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  1. Since I have posted this, I went and saw my swing coach. My swing had moved its way to becoming severely over the top, which in turn, caused many subsequent issues. Since this has been worked with, my strokes are falling off each round like crazy. Just becoming more confident in my swing and committing to a shot can really make a difference when I know my swing is correct.
  2. I need to hit the ball longer. I have a swing speed of about 113-115, I can compress the ball but i feel like it goes much to high. On windy days, which has been almost everyday for the past month here in GA, hitting the ball this high ruins my rounds. How can I lower my ball flight a little bit so I can hit it longer?
  3. Well, it is like I don't feel comfortable over the ball anymore. Almost like I don't have any confidence. I can win closest to the pin contests all day long on the range, but once I get on the course, I just don't strike the ball as pure. How can I get that feeling back?
  4. Last summer I had no problem at all shooting in the low to mid 70s every round I played in. Now I cannot seem to do that anymore. It all started last Fall, I had a tournament I was playing in and played absolutely terrible. Ever since then I have not been able to even shoot in the 70s at all. I wish I could get an answer to my problem, I know this is a bit vague of a description.