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  1. Has anyone paid to play Pebble Beach and now wishes they had spent the money for something else? I would be interested in those stories and what they would have rather done.
  2. The wind was strong into me and left to right. With a back left hole location my 3rd shot on this par 4 (yes, 3rd) was 140 yards and playing more like 160 with the temperature around 37 degrees (f). I pured my iron and played just enough left of the hole for the wind to bring it back to the green. Rolled in the 8 footer to save par. Considering my first two shots on the hole, I was elated to save par.
  3. Once paying for it was enough for me. I was fortunate enough to play it again on my employer's dime.
  4. I have heard the phrase, "collect experiences and memories, not stuff." I generally agree with the sentiment. I have played Pebble Beach and will have the memories for the rest of my life. Yes, I could have used the money to get some super driver or set of irons but I think the experience was worth it.
  5. I have always wondered about how some courses make the list. Barely a year old, Ohoopee was seen by enough panelists and scored high enough to hit the current rank at No. 98. Perhaps in the fine print there is an explanation of "seen by enough." I wonder if 5 of the panelists put the course on their list and thus it made #98. If that were the case, I am disappointed.
  6. I voted pure long/mid iron. As this is the hardest shot for me, the personal appreciation is highest.
  7. Where is your club located? Are you the Handicap Chairman? As handicap chairman for our Michigan club, I have the luxury of an inactive season; most of our members are not posting scores until April. They seem to be okay with my statement that for virtually all of them, the handicap changes will have little affect on their index. You have an unusual group of golfers with the concern over all the details.
  8. I would choose playing six times a week over the practice alternative. I prefer playing golf versus practicing.
  9. The 10+ inches of snow we received on November 11th is all gone. My buddies and I played yesterday. At around 9:30am it was 40 degrees and when we finished at 12:30pm it was sunny and 52 degrees with -0- wind. An all around great day for the end of November. Things do not look especially nice going forward but at least there is no significant snow forecast for the next week or so.
  10. I can't make it but have a great time in the summer like weather!
  11. Plymouth is a great small town with a vibrant city center. Your sister picked a good spot to hang her hat. The best courses in the immediate area are Golden Fox and Pheasant Run. As @dennyjones said, SE Michigan has a wealth of courses.
  12. I hear you 100%. And when all the waiting groups appear to be part of an outing, then I don't even bother taking my bag out of the car. You know you're in for a long day when...there is a mixed outing waiting on the first tee.
  13. I would prefer the wide, shallow green, all other things being equal.
  14. 5 mph is considered to be a fast walking pace. Every "1,000 yard" stroll (0.57 miles) would take at least 10-12 minutes. You are right, this gentleman can really hoof it.
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