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  1. A nice way to end your Tournament year.
  2. Congratulations. Some holes are made for certain golfers. Apparently #6 was made for you. How about a few details. Which course? City and State. Where you playing for fun or in a competition? What will you do with the balls?
  3. I indicated 4-6 as my average. I played yesterday and I am hard pressed to recall any pure shots. Fortunately, I also have days where I might pure almost a dozen.
  4. If a player was ever a member of the Tour (or foreign equivalent), no reinstatement. Once one achieves that level, there is no going back. A former member of the Korn-Ferry/Nike/Nationwide/Dot.Com (or foreign equivalent), 5 year wait, minimum. Depending on how long they played mini-tours, the wait might be quite a bit longer. I like the idea of the waiting period being dependent on the # of years pursuing a career in competitive golf. All other professional golfers or golf professionals would wait a minimum of 1 year with a longer waiting period possible depending on their professional résumé.
  5. An interesting idea but not likely to happen. If one were to try, perhaps the two tours could play a full field event at a venue like Torrey Pines. Men play the North course on Day 1 while the women play the South. Then flip flop on Day 2. The last two days the Women play the North and the men the South. The downside could be that the disparity in the number of spectators might be underlined rather boldly. Also, lining up enough volunteers for essentially two full tournaments could be difficult.
  6. I watched most of the singles but had other things to do during the foursomes and fourballs (like sleep!). It was an exciting competition with a bit of a surprise coming from the last three matches. I never saw Europe winning all three. The average World Ranking of the European Team was 48 (not including Suzann Pettersen's rank of 635) versus the USA's average of 29. On paper it was a mismatch but paper never actually plays the matches. The European ladies did themselves proud.
  7. A couple suggestions: Everyone participating is given a handicap and the team handicap each evening is the sum of the two players who show up divided by 2, times .90 (or to make the math simpler, the sum of the two handicaps divided by 2, rounded up or down). Players with actual handicaps can be given 50% of their 18 hole handicap. Handicapping a player who only plays in the league will be hard. Give everyone a best estimate. I might assign a "5" to generally competent players, a "10" to novices and a "15" to people who have never played or who don't really play golf. Have a standard number and slot people into the categories you decide upon. If a team has no opponent, they play against the course. So let's say a team has a team nine hole handicap of 7 (Player A = 10, Player B = 6 so 16 / 2 = 8 8 x .90 = 7.2 rounded to 7) Their team gets a stroke on the 7 hardest holes. If they make net birdie or better on a hole, they "win" that hole. If they make net bogey or worse, they lose. Net par is a tie. At the end of the round, if they have won more holes than they lost, they get 2 points. If they lose more holes than they won, they get -0- points. And if they won and lost an equal number of holes, they get 1 point. If they have a totalscore under par on a net basis, they get 2 points for low net team. If they are at net par, they get 1 point and if they are over par they get 0. Each week, if a team loses (or accumulates less than 2 points), the handicaps for each specific team member is increased by 1 for the next week. Each week if a team wins (or acquires more than 2 points), the handicap for each member is reduced by 1. You can play with the numbers but the idea is to slow down the winners, help the losers and make each team's handicap unique depending on who is playing rather than award a "team handicap" regardless of the participants. Of course, since many or most of the people don't care or are happy with the current system, you are likely swimming against the current. Good luck.
  8. A bit more info will help guide the suggestions. 1. How many members (not counting the substitutes) or how many teams of two? 2. Is one person in charge of running the league or a committee/board? And are you the person in charge or on the committee/board? 3. Are a majority of the participants unhappy with the set-up of the league?
  9. Talk to their caddies. I have found the people hauling the bag for their friend/son/husband/relative to be pretty open to talking, based on other USGA Amateur events I have attended.
  10. Yes, I wear my rain suit much more for windy & cold days November to April than I do for actual rain during the season.
  11. Playing a match with a golf buddy, we got to #10 at Leslie Park, my toughest hole on the course. I hit a nice drive in the fairway while my buddy, who got a stroke, ended up in the rough. He laid up and I figured at worst he was going to score a bogey/net par. I was 170 out, essentially looking at brush, bushes and Traver Creek, with a flag tip showing slightly above all the trouble. I could lay up too and hope to better his pitch & putt effort or go for the green. I had been playing well and decided to go for it. My thought was at worst I lose the hole on one of his stroke holes (he got two on this side) and have 8 holes to make it up. Plus, I wanted him to know his strokes weren't going to help him. I hoisted a hybrid up over all the trouble and ended up on the back fringe about 15 feet from the hole. Putting from the fringe I made par. He saved bogey (net par) for a push. You could sense the wind come out of his sails as he figured he would pick up a hole on me there. I won the next 5 holes, and the match. p.s. Had an unusual back nine for me. I parred all 9 holes, something I do not think I have ever done. I always have a bogey or two and when I am playing well, sometimes a couple birdies to offset my mistakes.
  12. When I have worn rain gloves (Footjoy), I also make them soaking wet first. They do not work well when dry. The issue I have is when it is cold and rainy, wearing cold, wet gloves can be mildly uncomfortable.
  13. I believe the rules official(s) indicated that the waste bunker was filled with tiny pebbles (not sand) and therefore he was allowed to remove the loose impediments (pebbles). Kuchar was permitted to excavate around his ball but I think he displayed extremely poor judgment in doing so. He is a professional, on TV, and should have considered the image he was projecting. His actions this year tell me he doesn't care about how others view him, which is fine. I suspect his fan base has contracted significantly.
  14. I do not think banning jeans and/or collarless shirts is good for golf. A private club may elect to place whatever restrictions they want on dress but restrictive dress codes tend to give the appearance of elitism. Still, compared to others problems, like pace of play, dress codes is pretty far down the list.
  15. I birdied the last hole to take "total" along with the first nine and take a $1 from my golf buddy. We play $1/$1/$1 for first nine, second nine and total - match play. So far in 2019, I have managed to pull money from his tight wallet every time. This time I gave him 3 a side and it was hard.
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