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  1. Yes, shopping around pays off. Calling a course almost always yields a similar or better result than relying on the website or GolfNow (Hot Deals excepted). i was told by a course manager that GolfNow gets 100% of the Hot Deal green fee. That is the payment they get for running the booking operation. I decided to not sign up for Hot Deals and call courses more often.
  2. The USGA states in their guide to setting up a tournament course: "An area two to three feet in radius around the hole should be as nearly level as possible and of uniform grade. In no case should holes be located in tricky places or on sharp slopes where a ball can gather speed. A player above the hole should be able to stop the ball at the hole." Of course, this guide is for tournaments but it seems reasonable to expect day-to-day play to generally meet these parameters. Unfortunately, courses don't always practice what the USGA preaches. Some older greens have slopes that approach unplayable condition when the green speeds are increased to modern standards. Unfortunately, no course wants to tell everyone, "Our greens are rolling at a 6 on the Stimp Meter!!" When I play, I expect some hole locations to be very challenging and some less. A two putt should never be automatic on every green. I am not, however, a masochist. If a course insists on setting the hole locations in extreme positions or brings the green's speed beyond what the design can accommodate, I am with you, vote with your feet and find another place to play.
  3. Good playing after a very long break.
  4. There are some players with low handicaps who rarely post scores. For them, the only reason to have a handicap is to qualify for tournament handicap cut-offs. To attempt to qualify for the US Amateur one needs an index of 2.4 or less. A true +1 doesn't really care whether his handicap is +1 or 2.1 since he virtually never plays anything but scratch. Then there are players who selectively post in order to qualify. I know in talking to one such vanity handicapper, his motivation was to play qualifiers at relatively exclusive venues. He knew he did not belong. All he wanted was access to the qualifying sites. These players become painfully obvious once play begins. The USGA and various State organizations do try to limit these player's ability to enter their events (e.g. the USGA's "letter"). If the event is low enough on the totem pole, like the Michigan Senior Match Play Championship, the Association is generally fine with these "field fillers" paying $100+ to be eliminated before the Match Play stage. I feel sorry for the good players paired with these poseurs.
  5. I was told decades ago that most people take 6-12 months for their "muscle memory" to imprint a significant change. One will see positive results immediately but inconsistently. I do not know how that stacks up with current research.
  6. We breed our golfers tough (and liberal) in Ann Arbor!!
  7. Why did I start playing golf or why do I continue to play? I'll answer the 2nd question. Golf allows me to hang out with friends while participating in a fun endeavor. If my friends are unavailable, I can play alone or meet some new people. So many sports require a team or opponent. Golf plays against the course much of the time. Here in the Mitten, we can play almost year round. It is interesting to experience the seasons and seasonal changes to the courses. For someone closing in on 68, golf offers a mild workout while walking 18. While I enjoy tennis and skiing, the stress on the body and risk of injury is a lot less playing golf.
  8. I had kicked it around a bit on the front nine when I hit my tee shot on #9 up the right side, which is a problem since a large tree blocks most or all of the green, depending on how far right one is. If I could hit a slight fade on my 2nd, I could catch some of the green but I hit it straight and into a green side bunker. I have struggled with bunker shots for some time. I used to say I was competent and expected to get it on the green and save 25% or so. No longer. Now it is an adventure. For this day, however, I turned back the clock. Hit it to 3 feet and made the par. Made the turn with a 40 and played +1 (37) on the back. Who is afraid of the sand!!! ... okay, maybe me still a bit.
  9. I will try to find this reference. Clearly, if a reasonable solution has been created, few seem to be paying attention.
  10. I am so happy for you
  11. @Chris Stewart, I am happy it went well. Sometimes you might consider playing a two-person scramble with him instead of your own balls. It keeps things moving and you hit from the same area all the time rather than bouncing around. I did this with the grandkids so we wouldn't hold up groups behind us.
  12. In the Mitten, I think we have come back to as close to "normal" as can be done until a vaccine is created. We played Tuesday. Four of us, not from the same household, rode in two carts. The holes were standard, there was no "rule" against removing the flagstick AND there were rakes in the bunkers. We are required to wear masks inside the clubhouse but the public restrooms were open. I did not check on the snack bar/restaurant but by Governor's decree, food establishments can operate under some restrictions. A beverage cart was operating. Many courses are back to 8 minute splits, a few are 10 minutes but none are longer than 10 minutes. So far I only ride in a cart with one individual, a good friend. All my other rounds are walking or solo cart. I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask during all rounds. We still do not shake hands or knowingly stand close together but the 6 foot "barrier" is crumbling.
  13. @StuM, I think you did everything correctly, including asking to pair up. And I agree that Group A should have teed off and then invited Group B to proceed. Par 3 holes do work well for playing through but some slow groups use that "rule" to keep faster groups slogging behind them for a long time. The time to allow a faster group through is when a slow group stops keeping pace with the group in front, not five holes later when a par 3 occurs. Sadly, the ultimate answer is Group A needs to get moving and keep pace. Playing through is not a cure, just a bandage.
  14. At what point does the "unusual" become the "usual"? Get used to being a "4" and update your "Profile" index! 😉
  15. 1. I play from too far back according to the chart. I carry my driver around 200 yards on a decent hit. The chart indicates 5,600 and I rarely play less than 6,000. 2. Using the chart, 50-70 percent of players are on tees that are too long. i agree without the idea of teeing it forward. Since I can still score decently from the tees I currently play, I plan to stay put for now.
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