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  1. There are some fairly spacious stand bags if you walk occasionally but mainly ride. Since I walk a lot, I use an extremely light and compact bag that does not do the work of a decent cart or staff bag as far as club separation and storage.
  2. bkuehn1952

    Would you watch a Ryder Cup style of NFL vs NBA?

    Unfortunately, reality rarely matches the concept. No, I would very likely not watch.
  3. bkuehn1952

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    My game has been in shambles for some time. This Spring there have been times I needed to stage a late round rally just to keep the score to double digits. So the 76 (5.2 differential) I shot at my home course yesterday was completely unexpected. To be sure, the course has firmed up considerably from when I shot an 89 a week ago. Still, my ball striking was so much better yesterday than it has been for months. Perhaps my low expectations removed any internal pressure to perform.
  4. bkuehn1952

    Hole in One on a Temporary Hole

    I vote with everyone else. If the hole is set up as a par 3, then it is a par 3, you shot a "1" and it is a hole-in-one. We all know you are just kidding about the hole-in-one on a par 5, but it does make for a good discussion point over a few beers.
  5. bkuehn1952

    The Films and Movies Thread

    I agree on the eagle rating. I watched "Coco" on our flight to Phoenix back in late March. Cried twice. Our granddaughter (23 years old) and I have pledged to celebrate Día de los Muertos each year after watching the film. We will, of course, put our own spin on the event but I am looking forward to Oct/Nov.
  6. This explanation is how I look at this issue. Well stated @Fourputt. "Lightly grounding" means to me allowing the club to rest on the turf/vegetation without applying any pressure other than that of the club's own weight. No pressure should be intentionally added by the player, no matter how slight. And for Mr. Player and those who want to run too far with this idea, I would say the "light grounding" should also be brief, not several minutes. As to Jordan Spieth's actions, it is not clear to me whether he crossed a theoretical line. Inconclusive. His standard pre-shot routine appears to include some amount of pressing down with several groundings. It is possible he gets a slightly improved lie in longer grass via this routine. Since no one on the Tour seems to mind, perhaps my standards are too strict.
  7. bkuehn1952

    Finally introducing myself

    Welcome. Once the snow clears in Massachusetts, hope you have a nice golf season.
  8. bkuehn1952


  9. bkuehn1952

    Did Sarazen really win the Grand Slam?

    Yes, to the original question. Also, it makes the trivia question of, "What players have won golf's lifetime grand slam?", just a bit more difficult. Many casual golf fans can get Nicklaus, Hogan, Player and Woods. My experience is that Sarazen is the most likely to be missed, perhaps because he did it so long ago.
  10. bkuehn1952

    Price for the end of the year outing

    Our Club-Without-Real Estate has a year ending annual meeting. It is always held mid-week. We have 180-200 members but probably only 60-70 attend since we charge $50-$65 for the day. At $65 this year, we expect to lose money but typically have a surplus heading into the last event The day involves continental breakfast, modified shotgun start, 18 holes of golf with cart [usually at a nice but not special golf course], buffet lunch, gift certificates for various winners (range from $200 to $20). We award year long competition winners and discuss plans for the next year. Finally, the members may air their ideas and grievances to the Board and we take notes. I suggest you look at what was spent a year ago. Going to a course other than the League course seems like a nice change of pace. A modified shotgun (for example, everyone starts on #12, 13, 14,15,16,17, 18 and 1) allows your group to finish at close to the same time. No one usually expects gourmet food so a simple and relatively inexpensive meal makes sense. We like gift certificates versus actual prize items but maybe your group is different.
  11. bkuehn1952

    Golfer Elbow

    I would see a physician. My experience with sore elbows, wrists, etc... is rest helps but you really should consult a health professional.
  12. bkuehn1952

    Loose impediments, when has a ball moved?

    Some time ago I asked the USGA the question about a ball rotating without actually visibly changing position. They responded as @iacas indicated. Rotation is considered movement, not oscillation, by the USGA.
  13. bkuehn1952

    Winter Depression Thread

    Snow flurries today and a predicted "high" temperature for Friday of 32 degrees. Miserable Spring here in the Frozen Mitten. At least the lawn mower isn't needed yet.
  14. bkuehn1952

    Hole in one stories!

    I played Lake Forest Golf Club (Ann Arbor, MI) on Friday. It was cold (35 degrees), breezy and cloudy. The course was saturated and I struggled with my swing. The course played long without the aid of some bounce and roll on tee shots. At any rate, I came to the 8th hole, a 125 yard par 3, after having carded triple, bogey, triple on the previous 3 holes. 8 over par at that point and going nowhere. Finally a solid strike on the ball was made with my 9 iron. The ball landed on the front edge and released a bit, rolling a bit behind the front hole position. I was just happy to have hit a decent shot. As I walked closer, I could not see my ball around the hole. The odds of the ball having released and run off the back were small so the first placed I looked was the hole. Bingo! My struggles continued for the balance of the round and I shot 89 (70.8/129). At least I salvaged a little joy with my 3rd ace.

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