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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    As many in the North Central part of the USA, we had a single Spring day. I joked with my wife that I was going to tee it up at our City's executive course, Huron Hills. I imagine a few hardy fools gave it a go as the snow cover was mostly gone for a day. Sigh, I had to settle for walking our muni purely for a bit of fresh air.
  2. Where and when was your last Michigan round? And when do you predict you will tee it up (outside!!) for the first time in 2018? I played 18 at Fox Hills ("Classic - Lakes & Woodlands") on December 1. Saturday & Sunday of that week were very nice but I did yard work. As to 2018, I think it will be March 15, probably at Fox Hills because they are open year round, weather permitting. In 2017 it was January 1 (at Fox Hills). I am just an old pessimist and can't imagine we will have another mild winter in 2018.
  3. The Best Golf Courses in Michigan

    Only 5 and most were quite some time ago (like Oakland Hills - South). I need to get out and visit some of the "list" that are public. As to whether the list is "accurate", every course listed has made some list that I have seen. Ultimately, it is extremely subjective and for that reason I really dislike these types of lists,
  4. How many?

    33 is outstanding as far as variety. My count was 28 in Michigan for 2017.
  5. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    The proposed 2019 Rules have "intent" four times. Is there a consensus as to the number of times in the current Rules the word "intent" is used? I searched the current Rules for "intent" and most of the resulting 33 listings where for the word "intention" (e.g. the competitor declared his intention to lift ....). Anyone have a count for the current use of intent?
  6. Lodging Quality: 4 Value: 5 Location: 5 Talamore Golf Course Quality: 5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 4 Layout: 5 MidSouth Golf Club Quality: 5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 4 Layout: 4 The Villas at Talamore: We stayed in a 3-bedroom unit. Each bedroom had two beds, windows to the outside, and three full bathrooms (one of which was “en suite” as they say in the decorating business). My previous experience in staying in a condo or private unit has been that one bedroom typically is clearly superior and the other bedrooms range from okay to pretty limited (i.e. bunk beds or a trundle bed set-up). At “The Villas” each bedroom was good-sized, had two double or queen-sized beds and decent closet space. The bathrooms were nice with good water pressure. The kitchen would have allowed the cooking of meals but we only used the refrigerator and coffee maker. There was a decent sized living room/dining room with a large screen TV and a table that sat 6. I thought the unit was nice and fit our needs perfectly. A great extra here is the pavilion. It has covered seating for 50+ people each side with a central divider. The divider has gas fireplaces, big-screen TV's and gas grills. We took advantage of the complimentary Thursday night roasted pig cookout that included barbecue beans, slaw, and potato salad. It also served as place for the teams to get together Saturday night after the competition and renew our friendships. Breakfast was included each morning at the Talamore clubhouse. The food is decent and similar to what one might get at a nice hotel that serves “free” breakfasts. Talamore Golf Course: My understanding is the course recently was changed substantially with the removal of bunkers, addition of a small number of deep sod-faced bunkers (one of which I famously drilled three inches into the sod facing), and the replacement of the greens with Champion Bermuda. Since I never played the original, I can’t make a comparison but the “new” course is very solid. The real estate that borders some holes rarely comes into play, other than for an extremely wayward shot. There are a reasonable variety in hole lengths with doglegs both left and right. The terrain is very rolling so many shots are up or downhill. Condition of the course was very good. They had over-seeded with rye recently so they were watering a little more than usual, which added to the length. The greens were fast, smooth and very firm. An approach a few feet short would stick on the soft over-seeded turf while a ball landing on the green tended to release. I enjoyed Talamore more, which is the minority opinion. MidSouth Golf Club: MidSouth also had a significant renovation earlier this year. The major change was that the greens were replaced with Champion Bermuda. The designer, Arnold Palmer, likes big risk/reward holes that often set-up heroic shots. This is especially the case with the 9th and 18th holes. Both require carries over water and have large greens in front of the clubhouse (gulp!). As with Talamore, there are varying hole lengths and doglegs on terrain that is very rolling. Conditions were very similar to Talamore with soft fairways and surprisingly excellent putting surfaces considering the short grow-in period.
  7. Ratings (out of 5): Hat Quality: 5 Value: N/A Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Shirts Quality: 5 Value: N/A Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Pants and Shorts Quality: 5 Value: N/A Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 On the tags Ping says “Engineered to play.” While it is a snappy slogan, it also is spot on as to the comfort and fit of all the clothing provided. Hat: The Ping Fairway Cap we received is an adjustable hat with a leather strap on the back. The headgear was comfortable and easily adjusted to my smaller head size. It is lightweight and breathable. The logo has an understated look to it which I appreciate; I don’t mind being a billboard, just not a really large billboard. Shirts: We received three (3) shirts from Ping: Newman, Lincoln and Karsten. All three fit me well. I tend to take a “Small” from some manufacturers but the Ping’s were “Medium.” I think Ping sizes run a bit smaller, which worked out great. The dark colors are perfect for me. I use a fair amount of sun screen and lighter colors tend to stain in the collar area. Dark colors tend to not show the stain. All the shirts had excellent fit & finish one expects from a high quality company. Pants/Shorts: As part of our gifts/uniform we received the Ping golf slacks. The slacks were Lennox and the shorts Blakely. The slacks fit well except for the length. I have very short legs and it is difficult to obtain short inseams (28-29 inches). As an interim measure, I just folded the ends upward into the pant legs, which worked well. My wonderful seamstress wife has since permanently hemmed them. The look and feel of the slacks is great. The waist was perfectly sized. I think Ping was going a bit for the “skinny look” but for me the legs/thighs were not tight or restrictive. While not a fan of “skinny” styles, these slacks do not overdue the “skinny” part. The shorts were perfectly sized. I was a bit concerned that the length might make me look like an “NBA wanna be” with the shorts down to mid-calf. My concern was groundless as the shorts fit me well and stopped right around the knee cap. They were light and comfortable; as fine a pair of shorts as I have ever owned, and I have owned a few. All in all, Ping did a wonderful job of outfitting both teams. We all looked very sharp.
  8. Reviews - Mission Canvas Belts

