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  1. Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, MI

    No clubs (so far) but it might be easy finding a few of my former golf balls.
  2. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I would be surprised if you let me putt a meaningless putt that might help my team win the hole.
  3. Marker Size

    You may ask them to move it, typically laterally, as far as you want. If the other player prefers, she/he may choose to putt out rather than move their mark. If someone uses a poker chip or other large object (like a log), I might have them move it several "putter heads" left or right.
  4. Marker Size

    I think the Rules suggest a small coin but as long as the object allows one to replace the ball in the same spot, anything goes. I agree that oversized markers, like a poker chip, need to be used sparingly when near the hole. They are fine when not near anyone's line.
  5. Your Final 10 Rounds

    Not in order: Old Course, St. Andrews, Scotland – I still feel myself fill with nervous energy thinking about walking on the first tee where so many others have been. "Oy lad, yer in Hell!" Riverview Country Club, Appleton, WI – This 9-hole course no longer exists but it is the place I first teed it up back in 1960 as a 8-year-old. Pebble Beach, CA – The history, the scenery, the real estate, the GREENS FEES. Nuff said. Leslie Park Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI – My “home” course for over 30 years. Every hole is different with a nice mix of features. Lots of memories. Ballybunion, Ireland – Weaving one’s way through the dunes is quite an experience TPC Prestancia – Stadium Course, Sarasota, FL – my parent’s club. The location where my father led “Team Kuehn” to victory in the Member/Guest. Also the course where I played my last round with him and my mother. Kingsbarns, Scotland – Great memories of walking along the North Sea, sun shining and Andrew carrying my bag. I recommend you hit the “B”, sir. Little Pines Nine, Ypsilanti, MI – The course where I introduced my granddaughter to the game, along with driving a cart. I still can’t believe I let her drive over some of those narrow & steep bridges. Cedar Creek, San Antonio, TX – The muni that is my “home away from home” course when visiting the grandkids in Texas. Lots of elevation changes. Waterville, Ireland – A pure links course. Carried our own bags as all the caddies had much too good a Friday night. Sunshine interrupted by brief squalls and sideways rain. “On a clear day, lads, you can see New York, har har har!”
  6. Do You Have a Set Budget for Golf Expenses?

    You have a very responsible approach, well done. As I am closing in on full retirement and most of our major future expenses are fully funded, I spend whatever I need to. Of course, I am frugal so my expenses are rarely in excess of $2,500 a year. This year will exceed that number but it is for a good reason. Experiences over "stuff".
  7. 2017 Player Of The Year

    I consider this a two horse race, Thomas vs. Spieth. Obviously, if Dustin Johnson runs the table, there would be a reason to re-consider him. If none of the trio makes any noise over the next couple weeks, I would vote for Justin Thomas. A lot can change, however, before the last putt drops in the Tour Championship.
  8. World Woods Yardage Book

    When you called World Woods they told you they don't have a yardage book? It seems odd that a top tier course wouldn't have one.
  9. The Nine Hole Conundrum

    Much too logical.
  10. The Nine Hole Conundrum

    It is always fascinating to me how all sports seemed to have developed a structure that tests the participants for a sufficient length of time to separate the wheat from the chaff. In football one has to play both halves. Remember the Super Bowl? The seventh inning stretch doesn’t end the game, the 8th and 9th innings must be played. Long ago when the game of golf was being formed, somehow the founders knew that 9 holes would not require the consistency a truly sound golfer must have to succeed. No, the test would have to 18. A recent tournament in which I played reminded me of what I might call “The Nine Hole Conundrum.” The “NHC” is that a double-digit handicap player can play almost like a scratch player, but only for nine holes. If 18 holes are played, the longer contest inevitably sees the player revert to the norm. In the tournament, Greg had a rough start Wednesday. Our shot gun start began on #16 and he was 5 over par when we made the turn to #1. At that point he became a changed man. He shot -3 for the front nine. Every shot was struck crisply, putts were holed and he even chipped in for a birdie. Then, when we moved to #10, he fell back to his original form. At the end of the day, he had shot 33-49-82. Most of us can probably recall how we once (or still?) were in search of “breaking 80” (or 90 or 100). We could perform admirably for 9 holes. It was totally frustrating to know we had the skills to reach our numerical goal but lacked the consistency to hold it together for a full round. I don’t have the answer. While I do have those consistent 18-hole rounds, there are many times where I fall prey to the “NHC” and turn a promising front side into a mess.
  11. I guess I think of the PGA Tour as sort of a freak show. The great players are so prepped for the game that it is hard for me to relate. To say I play the same game as the Tour pros is a total exaggeration. We play under the same Rules but then things quickly separate. Am I concerned that Merion can no longer hope to host a US Open? Not at all. A course doesn't need to be US Open ready to be a fun test for the 98% of us who can only dream of hitting the ball like Dustin Johnson. I voted "no".
  12. Best places to live with great muni golf

    I find fault with the author's premise that municipal (or perhaps more broadly, government-owned) golf is a key factor in an area's attractiveness to golfers. As cities and local governments struggle to balance their budgets, golf courses are often seen as a luxury. I suspect as time passes, we are going to see local governments taking an exit from the golf business. At one time, muni's provided a nice source of income. Now, the cost of running & maintaining many courses has become a negative on the government budget. When police, fire and road budgets are getting squeezed, spending money supporting a golf course becomes a real tough sell.
  13. 2017 LPGA Q-School

  14. 2017 LPGA Q-School

    I don't think mentioning her name violates her personal privacy. I will refrain from doing so even though the scoring is unique to one person. It is cool to be acquainted with someone who is successful on any tour. I know I followed the results for a few young ladies whom I played with or met when the Symetra Tour came to town (back then it had a different sponsor - Duramed).
  15. Mickelson a Captain's Pick? President's Cup

    To answer my own question, I would ask Phil if he wants to play. If he indicated a reasonably high level of interest, I would include him. If he is not invested in being on the team, I pick someone else. I have heard he is a positive influence in team situations, but that may just be smoke being blown.