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  1. We will check back in a few weeks from now. Right now we are on for May 19. Course tbd. Start working on our games! If anyone has a strong preference or suggestion on the course, speak up.
  2. @JonMA1 @Braivo @dennyjones @tlazzol @Wally Fairway @iacas Who would be able to make a Friday, May 19, date? Figure late morning to allow some travel time? One of the group is working on compiling some courses and cost estimates but if we tentatively pick a date we can work the day into our calendars.
  3. I can echo what others have said. All true and on point. I would add that often competitions involve 4-balls. So literally the entire course has groups of 4 spaced 8-10 minutes apart. There are no 2-balls or a couple unused tee time slots to make the snake move a bit faster at times. Also, there often is no "playing through" so if the 3rd group off in the morning is slothful, everyone following moves at that group's pace. What about slow play penalties? If the PGA Tour can't figure it out, don't expect many events at the club level to successfully implement a pace of play policy. So, yes, expect competitions to be slow and at all costs avoid following a competition.
  4. This time of year conditions change rapidly. This was taken Friday morning. I played 18 holes on Sunday. Northern tier golfers take heart!
  5. If the range at the par 3 course is nice, and you are somewhat just starting to learn how to play golf, I recommend the par 3. With the $200 you save, you can make a few trips to Scott Woods Links. Proximity is my big thing. You want to use the facility selected on a regular basis. For me, driving an hour each way to the bigger course would potentially keep me from playing as often as I would like. The other factor I would consider is the level of use from other players. A membership at a course and/or range where one always has to wait for a spot is no good. Ultimately, there is no poor choice as long as you use the membership.
  6. Handicap posting season is 10 days away for the Soggy Mitten. Now begins the battle to keep the index under 10.0. Of course, for some of the Candidates, this is not a real concern. Those of us close to the cut line, however, understand a bad several weeks on the course can wreak havoc with our "cap". Good luck to my fellow 8.0 to 12.0 cappers! Play well ... and often!
  7. Yesterday there were very few patches of snow remaining on the course. Soggy as hell and it will take some dry weather and warm breezes to make things a bit more playable.
  8. @tlazzol @Braivo @Wally Fairway@JonMA1 @dennyjones @iacas We have not had a very cooperative March. I think we should aim for a day in May. It looks like the consensus is that a course in the Lansing area would work for most/all of us. If anyone has a better suggestion for a location/area, post a reply. I think some time during the week rather than a weekend is best but then I only work a bit now. Others may have a problem with work schedules. If you need to have the "outing" on a weekend, post a reply. We need to be flexible to get the best turnout. Once we get a sense that Lansing and a week day (or weekend) in May works for a majority, we can hone in on a course and exact day. I have never tried to set something like this up so anyone with more experience, I will gladly turn over the reins to a more experienced planner. Let's make sure we get this done & scheduled.
  9. Ha! When I first saw "Rutland" I thought we had someone from Vermont, USA. It is a small city in central Vermont and our family had a ski house a bit north of Rutland.
  10. Interesting. Sunday we teed off at around 12:30. Our group of 4 walked 18 in a decent time and never waited on anyone. Of course, we were slowed up a bit when our balls would bury in a patch of remaining snow. Hard to find those suckers even if orange or yellow. WeatherUnderground says we got up to 39 degrees (f) but it felt a lot nicer. 6 hours in the sun & warmth doesn't sound too bad right now but a steady diet of that would turn me off.
  11. Not bad for a first go around. Does your phone/camera have a timer? I found that helpful to limit the amount of "walking" I had to edit. I found the video added 20 years to my age. Some find it adds weight.
  12. Built a snowman yesterday. Hopefully the last of the year. I typically include a golf theme using an old golf bag, clubs, hats, etc...
  13. Nice find @JetFan1983. Dan has been a bit of a jerk in not writing a closing to his "plan". He said he was going to the store for some milk, walked out the front door and never came back.
  14. Take out the umbrella (whether raining or not). Stand behind him to line him up (like the LPGA)
  15. @Pretzel ... "old farts"!!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha! I hope you get the opportunity to kick some of our old fart's butts. Well done.