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  1. bkuehn1952

    If you had to choose one (just for fun)

    I am content with the life I have lived. If I were 18 years old, I might have to think about that pill but not now.
  2. Thank you to everyone who chimed in. My hope was to create a discussion and that somewhat worked. Most of us know the Rules give no leeway in the situation originally described and a DQ was appropriate. I know I shirked my duty in not pushing for a DQ and did the easy thing of looking the other way. My rationalization was the breach was more of a "bookkeeping error" than an "on field" breach, which of course is not a valid reason. @billchao thanks for taking a lot of heat for supporting my decision. Let's hope neither of us end up on The Masters "tournament committee". Imagine the havoc we could create!
  3. The tournament is a 3 day handicapped stroke play club event. No serious money involved, although there are prizes for those who do well. Because it is a club event, everyone knows everyone else. One of our players turns in his card. The total listed on the card is 83. He was not careful to make sure the hole by hole was correct. Later, while inputting the data, it turns out his hole by hole scores add up to 82. Turns out, his scorer putt down a "4" in lieu of his actual score of "5" on the 14th hole. When presented with the problem, the player recognized that there was an incorrect hole score. His total was in fact 83. I believe that many tournaments only require the player to confirm the hole by hole is correct. Failure to add up the scores correctly is not a breach of the Rules. Many low level amateur events prefer people to total their score, too, which is what our club prefers. Our player signed his card with a "4" instead of the correct "5". Despite the total being correct, he signed an incorrect score card with a lower score than he actually made, which should result in a DQ. I am afraid our Tournament Committee, of which I was a part, decided to look the other way. We do not have a scorer's table where we can remind everyone to make sure the hole by hole is correct. Clearly there was no intent to deceive anyone or get a competitive advantage because the total was correct. Finally, this is supposed to be a fun 3-day event in Northern Michigan; laying a DQ on someone after day 1 would not have been fun. Personally, I would like to think I would have DQ'd myself and removed the Committee from having to be the bad guys.
  4. As a starting point, take some group lessons to learn the very basics. Then practice a fair amount at a driving range until you are capable of hitting the ball every time you swing and generally hit the ball in somewhat the correct direction. Once you have accomplished those two items, consider going to a course and playing 9 holes. As others have said, one can often join another group of 1-3 players or when it is not busy, play alone. Do not buy a set of clubs and go off to the course without learning the basics and becoming competent enough to hit the ball.
  5. bkuehn1952

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Kind of a "meh" end to my tournament year. We have a 3-day tournament in northern Michigan at the end of the tournament season. This year we played A-Ga-Ming Sundance/Belvedere/Sundance. Weather was a huge issue. It rained every day and we had severe thunderstorms each night. The courses were pretty saturated by the end. Day 1 was played down. Day 2 was lift/clean/place in own fairway. Day 3 was try to find a place without standing water, no nearer the hole. Despite running only around 6,150 yards, the courses played very long. My 80/80/84 effort was only good enough for 5th gross (Super Senior flight - 65+) and 4th net.
  6. bkuehn1952

    2 Man Scramble Match Play *with Handicaps*

    One should consider whether the complex set of the "rules" will be understood and followed by everyone. My experience is that many people are not into details and the result is one or more teams failing to follow the desired process. My recommendation is to make the process as simple as possible. Maybe drop the scramble and go with a net best ball.
  7. bkuehn1952

    Confirmation or Correction Needed - Fix the Hole

    Thanks to @iacas for leading us to the proper answer. In this case, my opinion was the hole was not damaged to the extent that the dimensions had been materially changed. Also, any damage was not the result of a ball mark. In fact, I wasn't even really sure what he was talking about. I was not sure whether he could properly mess with the hole's rim and did not want to see him possibly incur a penalty when there really was nothing there.
  8. bkuehn1952

    Lost Ball or in the Hazard???

    You are correct. You have a decent understanding of the Rules. Good job.
  9. Today on the 3rd hole of the city's Senior Championship, a member of our 3-some asked if he could "fix the hole" prior to putting. I told him not to fix anything and if he felt there was an issue with the hole, we could call the "committee" over. I suggested he could "fix it" after we all holed out He putted out (made it) as we all did. He walked away without a 2nd glance at the hole. Can a competitor "fix" a hole prior to putting?
  10. bkuehn1952

    "Rules" other players have told you

    "Line of Flight" - as soon as someone mentions that I know they don't know diddley about the Rules. Smacking away a ball from the hole in anger - If someone wants the guy to play it from where it went, nice try.
  11. bkuehn1952

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played in my 27th City of Ann Arbor Men's Championship the past 3 days. Field of 107. I "lost" by 45 shots. Tied for 50th at 252 (84,85,83). Surprisingly to me, it was not so much the length of the course but my balky short game that sort of inflated my scores. Played with @criley4way the last day. He hits a long ball and was disappointed in his results. I was okay with the way I played for the most part other than my 4-putt from 20 feet on #8. Grrrrrr!
  12. I saw that a player on the Tour accused his competitor of cheating via Twitter or some other social media. The crux of the matter appears to have been whether the player's ball cleared the hazard and rolled back in or if it failed to clear the water hazard. The subsequent drop was an issue. Obviously, player B thought it cleared and rolled back, allowing a drop on the near side. Player A felt the drop should be on the far side. The PGA Tour Rules official ultimately went with Player B's view. Not happy, Player A decided to go public with his ire. I think if a Rules official hears both sides and goes with one side, the "loser" needs to accept it and move on unless they KNOW the other player is aware of the situation and lied. At some point you have to accept that your view may be faulty rather than smear the other guy with the label of cheater. Any other thoughts?
  13. bkuehn1952

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    First, a tip of the cap to @N8theGr8_1988 for a nice discussion query. I would take Driver, 7 iron, pitching wedge and putter. If I hit my 3 wood more consistently, that might replace the driver. The course and tee chosen might change things a bit but let's go with this. Who is going to do it and report?
  14. bkuehn1952

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    I generally play from a set of tees that allow me to play a course with a variety of clubs. If someone is paying the green fees and insists on playing the tips, I will go along for the ride as long as I can reach the fairway off the tee.

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