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  1. I may have shot a 12 in my lifetime but I do not recall. If a hole goes seriously sideways I typically pickup after 9 or 10 and move on. Never had a Tournament round result in worse than 10, which is still awful. I did witness a 15 on the opening par 4 at the Ann Arbor Men's Championship (#10 starting on 1 and 10). My fellow competitor got the Shan ... lateral hits and kept hitting his wedge into the junk. I remember the monologue like it was yesterday. "Sh-t" "I am taking a drop" "Sh-t" "I am taking a drop" "Sh-t" "I am taking a drop" ...
  2. 29th consecutive Ann Arbor Men's Championship for me. Walked and carried my bag all three days. 83/90/83 for a tie for 45th place. Only 37 strokes behind the the winner. 😉 As Chris said, the conditions were hot and windy, especially Saturday. The firm greens, wind and need for me to hit some loooong approaches found me at the back of the green putting down some very speedy greens. 40+ of my 90 shots were putts. If my game doesn't go more downhill, I will try for 30 next year. Plus we have the Senior Championship in August.
  3. Had a Lowest Score Wins moment yesterday. My last hole (#14 Greystone Golf Course) found me 180 yards from the hole after a decent drive on the right half of the fairway. Bunkers all along the left side of the green. A steep slope to a watery penalty area on the right. Going for the front hole location required risking the water penalty area (short or right) or the sand (long or left). The best place to go was the area in front of the green rather than the green itself. I took a club that should be short of the bunkers on the left and "cheated a little left to give myself a greater margin away from the slope down to the water penalty area. Hit a perfect hybrid just a step off the front of the green. Putted the ball to 2 feet, made the par and shot 79 for the round. It would have been easy for me to just whack a shot toward the green/hole location and risk the water or sand. In the heat of the moment we tend to forget the basics.
  4. I am surprised no action was taken during the round. I would have given him three choices: stop holding up play and conduct himself properly, leave the course now or be met by some people with badges and handcuffs.
  5. Finally had a decent Tournament, despite 4-putting my first hole. 77 (6.5 differential). My handicap is almost as high as @Pretzel's, although I like to think I have earned it thru age, infirmity, and general poor play.
  6. Some mats hide imprecise strikes. Perhaps you need to practice on real grass? Or maybe it is performance anxiety; alone on a range you relax while on the course with a group you lose concentration? Others will have better advice. Keep plugging away at it and you will figure it out.
  7. Does your club accept "away" scores as long as someone signs the card? Or does every card require two member signatures? Are you using the GHIN system or a proprietary system for developing handicaps?
  8. As a follow up, still using the Hybrid 2.0. It works as well as the first time close to 2 years ago. Still two thumbs up.
  9. Yes, ultimately almost every "Tour" is going to be slower than a nice casual round. We either get used to it or stop playing organized competitive golf.
  10. @cutchemist42, thanks for reviving this thread. I don't recall ever posting it. 2+ years in, my unofficial handicap tracker has me at 9.2 and my Trend Index is 9.3. At least for me, I think I can state that solo rounds have no affect on my index. Equal opportunity choking, I guess. 😉
  11. Getting ready for the A2 Men's Championship, I suspect. I played my practice round today and you are right, it has been hot. I try to make my bag as light as possible. Stay in the shade. Drink water. Relax when the inevitable slow downs occur. You will be okay, we just needed to get some hot weather to get accustomed to the heat.
  12. I have played at Leslie Park for close to 35 years. There are some power lines the run down the side of the #2 and #3 holes. There is a Local Rule that striking the power lines requires a re-play, no penalty. Frankly, the power lines are nowhere near in play for even a marginally decent shot. They are along the left side and you are flirting with a lost ball if you end up under the lines. I have never seen or experienced a "hit power line". At any rate, I hooked a shot that was in play but in the rough to the left of #3. I hit a decent shot and darned if it did not strike the power lines. First time in 35+ years I have done it or even witnessed it. The shot actually turned out okay but I had to drop and re-hit. Sigh. The 2nd effort did not end up nearly as nice. Anyone else have a power line story?
  13. Same here, although someone in my group a few days ago said I came within inches of the same thing.
  14. Nicely done, young lady! Look out Dad, you may soon have someone vying for "Best Player in the Family"!
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