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  1. Our foursome plays 2-person teams which change every 6 holes. Best ball. High net ball loses a team point and low net ball wins a team point.. We typically give the less skilled players (me and Marty) a stroke on the hardest hole of the 6.
  2. A heart attack or stroke would seem to be likely. Of course, he might not have been a swimmer. What I wonder about is this: "Hermilo Jazmines of Lutz, Florida, was playing golf with a friend"
  3. I like the idea of 2 person teams. You can re-shuffle the teams each day. Day 1: 2 man net best ball Day 2: 2 man net Alternate Shot (if you want, you can modify it with each teeing off, selecting the bet drive and alternating from there. Or go with straight alternate) Day 3: 2 man net scramble.
  4. You are getting close to my area. Cascades, Calderone and Grande are all nice courses. I am not sure the Grande allows walking. I think their rates include the cart but maybe you can walk and just pay for the cart. Cascades is a good walking course. Calderone is a bit more of a chore with some distance between tee and next green.
  5. Thanks, @ncates00, for a light discussion item during the Mitten's recess from golf. At 68, I continue with the dated collared shirt, plain shorts/pants, USGA hat "look". Fashion has passed me by. If I attempted to wear what Ricky Fowler and others wear, I suspect I would look a bit ridiculous. I don't miss the old look, it never left as far as I am concerned.
  6. Yes, the day did remind me that Spring would be coming. Maybe we will be lucky and play in March.
  7. In tournament play, I always just accept what I get. Typically, anyone playing in a tournament in the USA has a decent understanding of golf etiquette. Those that don't are politely corrected. Pace of play can sometimes be an issue no matter the skill level. Unless a player's pace places the group in danger of a penalty, I just accept it. My experience has been that 98% of the players with whom I an grouped are a nice collection of people. Fortunately, the 2% can be mostly avoided or ignored during the round. So yes, you are alone, at least in my personal experience.
  8. The investment of time and effort should result in a lifetime of golf enjoyment. Best of luck! p.s. Your writing is spot on, too.
  9. As good as I did one month prior to the "accident". I do not notice any loss of motor skills and I believe my mental acuity is the same (somewhere between moron and idiot). I look forward to swinging a club again to see if I lost anything that I had not already misplaced.
  10. I am always leery of "Best" lists. This list would certainly be a good one if one were to say, "what 25 courses should we play in 2021?"
  11. Sorry to hear of your loss. And thank you for posting the short film, it as very good.
  12. I have never been a long hitter and I have lost distance over the past 7-8 years. I would like to be inside 150 yards and hit a 7 iron or less.
  13. Absolutely. Best thing that ever happened for me was when she said yes 37 years ago.
  14. As a reminder of this little adventure, I have two fairly good-sized dents on the top of me head.
  15. If you are looking for a golf story, time to move on. Last year we had a dead tree taken down. I asked the tree guys to cut the trunk into moveable chunks. I subsequently chain-sawed them into log-size pieces. In early December I started splitting the large pieces into usable logs for our fireplace with a wedge and 10-pound sledgehammer. After a few days of intermittent wood-splitting I noticed I had a persistent headache and/or a stiff & sore neck. I began popping 2 ibuprofens every 6 hours. On December 19, I got out of bed later than usual. I went downstairs and sat on a st
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