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  1. BTW, I just heard experts have confirmed that the World is flat!
  2. Welcome. You had yourself an interesting couple of years. 90's after a year is excellent progress. Some of the experts here should be helpful in getting those scores lower.
  3. Do it!! And while you are at it, get a cool avatar!
  4. 84 (11.4 differential if it were in season). Ventured out Sunday. Both days of the weekend were more like a great day in late April than the middle of February. As expected the courses that announced they were open were swarming with my fellow hackers, attempting to cash in on the bonus Mother Nature gave us. What was unexpected was that the "cart path only" and horde of players did not devolve into a death march. My buddy and I asked the starter to pair us up and we played with a married couple. She could hit it and didn't waste any time. Having a foursome following a threesome helped the feeling of not dragging along. While we waited a bit, it was never an inordinately long time. No one seemed to be treating the round like the final 18 of the U.S. Open so we finished in a bit over 4 hours.
  5. We went to the Wednesday practice round in 1990 at Medinah. We were standing at the tee and I positioned us at a table with a large bowl of fruit, figuring some of the guys might wander over. Along came a group and Nick Faldo strolled over and proceeded to pick up each peach, gave it a squeeze and then put it back. I thought about saying something "smart" but decided to keep my mouth shut. Next group along included Fuzzy Zoeller and Hubert Green. Fuzzy came over to the bowl and I couldn't help myself and said, "Careful Fuzzy, Nick Faldo already squeezed all the peaches." Fuzzy burst out laughing, called Hubert Green over and told him Nick had squeezed all the peaches. They both kept chuckling and said that it figured that Nick would do that. Things were more relaxed back then. I recall Bernhard Langer stopping during his practice round to pose with a couple of women while a friend snapped a photo. The problem was the camera wasn't cooperating but Bernhard just stood there chatting with the women until the issue was fixed. Some might recognize this hacker.
  6. One year complaints of a “crazy bird” started to be received at the clubhouse of our local muni. Players who hooked their tee shots on #11 reported being dive-bombed and harassed by a small bird. Eventually the course superintendant identified the problem. An Eastern Kingbird had nested in a small tree to the left of the 11th fairway. This particularly species has a well-deserved reputation for aggressively defending its nesting area. When a golfer would come too close to the tree, the Kingbird would go to war. The superintendant chalked out a circle with a 30 yard radius and put up a sign that the area was GUR and added a warning: “Beware of the Bird”. During the City Championship one of the members of my foursome hit his shot into the GUR. The guy read the notice, looked at the little bird perched in the tree and said, “It’s just a bird, I’ll play it where it lays.” Having seen the little demon in action, I suggested he may want to reconsider but he would have none of it and addressed his ball. Suddenly a blur of feathers smacked him in the head, knocked his hat off and started trying to drill a hole in the top of his skull. After the golfer escaped he took a drop. Postscript: Once the breeding season ended they took the tree out and replanted it elsewhere.
  7. Glad to see you had a chance to make the trip to St. Andrews. I think we all have a similar photo.
  8. Talk about consistent, I have been at 8.4 since 11/15/2016. Okay, "out of season" here, so just maybe I am not that consistent.
  9. Here in the Delightful Mitten, I just played my 2nd round of February, yesterday, and the really nice weather (60's, sunny) isn't due until this coming weekend. My expectation is any open courses will be zoos Saturday & Sunday so I had to make an effort to play one last time before the hordes descend on my little patch. My depression is temporarily lifted.
  10. In @JonMA1's blog, @dave s commented about playing with his wife and the typical things they did. It got me thinking about "spouse golf". Having a partner that plays can add to the enjoyment of the game (along with the expense - like paying for my wife to play Pebble Beach - ouch!). My wife is a pretty good sport. She did not play when we got together. She went to a "Golf Camp" with me the 2nd or 3rd year after we were married. Five days of instruction, hitting balls, playing. She and I regularly played with my parents when they were members at a Florida club. Now it is us and the grand kids.
  11. One will likely hit a plateau with a significantly flawed swing. Certainly grooving the flawed swing, using proper course management and working on the short game will result in lower scores. At some point, however, one will hit the proverbial wall and further scoring improvement will prove elusive. A mechanically great swing will take one farther provided the time is invested.
  12. It sucks that anyone has to delay treating a medical issue as a result of deductibles, finances, etc.. It is one thing to delay purchasing a home, car or sofa; most things in life are discretionary. Many health issues should transcend one's financial situation. I don't profess to know the answer. Clearly no one else seems to either.
  13. An interesting idea. If the top players from each country actually participate, it could be fun. If they leave it to relative unknowns, maybe a bit less interesting. I know there has been some discussion about using a 6/6/6 format in the Newport Cup. It is good to see others adopting/considering a similar format.
  14. I punched February on my Michigan card. Walked 36 holes today and played 18.* That makes 24 straight months with at least one round each month in the Frozen Mitten. 45 degrees and no wind made for a very pleasant day. If the 10 day forecast is correct, I will be playing some more before the month is over. * My wife & I often walk local closed courses and today the private layout we hiked was in such nice shape I had to go out and find someplace to play.
  15. 1961, hitting whiffle balls off mats in the Appleton, Wisconsin, YMCA gym at age 9.