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  1. I hope everyone who needs the money gets a check and ultimately the USA economy is put on the right track. Spend it on golf clubs, rent or food. But spend it!
  2. When all the social distancing is a dim memory, we all need to play.
  3. My "home" course is our local muni. The card is a simple single fold, my preference. No advertising, a plus from my viewpoint. Nice photo of the 9th fairway. Local rules listed along with info on the course and staff. I have to down grade the rating since the card is out of date by at least a year. The course ratings are inaccurate and our superintendent is no longer Scott Spooner. Scott was a GREAT super but he was promoted to running the entire city's department of public works.
  4. @dennyjones, my fellow Michigander. Setup our "Club" ... Michigan Golf, gives we Mitten Dwellers a heads up when a good golf deal is available, and generally helps keep the chatter going. @Asheville for helping us learn and understand the Rules a bit better. And of course @GolfLug for mentioning me! Back at you.
  5. As another TST'er mentioned, Portugal is currently a popular destination for those with a bit of adventure in them. Many/most speak some English. Temperate climate, low cost of living, low crime, limited social problems. Personally we will likely stay in Michigan but might establish a second residence in the Austin/San Antonio area. Most of the family is located in SE Michigan and/or TX. My wife needs to be near them.
  6. The obvious one to me is during a search for a ball, where accidentally moving the ball while removing/moving loose impediments incurs no penalty. Hey guys, help me out. @fredf said "exceptions" and I am out of answers.
  7. The latest from the Corona Mitten (aka Michigan): Update - March 27, 2020 - 6:45 a.m. Posted to the 2020-21 Executive Order Q&A. Q: Are golf courses allowed to stay open? A: No. While EO 2020-21 contemplates outdoor activity, opening a golf course to the public does not fall under the designation of critical infrastructure. Consequently, a golf course may not designate employees as critical infrastructure employees and authorize them to come to work.
  8. Semi-confident on these:
  9. Lowest score. The problem for me with the other choice is I would not have much fun playing ANGC or Pine Valley while shooting 120. Whereas, shooting 69 at Podunk GC would be very fun.
  10. Yes, that could be an issue. I was not planning to have everyone working every day. More like Denny tends bar one afternoon a week, or Brian cuts the back nine greens one morning every week. 200 / 7 = 28 members available a day. 14 in the morning and 14 in the afternoon. As part of our dues, we would have some professionals (e.g. Course Greenkeeper). Dues would be determined by the net expense divided by the membership. Would this work? Probably not but it could be interesting to try.
  11. We have heard from @snapfade about his layout. If anyone would like to try their hand at describing their perfect course, have at it. Every detail is not needed but the better the description, the better the rest of us can appreciate your ideas. For my effort I tried to be realistic but there are no rules. Here is my idea: Ownership: I'd like an equity club where the players own the course. No family memberships; if one wants their family to participate, everyone buys in. The buy-in would be reasonable, hopefully something like $10,000 or less. 200 members, $2,000,000 might get us a course during a recession. The course would also be open to the public, on a limited basis. We don't want exclusivity to be an issue. Every member would be expected to participate in the maintenance and running of the club. No absentee owner/members. If you don't play and participate in the running of the club, you resign. Membership is open to any person who loves to play golf and hang out with other golfers. The Board of Director slots (15) rotates among the membership with 2 Board members changing annually. Major changes would be by vote of the membership. The Layout: One 18 hole course because we can't afford to have more. Ideally it would be like "The Loop" and we could reverse it but I suspect the cost would be an issue. There would be a set of tees at 7,000+ yards but only members with indexes under an agreed amount (5.0??) and with the ability to play that distance would be allowed on the tips. We would try to have a variety of tees and rated combinations to allow some variety the course set-up. The club would be located in SE Michigan (naturally) on rolling terrain with a nice mix of woodlands and grassland - a "parkland style". While we would love to be on the shores of Lake Michigan or the Pacific, that would be too costly (and it would be a heck of a drive for me). Definitely need some water (ponds, streams). Sand bunkers would have to be a bit limited because of the cost. The Facility: A simple clubhouse with a small bar selling cans of pop and beer. One may BYOB hard liquor or wine but we won't sell it. Bagged snacks and a popcorn popper. No food as we don't want to assume those costs. If we have an event, maybe invite a food truck or two to cater to the members. No beverage carts as our members are serious about playing. If you want a drink or two on the course, that is fine but you are going to carry it with you or get it at the turn. No swimming pool, no tennis courts, no ballroom. No equipment sales. We would have a room fitted out for club repair with a launch monitor. Members would be free to use it and hopefully we could schedule a professional club fitter to stop by now and again. There would be a grass range, practice green and practice bunker/chipping area. Any members who are "range rats" would generally be assigned the practice area maintenance. Other: Walking would be encouraged but with a physician's note, members would be able to use our single rider carts. We would have a list of people willing to caddie and members would arrange that on an as needed basis. Trolleys permitted. We would have several Club tournaments. All would be flighted, some at scratch and others handicapped. The Club Championship would involve every member (flighted) and be Match Play. When a player became too old to play, they would be welcome to continue as "clubhouse staff" or starter.
  12. I am feeling fairly confident ...
  13. Once again, I am only confident about one of the answers (#4).
  14. Agree, but the initial order doesn't allow many businesses to operate. For example, a home builder can't start a home, regardless of social distancing measures. A real concern is municipal/county courses. Most governmental entities in the Mitten sent everyone home except essential employees. City hall probably doesn't consider fertilizing and grass cutting as essential.
  15. Thanks for giving her a little nudge. GAM's website indicates the state's association, Michigan Golf Alliance, has sought clarification on two items. They are: 1. Allowing courses to perform needed spring time maintenance 2. Allowing outdoor golf with proper safeguards As of noon, there had been no clarification. In the governor's defense, a lot of organizations are seeking clarifications.
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