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  1. This is my home course... www.vallealtogolf.org
  2. I'm a titleist fan, I would go with the Titleist 907 D2.
  3. Check out Los Cabos, great golf. I'm planing a trip this summer. http://www.golfcabosanlucas.com/ http://www.mexicanpacific.com/Articl...+(SP)&id;=85269 http://www.golfvisitloscabos.org/page12.html
  4. Has anybody read this book by Dr. Gio Valiante? Did it help?
  5. With the changes made at Augusta National, there are probably 10 guys that can actually win, and players like DiMarco, Toms, Weir or Olazabal have a slim chance. Weir will probably hit 4 wood in to the hole 7. I like Tiger or Retief to win it this year. Check out the changes at Augusta National. http://www.scoregolf.com/articles/xx...r-Disaster.cfm http://www.masters.org/en_US/news/ar...640978971.html
  6. Make sure that you are gripping with your fingers, not the palm. When you grip with the palm of your left hand, and you squiz the club, the face will close, resulting in a hook. Another thing that causes a pull hook is lifting your spine angle on the down swing. This causes your hands to get quick in order to reach the ball, closing the face.
  7. NICE... If you keep this up we will be watching you on TV...
  8. I live in Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey is about 2 hour drive from Laredo, Texas. It’s a great town with 4 top of the line private courses. Anyway, I hope to be able to learn a lot about new clubs, courses, etc. Thanks
  9. This is the cheapest one I could find on EBAY.... http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-TITLEIST-905...QQcmdZViewItem