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  1. @HJJ003, thanks for the interesting thread and link. Leslie Park Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI I rate Leslie as a 4. @dennyjones can weigh in if my personal feelings resulted in a too high rating. I tend to not give a lot of credit for perfect conditions versus terrain and design. Leslie is far from manicured but it is located on a great piece of land. Each hole is different. There are a couple of unique aspects like the pear orchard and the view after climbing "heart attack" hill. As a muni, the bunkering is not extensive. It is too short (6,600 yards) to be considered a tough test for top players but it is not a push over for the rest of us.
  2. We received 6 inches of heavy wet snow Saturday. I usually carry and walk 18 but because of the conditions, I hired a seasonal caddie. I figured his local knowledge would help me in the tough conditions. Club choice was rather limited but it did make club choice easier: bkuehn1952: "What do you suggest from this lie and 150 yards?" Frosty: "Use the shovel"
  3. My rota of every day courses varies from 5 minutes to roughly 30 minutes by car. I will drive up to one hour (one way) depending on the situation (tournament, group of guys I really enjoy, course I haven't played). Beyond that, as someone else said, the course or situation would need to be special for me to take a longer road trip.
  4. Playing foursomes in an important match and down the stretch hitting a terrible shot. You never apologize to your partner but inside one just cringes at what you have left your partner to deal with. i still remember the last day of the 2017 Newport Cup. The tie breaker involved the opposing match requiring our match to re-play a hole alternate shot. Fortunately, I was playing with @jsgolfer, who hit a brilliant 200 yard shot to the par 3 17th. All I had to do was roll an uphill 15 footer to 2 feet. Yes, I left it 4 feet short and wanted to crawl into a hole for doing that to my teammate. He made the putt and saved me from a lifetime of nightmares.😉
  5. Thank you @Sean_D and @DaveP043. I was not aware of the new USGA recommendation. As handicap chairman I need that be aware of this. We flight our competitions so I am hesitant to apply this additional adjustment. Our B Flight might have almost 30 guys with course handicaps of 8 to 12. I see no reason to automatically cut the 10-12 guys a stroke. Some may deserve it but others won't. Something to ponder during the off season.
  6. As @p1n9183 said, the real key is to regularly call a shot. You will fail a lot but can brag about the 1 out of 100 you make, unless you play with the same group. There is a long par 4 finishing hole (447 par 4) on a course I play frequently. Often I am the single that joins a 2 or 3 some. I regularly would say, "the key to this hole is play an old ball and hit the cart path on the right with a slight draw." Well, I missed the cart path a lot BUT the handful of times I hit it and rode down to inside 150 yards was worth the astonished looks the guys would give me.
  7. During our off season there typically are no rakes in the bunkers. Some of us make an effort to scuff our tracks but the bunkers can be pretty churned up by golfers, deer, rain. We don't run tournaments or post scores so everyone pretty much does what they want.
  8. I have played three 18 hole rounds this January (so far). All were in decent conditions without frozen greens. Hard to get too depressed. It will come, however, as winter reassert itself.
  9. Often these events cater to the occasional or novice golfer by using a "scramble" format. If your buddy can get 3 friends to join him, he will have a day on the course and support a charity. With the right group, these events can be fun as long as no one is too serious about the golf.
  10. 8.7 versus a previous 8.6, which is about what I expected. I need to update my profile.
  11. Okay, I will give this a try. In 2019 I was -8 at Leslie Park with 15 rounds. My goal is to beat that number in 2020. As much as I want to start now, it is doubtful I will play there until April.
  12. If we were in season, which we are not, a 9.5 differential (77 on a par 70) on the local course that mostly stays open year round. It is short so the spongy wet conditions don't hurt me too much. I was surprised at how playable the course was with everything thawed enough to make it very much like a round in April. Every round after Thanksgiving is a gift here in the Frozen Mitten.
  13. When my index is computed under the WHS it most definitely will be retroactive in the sense that the same set of scores dating back to prior to 10/1/2019, will be used for my "new" index. And there is no way the USGA will be able to determine if the "81" I posted included only net double bogey or less because all they have is my old ESC adjusted total.
  14. It will take some time for me to have a totally accurate World Handicap. When we posted via the Golf Assoc. of Michigan site, it was not hole by hole. The application of ESC (net double bogey) won't be possible on a retroactive basis. That being said, I don't expect there to be much of a difference.
  15. bkuehn1952


    Par for the course they are playing is 70. Ancer shot one over par for his round that day or "71". So he is shown as "+1" under the column "Today". The first scoring column labeled "Koepka -12" is the player's cumulative score compared to par. So Ancer shot three over par for all the rounds to that point and he is listed as "+3". The leader is Koepka with a cumulative twelve under par "-12".
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