    The Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 A standard belt has 3/4 to 1 inch between the belt "holes". Frankly, at times when I have lost or gained a bit of weight, cinching up a standard belt to a comfortable position is impossible. Mission Bets have no "holes" and adjust to whatever size my growing (or hopefully shrinking) waistline requires. These are excellent! Standard Belt
  9. Reviews - Snell My Tour Ball

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 My swing speed and inconsistency is not going to properly test "tour" balls. That being said, the Snell MTB is a high quality ball that works for every level of golf ability. It is a real pleasure to roll a new one out of the package at the beginning of a round. It has a "sticky" feel and pure white cover. The price available as a direct to consumer sale are outstanding. I have continued to play the MTB upon my return to muddy Michigan. The ball holds up extremely well in some pretty crappy conditions.
  10. Reviews - TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 (I did not purchase the shoes) Comfort: 5 Durability: ? (It has been very muddy/wet so I have been wearing an older pair of a competitor's shoes) My first impression was "these are much too tight" and I was considering switching to a thinner pair of socks. @iacas suggested I wait a bit since the inner sole would tend to conform to my foot and I should "sink into" the shoe. That is exactly what happened and these shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes I have worn in over 50+ years of playing. The poorly taken photo below is my attempt to show the inner sole compressing. I look forward to wearing these great shoes down in TX this winter. My feet feel better just thinking about slipping these on.
  11. Reviews - Frogger Golf Accessories

    Ratings (out of 5): Latch-It System Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Innovation: 5 The Gear (Towel) Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 I am a walker. My prior towel arrangement was unsatisfactory. When the bag was set on the ground, the towel would lay on the grass. It also would get hung up on my double strap and stand legs. Detaching the towel was difficult and, finally, the towel required several applications of water to remain damp during a round. The Latch-It System and Frogger towel solved all my issues. The Latch-It System allows me to attach the towel in a position that does not drag on the ground or interfere with the double straps and stand legs. The towel stays damp for the entire round and the ingenious magnet/latch system both allows me to easily detach the towel as well as secure the towel when not in use.
  12. Ratings (out of 5): Hybrid 2.0 Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Fusion 2.5 Have not used it sufficiently to review Hat Clip Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 3 https://www.pitchfixusa.com The hat clip ball marker has been a welcome addition. No more fumbling in my pocket for my mark. As to the pitch mark repair tools, I will readily admit I am pretty old school, as well as being just plain old. I have used the same pitch mark repair tool for 20+ years. Well, guess what I lost a while back. Yep, the ancient tool is lying somewhere on a Michigan golf course, slowly rusting away. Fortunately, we were outfitted with the latest and greatest tools from Pitch Fix USA. As a fan of "Westside Story" I love the switchblade process of opening the tool ... "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way ...." The extra length of the tool makes repairs easy peasy - no effort required. Once I have tugged the mark together and patted the turf with my putter, it is often impossible to see where the mark was located.
  13. Product Name: Lateral Hazard Product Type: Book - Novel Product Website/URL: https://davesaari.com/purchase-books/ Cost: $2.99 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 4.0 Value: 4.0 My Member Review David Saari’s Lateral Hazard is not a golf book but rather a murder mystery with a golf setting. Aspiring tour pro, Samantha “Sam” Williamson takes a job at the fictional Snake River Golf Club (MN) and soon finds herself in the center of a murder mystery involving around her step mother. From there the story takes a number of twists and turns which keeps the reader in the dark until the conclusion. Lateral Hazard is an easy and pleasant read. There is enough golf-related material to show David can find his way around a golf course yet non-golfers will find the story does not require an intimate knowledge of the game to enjoy the book. The story is fast-paced and the opening chapter jumps right into the crime. As the investigation ensues, the various characters are introduced to the reader and one quickly realizes this is no ordinary murder. Eventually, "Sam" and her club pro partner must become involved to move the investigation along. As a casual read, I can recommend Lateral Hazard to TST. Mr. Saari has two previous novels but unlike some authors, there is no back story that requires one to read the older books.
  14. What tee time service do you use?

    I suggest you go to a range and continue to hit balls. Going to a course in NYC might be a bit stressful and leave a negative cloud over your return to golf. A range will allow you to see a bit more of the ball flight than a back yard net, I suspect.
  15. Monthly Award Winners Thread

    Well deserved recognition to @billchao and @RandallT. Continue the fine work, men.

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