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  1. What tee time service do you use?

    I suggest you go to a range and continue to hit balls. Going to a course in NYC might be a bit stressful and leave a negative cloud over your return to golf. A range will allow you to see a bit more of the ball flight than a back yard net, I suspect.
  2. Monthly Award Winners Thread

    Well deserved recognition to @billchao and @RandallT. Continue the fine work, men.
  3. Favorite Team Game

    Fresh off the Newport Cup, one has a new or renewed appreciation of team golf and team games. So what does everyone prefer? And if you rarely or never play a team game, what seems like the most interesting and fun format? I think alternate shot is the ultimate team game. You and your partner are totally dependent upon each other. It was especially fun for me on the 2nd day when @cipher and I managed to claw our way to a tie (1.5 to 1.5) in the foursomes match. Each of us had some obvious weaknesses but we used our relative strengths to cobble together a game that salvaged a tie. Before we teed off we apologized for all the bad shots we were going to hit and then never said "sorry" after that, we just tried to "make lemonade out of lemons."
  4. Well said and I echo the thanks to @RandallT. How many miles did you put on your cart??
  5. I initially felt that the Yellow Ball idea added an unneeded element to the competition. After some further contemplation, I have changed my mind. The yellow ball was just another strategic challenge that one could use to advantage or miss. It was similar to the "Property Line" rule. Some players used that option to save a stroke or hole, Others (like me and my popgun driver) got -0- benefit from the local rule. In the future I have to believe @iacas will introduce further wrinkles and all the 2019 Newport Cuppers will need to be ready.
  6. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    Check out @phillyk's video on@PitchfixUSA . We might have a future media superstar among us. Post #205)
  7. Gentlemen to the end, Red Teammates, @Golfingdad and @Pretzel gave the old Blue guy a ride to Raleigh-Durham Airport this morning. Just chillin' now until the flight is ready to board. The Newport Cup was a great experience with a wonderful group of people.
  8. After 72 holes of competitive golf in 2 days, this Medicare recipient is looking forward to just playing a mere 18 tomorrow.
  9. I needed a shovel to get the ball out. @DaveP043 saved his partner's bacon with a routine 2 putt par on the 215 yard par 3.
  10. Would you rather...

    I am with everyone else. Beyond the money, invite next year, and all, I want to be in the "mix", even if it means heartbreak. Give me a chance to crash & burn or win on the last hole.
  11. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    We have all seen the dirt plug left from a badly repaired pitch mark. At times,when I am excavating an old, poorly repaired mark, I wonder if I am going beyond "repair" and breaching the Rules. Up to this point I have not worried about it and just dig out the dirt plug, tug the turf together and move on. Education is the key here. The more golfers that understand the proper technique, the better the results. Keep spreading the word!
  12. Public Transit Thread

    Just back from Italy. We traveled via train from Naples to Rome's Termini Station. 150 miles in a little over an hour. Got off the train, walked over to the express train to the airport, which took about 35 minutes. The entire trip was less than 2 hours and cost $40 per person. Yes, they have pop-up strikes that can throw a wrench into one's travel machinery but my experience has always been great.
  13. Strangest person you've played with

    I can offer up two: A friend and I joined another 2-ball on the first tee. Introductions were made and then it was time to play. The first one in the pair we joined hit a decent shot. Now it was the other guy's turn. He stood behind the ball and started to take tiny steps back and forth while extending and pulling in his club. He slowly shuffled in an arc until he was addressing his ball, all the while "tippy tapping" with his feet and extending and drawing in his club. My friend and I looked at each other and then this guy's buddy. Was this a joke? The buddy was just standing there like this was normal. Eventually the guy paused in his "tippy tap" routine and hit a decent tee ball. He did this on every shot, other than putting. This entire routine took a fair amount of time and it must have been "normal" for him because his buddy never indicated that he saw anything out of the ordinary. He played well but I had to try hard not to laugh as he went into his dance. I have never seen anything else even close to this bizarre "pre-shot routine." The other encounter involved a gentleman from Lake Charles, LA. He was not strange but his circumstances were certainly unique. He was in Ann Arbor undergoing rehabilitation at the University of Michigan Hospital. He had suffered a severe stroke and had aphasia. Physically he was in decent shape but, as he explained to me, he needed to re-learn a lot of his language skills. As we played he would point to something, like a ball washer, and ask me what it was called. He knew how to use it, just not the name of the item. We played nine together and it was definitely one of the more interesting golf sessions I have had. I could also talk about playing golf with @JonMA1 and @dennyjones, but what goes on in Lansing, stays in Lansing.
  14. Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, MI

    No clubs (so far) but it might be easy finding a few of my former golf balls.
  15. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I would be surprised if you let me putt a meaningless putt that might help my team win the hole.

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