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  1. Not probably...definitely!! Enjoyed the video and best of luck making the West team.
  2. Our first tournament of the year (net). Nice course (Majestic) set-up a bit easier for us old farts. I played from the "white" tees at 6,000 yards (69.2/125). I have been playing like a two day old crap sandwich all spring so my expectations were really low. When I chunked my tee ball into the fronting swamp on the 140 yard par 3 4th hole for a double (my 5th hole - shotgun start), clearly it was going to be a long day. The driver and putter were working and occasionally the wedges did their part. All the other clubs seemed to be taking an unearned vacation. We kept grinding and clawing, tossed in an 8 foot putt to save bogey or par now and then. It wasn't pretty. At the end of the day, it felt like I had shot 95 but the score card said 77 (gross) and 70 net. It was a testament to the old cliché, "It isn't how but rather how many." I need to figure out the "how" part now.
  3. I don't mind pace of play threads. I tend to tune out when there is any discussion about how fast one played as a single, twosome or threesome, using a cart or going out as the first group. Like it or not, the standard for golf is a 4-some, walking or riding. Discussions should be about getting a 4-some around a course in a proper pace. Frankly, I rarely see any new or interesting suggestions concerning pace and courses full of 4-somes but there is the occasional tidbit so I keep reading the threads.
  4. Or wave the trailing single up on #6 and play in as a twosome? I play as a single at times and that is fine. However, when things start to get a bit compressed, one needs to consider grouping singles and twos together.
  5. Thanks for the interesting tape, which I admit to not watching for more than a few minutes. Not THAT interesting. An acquaintance once was a "professional putter" several decades ago. He is still a decent putter although a lousy player overall. I would never describe him as a great putter.
  6. While we are on the subject, @tlazzol and @bkuehn1952 share the "organizer" role for the outing. Terry researched the area courses and arranged for a nice deal via Groupon and Brian rounded up the participants and guided the selection of the time/date/location.
  7. The current NCCA rules permit an attempt to accommodate a member school's restrictions. I like the idea of giving all competitors the option to play Thursday or Sunday. The chosen accommodation of allowing a single player to play Thursday is very flawed.
  8. In the USA during a casual round it is not common for course rangers to push groups when no one is behind them. It happens but not very often. For a tournament, the pace of play rules apply to everyone, even if one is not holding anyone up. If the pace of a round is expected to be 4 hours and 30 minutes or less, unless a group is holding you up AND you are right behind them, you had better finish under that time allotment. Finally, since you are new to the game, don't develop bad habits. One bad habit is playing slower because no one is behind you. One can get used to taking a bit too much time and then when one needs to pickup the pace, it can seemed rushed, exactly as you experienced.
  9. All seven of us did not know each other previously and had not played together. I think @Braivo mentioned he had played in an outing in Ohio within the past 1-2 years with you and other TST members. Other than that, I do not believe anyone has played in a TST event of any kind.
  10. Keep re-habbing the game. The odds are against it but maybe we will be partners at the Newport Cup. Lucky you!
  11. Wow, the definition of serendipity. You decide to pursue professional golf and find TST at the same time. I hope your plans include finishing your engineering degree and getting a paying job while pursuing your golf dream.
  12. The following members attended our first Michigan Golf Rally today (May 19) and deserve a TST Outing Participant Merit Badge! @bkuehn1952 @tlazzol @Wally Fairway @dennyjones @JonMA1 @Braivo @MSchott
  13. @tlazzol @Wally Fairway @dennyjones @JonMA1 @Braivo @MSchott Thanks to everyone for: showing up in a good mood despite @Wally Fairway's less than excellent weather. playing at a very acceptable pace not asking me what I shot! We will touch base again in mid-June to discuss possibly doing this again.
  14. @bkuehn1952 @tlazzol @Wally Fairway @dennyjones @JonMA1 @Braivo @MSchott Okay guys, the big day is tomorrow. We have two tee times reserved; the first is at 10:04am and the second at 10:12am. I will hang out in the clubhouse and will probably make a little TST sign. It will likely be pretty obvious who is in our group but we will need to be on the look out for each other. Reservations are under "Brian Kuehn". We will pay using a combination of @tlazzol's Groupon deal and "Senior" rates. At least one of us may be walking. We can work out the groups once everyone is there. I am excited to meet everyone. See you all tomorrow morning.
  15. You are going to burn in Hell! I wish I had thought of it when the grand kids were younger.