. Buddy cool it.-No hijacking here. The rule also talks about corner radii and angles of the groove. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?-Draw it. The grooves get wider through use and the corners wear down. Look at what @jamo posted. They are allowed to get wider if it is through use. But as soon as you do anything it is not just through use. So if you can not remove material you should just use a brush. Right.-You may as well use a brush. Which affects the corners and the width of the grooves. They also have rules on corner radii. Respond to @jamo's post. Right-You will not find a groove sharpener that conforms to the rules because the rules say nothing about groove sharpening. THere you go in case you missed it @TropicalSandTrap.
  5. Wrong.-Removal of material (the steel or whatever) will make the club non-conforming. Please draw what you think grooves look like and how you think a groove sharpener will keep them conforming.-Remember that normal wear and tear is allowed even if it renders the club non-conforming but if you do anything to change that it is no longer graced in as conforming. Please show us these drawings.-And refer to the @jamo post above. I am doing no such thing-And you owe me an apology, but I will not sit on my hands waiting for one. I have worked in a pro shop for 50+ years buddy. Buddy slow your roll as the kids say. Please show me how you can have worn out grooves and keep them within the rules of golf. Remember that if you have 20-year-old wedges any modification you make to them probably render them non-conforming anyway. But lets pretend you have a 2018 SM6 that you took back in a time machine 20 years and show us what the grooves look like and how you can remove some material while still keeping the club conforming. Cuz you can not.
  6. @jamo-Despite the irrefutable nature of your post-Stop derailing the topic with your off-topic nonsense. This guy wants to know how to spend his $20 dammit. Go to groovesharpener.com. They have the best illeg, errr, groove sharpeners.-So says Google N E Way.
  7. Here are the thing you are not getting. If you are applying tender loving care that is just using a brush. Anything more aggressive than using a brush is removing material and thus making your wedges illegal. Nobody here is commenting on which is best because groove sharpeners are fringe things. There is a lot of money in golf and yet a lot of thrifty people-And if groove sharpeners were a valid thing more people would have them and you could find a bunch of them all over. Heck you can find more sites selling alignment stick covers than groove sharpeners. They are bogus. Use a brush or cheat-That is your choice. I do not care which choice you make-But stop kidding yourself. Very slim chance-Ha. Nobody has any information for you because they are a waste of money-They either do not do more than a brush or they render your clubs non-conforming. You cannot restore the club to what it was when it was new if you remove material.-If you are NOT removing material you may as well just use a brush. The only other thing is if you think that you are pushing metal around and somehow reshaping the grooves to their original specs.-If you think that then that is the only way you could think a groove sharpener works. They do not work that way though.
  8. The only problem I see is that the American players are all too often losing to the cow Feng and other players that are tougher to relate to because they are Korean or something and do not speak English so we do not get to know them. Americans will root for a foreigner if they can get to know her. Annika was rooted for-And against! Lydia Ko. Suzann.
  9. Langer is a cheater and the guys on the Champs Tour are too polite to call him on it publicly.-Too bad that the gentlemans game actually says you SHOULD call him on it and that he should be a gentleman and leave no doubt that he is following the rules himself. He is definitely in breach IMO.
  10. So just use a brush.-No need for a groove sharpener. Not a red herring.-Why you gotta be a jerk buddy? Save yerself the $25. If the groove sharpener is effective your clubs are probably illegal. You can plug your ears and pretend that is not the truth-But stop insulting others by calling it a red herring. The topic is groove sharpener and whether it renders your clubs illegal or is ineffective is very much on topic as I see it. Go buy one and get to the cheatin already.
  11. Mark got new irons every six months or fewer.-Pros change out their wedges every two to four weeks. You can not seriously think Mark used the same actual irons for two decades. Groove sharpeners are either illegal or ineffective.-If they remove material then they are illegal. But if they do not remove material-They are not doing much sharpening and you may as well just use a wire or nylon brush. b. Wear and Alteration A club that conforms with the Rules when new is deemed to conform after wear through normal use. Any part of a club that has been purposely altered is regarded as new and must, in its altered state, conform with the Rules.
  12. @zipazoid-Buddy this is not tournament golf for Curry. He is playing for fun.-He knows he will miss the cut and he is just looking to have an experience that his fame gives him a chance to have.-And yes he will know how to handle any pressure he feels. As for what I think he will do-He will have fun, Smile, hit some good shots and some foozled shots. He will be cheered when he walks onto greens-It is a hometown game and he is a star. He will shoot in the 160s-170s probably.-And have a blast doing it. Good for the sponsors for finding a way to make the news.-We would not be talking about this event at all otherwise.
  13. I will answer for you-You use a chipper and tell other people to use one. For me it was the range finder. Walk it off or-Better-Just eye it up. That is what I used to think.
  14. Why do you want that-He is not that good a golfer.
  15. @iacas did not ALLUDE to that thing @Jack Watson-He came out and said it many many times.