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  1. I watched Jordan Spieth thin a fairway wood today and he got what can only be called a great result. I won't spoil it for those who have dvr'd it. Let's just say the result was a hell of a lot better than the strike. We have all had them. Describe yours! Last year I was playing a one day tournament. A good drive left me a wedge from about 100 yards. I bladed that sucker so badly it never got more than a few inches off the ground. It rolled and bobbled 100 yards, squeezed between the two fronting bunkers, rolled across the green and stopped a foot from the hole. If I knew how to spin my club, I would have added that flourish. Made birdie and won a skin. Great shots are always rewarded.
  2. Talk about bad shot/great result. He can talk all he wants about how they planned for a poor hit and the consequences were okay, ....blah, blah. It would have been a bad strike for even me.
  3. Nice trip. That is one place to which I want to return before I get too old and stiff. Great that you got the obligatory Swilcan Bridge photo. I have mine, too!
  4. Today it was a 78 at age 64. The closest so far was a 72 at age 63 (or 62, too lazy to check). There may be a "shoot my age" in this carcass but I am not expecting it real soon.
  5. As others have said, when playing well it is not important to know "how well." When the wheels are wobblin' or have fallen off, I typically check so I can set a revised goal like "keep it under XX".
  6. While combining groups makes sense, telling a pair of jerks, "...you can play through only if you promise to pair up..." seemed to go a bit far. I am there to play golf and have fun, not engage with idiots. Let them go, maybe suggest they might pair up, but at least be rid of them, quickly.
  7. Yes, better to have the problem go away rather than follow you for 3+ hours. Their behavior was uncalled for but sometimes it is better to just avoid getting into a dustup.
  8. Everyone is different so our routines tend to be different. I hover my driver rather than ground it behind the ball. I align it with the ball in the middle. The ball is teed relatively high as I swing slightly upward (or at least that is my intent).
  9. Round 1 of the City Championship found me in the fairway of the 10th hole. I had begun to leak oil at the end of the first nine so my attitude was questionable. I had hit a nice drive but due to recent rain and advancing age, I was still 220 yards from the green. The approach to 10 required a high accurate shot to a narrow green surrounded by water and weeds. i pulled my driver and prepared to .... then sanity returned. I laid up to 100 yards and stuck a wedge to 2 feet to save a par. My momentary moment of insanity had passed.
  10. Just completed the Men's City Championship. Three days of stroke play with us losers flighted on the last day. Very much "meh" results (84/86/84). We had a lot of rain leading up to the event so a decently long course played that much longer. A number of the par 4's were Driver/3-Wood/Wedge for me even if I hit my best shots. I managed to accomplish my modest goals (keep it under 90 each day, finish in the top half [T45 out of a field of 96] and walk/carry the three days) but I was just happy it was over Sunday afternoon. Time to start prepping for the Senior Championship.
  11. Usually one will do a better repair with a tool followed by a tapping down. Often, just tapping down the mark makes the surface level but it does not allow for rapid healing of the mark. That being said, there is no Rule requiring one to repair a mark in a specific manner.
  12. I am always impressed by all the young women who did not speak English as their first language. Doing interviews in a foreign language, and most often doing it well, is fantastic. The LPGA membership spans all body types like the World as a whole. Yes, some could probably spend a bit more time in the gym, but so could many of us. Still, I would like to think that somewhere a young girl carrying a bit too much weight might be inspired by Shanshan, begin to play golf and maybe become a bit healthier and happier.
  13. I can't speak to your situation but over the years our club has had a few individuals who displayed a similar pattern. Whether it is changing one's style of play for tournaments, playing up to the level of their competitors or some other factor at work, their play improved significantly when playing our handicapped tournaments. Typically, the expectation in handicapped events is that virtually all competitors, over time, will play to or beat their handicap 20-25% of the time. It is always disappointing to the field when a handful of players seem to have the ability to "flip the switch" and beat their handicap repeatedly. For this reason, we just switched to using a "Tournament Handicap Index" based solely on our member's tournament play. While this approach may be unfair to the competitor who has ice water running through their veins or a preternatural ability to raise their level of performance on demand, virtually all our members are happy with the change.
  14. In this instance, without the total yardage of the golf tees, you are stuck. In theory, next time, you could take a gps reading on each tee, jot down the result and then get a total. I would wait for GAM to rate the new tees.
  15. Review the USGA Handicap Manual, Section 5-2g. If you scroll to the end, there is a chart for Men. Next, locate the closest rated set of tees for Men at the course you played. Either adjust for the longer or shorter total yardage from the appropriate rated tee. The USGA also has a listing of course's 9 hole ratings so you can post two 9 hole scores.