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  1. An interesting take on the issue. I wonder how many potential and current players stay away from the game because of the 25% or so of slow players? Like you, I don't think we can afford to lose the marginally slow players from the game; we just need most of them to pick up the pace a bit. The tortises can stay home if they won't change.
  2. You have me excited just reading about your "comeback." Stick with it. Best of luck.
  3. They need to do another video with carts (or "buggies"). A good video. The USGA and/or PGA need to create some public service videos aired on golf telecasts. The "While We're Young" campaign was pointless fluff.
  4. I am really tired of listening to the "squish, squish ..." sound as I walk along the fairway.
  5. Yes, when it is messy I pretty much "dress like a bum". Ugh. Our group is headed to Kendalville/Angola May 14th. I will need to bring a couple pairs of shoes and my "mudder" pants.
  6. I totally agree with the writer of the cited article. The 5 points he raises are valid although I would say the "practice swing" is not in and of itself a large time waster compared to some of the more elaborate pre-shot (and post shot) routines I have witnessed. If the pre-shot routine includes 5 practice swings (or even 2 or 3) along with a series of other moves (tossing grass in the air, using the distance measuring device, aligning the ball on the tee, adjusting the clothes, standing behind the ball gazing into the distance, etc ...) then that becomes a huge time sucker. As to Mr. Owen's example of he and his friend walking 18 in 2 hours, let's look at that a bit. He has an index of 8.3 and I suspect his friend has similar abilities. All other things being even, two high single digit players should be a bit faster than the average golf grouping (fewer balls to search for, a few less swings). He was likely playing his home course, Washington Golf Club. WGC is a private nine hole course (with double tees to make it 18). It is an old course that dates to before 1900 so I suspect the walk between green and next tee is short. The "18 hole" yardage is about 5,535 yards with a rating of 68.6 and slope of 127. He and his playing partner are also intimately familiar with the course. All these factors likely aid in their twosome's ability to speed around the layout. Working at eliminating the numerous time wasters and speeding up golf is a noble cause. Anecdotal tales by a member of a small private club playing unusually fast rounds as a twosome are not especially helpful.
  7. I was curious about the youngest person to shoot their age. I figured it had to be close to 60. The overall record for youngest golfer to shoot his age belongs to Bob Hamilton, the 1944 PGA Championship winner, who shot his age of 59 at Hamilton Golf Club in Evansville, Ind., in 1975. At 66, I am not close to accomplishing the task. The closest I got last year was within 10. A golf buddy of mine is aiming for the record for largest "under age" difference (currently 22 under one's age). He is 93. He shot a 75 when I played with him at the University of MI course (69.4/128) when he was only 90.
  8. I remember my first score in the 70's and have the scorecard. I have no idea when my handicap index became low enough to play courses with a 9 course handicap. Certainly achieving a low index is more difficult and a longer lasting standard than breaking 80 once. For me, breaking 80 was the target I focused on during my golf journey. The next stop is shooting my age, which is several years away.
  9. I like it when posters answer their own questions. I prefer great ball striking versus fortunate scoring. Yes, score is the one true measure but when one has great ball striking, scoring will follow eventually.
  10. Hey, if the ball stayed on the tee, it is just a pleasant breeze.
  11. It would be interesting to me to see how the taxes are handled. The Tour pros are not employees yet somehow the Tour is able to deposit money into an annuity without any current tax liability. And there is no real limit to how much the Tour can put in, unlike 401k plans. We all need the financial guys at the Tour to work on our retirement plans!
  12. That's because we old timers are cheap frugal. 😉
  13. I have participated in events where the celebs, if decent golfers, play a hole with each 4-some. They move around the course and join each group once. Another approach is to have the celeb play the same hole with each group (sort of boring for the celeb). Good luck and I hope some others have great ideas for you to consider.
  14. I am really happy right now. This has been a great year in sports for me, so far. Thanks Tiger!
  15. bkuehn1952

    Nemesis Hole

    You must have one in mind personally. Start us off. 😉
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