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  1. Few posters to forums admit to playing music on the course. Those that do universally state that they play the music very low so no one further than 10 feet or so away from their cart can hear the music. My experience is that there typically are several groups with music playing loud enough for me to hear from a good distance away. Generally the noise doesn't bother me but I have come to the conclusion that music players either don't post to forums or they are unaware how sound travels.
  2. We had the first snow that remained on the ground yesterday. Now what? A year ago the Mitten had a major snow event in early November. It seemed like the 2019 season was going to come crashing to an end but within 2 weeks we were back at it. Clearly this snow won't even last 2 days. Still, many of the local courses are now closed. The question is what now? Dome? Simulator? FL/AZ? Couch? Fortunately, there are several courses that attempt to stay open year round, "weather permitting." My go to for November-February golf has been Fox Hills. Their 3 "Classic" nines typically are in decent shape. With the new found popularity for golf, it will be interesting to see how hardy the new golfers are. I hope they remain on the sidelines. Most winter golf is played on foot, which is fine with me. A few courses allow carts (i.e. Whitmore Lakes Golf Links), which is great for my buddy, Marty, as he can't walk 18. Washtenaw Golf Club became another year rounder last winter. I may venture out and see if Fellows Creek or some other local venues stay open for winter. Let's all hope for a mild and short winter!
  3. Played the short tees at 5,900 yards (68.1/115). Shot 76. Hit the ball well.
  4. 160 yard par-3 12th at Huron Meadows, middle hole location. Strong wind from the right, maybe 20mph. I hit a solid iron toward the right edge and watched the slight draw combine with the wind. Ended up 18 inches from the hole. It would have looked cool on a "shot tracer." As a bonus, I made the putt.
  5. I score better when playing a shorter course. I have not played enough shorter tees to know for sure whether my differentials are similar but based on a small sampling the past couple months, it is close. Perhaps your lack of experience playing from a shorter tee is the issue. If you consistently play from a certain length, initially the shorter tees will require some adjustments. You also are likely correct that your attitude/attention is less because one may feel like the course is easy. As we all find out, golf is not easy and one still needs to hit good shots no matter the length.
  6. Acquire and employ the proper tool for the job. If your current club set-up doesn't work for you, change it. Don't worry about how others will look at you. If you play well, that is all that matters. I do not own mid-iron hybrids (yet) so I can't speak to your specific questions.
  7. Your loss is our gain. Now you have more time to Blog since you can't play. Follow your Doctor's orders, have a speedy recovery and come back as a newer and better version: CarlSpackler2.0!
  8. Yes, I have already made tee times. Thursday around 10:15am since it looks to be a bit chilly early (frost?). Friday my friend and I have the first tee time (9:04am) at a metro park course locally. Should be no frost based on projected temperatures. Let's Play!!!
  9. While the temperature was not terrible (55 degrees dropping to around 45), the sustained period of high winds was pretty nasty. Then throw in the periodic downpours and one has a bad day for golf. It was a good reason to watch the Masters and not go outside.😉
  10. Sometimes timing makes a shot particularly satisfying. Our twosome was following a foursome on a chilly & windy Friday (40 degrees w/ 20 mph breeze). We were hoping they would let us through and they did on the par 3 7th hole. No one likes to screw up in front of people, even if it is 4 strangers you will never see again. The hole is not especially difficult on a nice day. This day the challenge was hitting the right club. I took 2 extra and made a relaxed swing. Checked up 10 feet right of the hole. Rolled the putt in and off we went.
  11. I have never seen anything like a competitor improving their lie or reporting an incorrect hole score. A few times a player has said, "I had a six" and I thought he may have miscounted. I typically say, "Bob, talk me through the strokes on that last hole." We always end up agreeing on what the correct score was. Once a player hit a drive waaay left. It was easily 30 yards into the trees before I lost sight and there was no audible "crack" of a ball hitting wood. As I and the other players in the group searched the tree line the player found his ball a step or two off the fairway. I still can't imagine how his ball silently ricocheted 50 yards back toward the fairway. I wish I had watched him closer during the search.
  12. I am not sure the frequency of posting jokes or telling humorous stories directly relates to one's attitude on the course. I take my golf seriously and also find ample opportunities to laugh on the course (usually at myself).
  13. 5,900 to 6,300 dependent on the conditions. Today was 42 degrees, cloudy with a 20 mph wind. We played at 5,900 and it was nice. Often, when I know a course, I "blend" the yardages to around 6,000-6,100.
  14. Our normal "active" handicap season runs from 4/1 to 10/31. The USGA allows States to extend or shorten their active seasons if the weather permits or is unusually poor. I looked fairly thoroughly at the GAM site and saw no extension of the season beyond 10/31 this year. The reason I was looking was because I posted a score from 11/10/2020. After posting, I realized that I was likely outside our active season even though the temperature on 11/10 was in the 70's. As our club's handicap chairman, it does not look good for me to be screwing up my handicap. I went into GHIN and deleted the score. I am still rather surprised that the "posting season" was not extended.
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