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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I recall I holed out from there for a birdie, or at least that is what I tell the grandkids.
  2. No, It is a mixed bag in the SE corner of the Mitten [@dennyjones lives more north than I]. Some courses have adjustments to the hole while at the end of 2020, there were courses without any adjustments. Some courses now have rakes with the bunkers but not all. No ball washers. No drinking water. Most courses require 2 players per cart or a maximum of 2 carts per tee time. Masks mandatory in the clubhouse. No on-course beverages or food but some places allow inside dining/drinking as well as outside. Carts are sanitized to varying degrees after use. The number of rounds played con
  3. 1, 2, 4. I am old and financially set.. Gathering experiences is more important than acquiring "stuff". It would be fun giving the Masters tickets to friends and relatives (assuming ANGC doesn't go overboard enforcing their policy of only the owner/patron using the tickets). Nice topic @nevets88. 👍
  4. I have "played" three times so far. I put play in quotes as my game is terrible, even by rusty beginning of the year standards. My medical issues seem to have messed with my swing more than anticipated. At any rate, Whispering Willows, Golden Fox and Leslie Park were in great shape for March. We may give it another try at a Metro Park before the end of the month..
  5. Your focus is on the economic issue of business restrictions and closures, also the restrictions and closures of educational organizations. You do support mandating masks, correct? (Edit: I did not see your most recent reply. Good, we agree on that) On the education front, it does seem like we have gone too far in Michigan with the elimination of children attending school in-person. Anecdotally, a number of local private schools (religious and non-religious) have successfully navigated the pandemic with in-person schooling. It is especially worrisome for the younger kids missing an en
  6. I believe most pace-of-play discussions should assume a reasonably full course with foursomes. The first group of the day should finish in 4 hours or less, walking or riding, and every following group should finish in a similar time period. If a gap occurs during a round for more than 1-2 holes, that group is too slow. That group should both allow faster groups through AND change their playing process to play quicker. Allowing groups to play through is just a bandage. Foursomes that are unable or unwilling to keep pace with the leading group have to be corrected (skip holes, restricted te
  7. Thanks @DeadMan for an interesting topic. Also, @Darkfrog, that is an good observation about "regular" courses and the forward tee distances. I voted "Too Hard" but I see merit in the idea "too long" is more appropriate than "too hard."
  8. Thanks. I saw the deal and KNEW you would remind me! 😉
  9. Getting vaccinated against COVID may increase one's chances of playing golf into old age. So how does someone get vaccinated? My advice is to get on as many "lists" as possible. If you have a primary care physician who is part of a larger health group (e.g. St. Joseph/IHA or Beaumont), sign up for their online portal. Also sign up with your County Health Department if they are participating in vaccinations. If you work in another county, sign up with their Health Department, too. Sign up for Rite Aid, Meijers and Kroger. In Wayne County, I understand volunteers at the large vaccinat
  10. Our foursome plays 2-person teams which change every 6 holes. Best ball. High net ball loses a team point and low net ball wins a team point.. We typically give the less skilled players (me and Marty) a stroke on the hardest hole of the 6.
  11. A heart attack or stroke would seem to be likely. Of course, he might not have been a swimmer. What I wonder about is this: "Hermilo Jazmines of Lutz, Florida, was playing golf with a friend"
  12. I like the idea of 2 person teams. You can re-shuffle the teams each day. Day 1: 2 man net best ball Day 2: 2 man net Alternate Shot (if you want, you can modify it with each teeing off, selecting the bet drive and alternating from there. Or go with straight alternate) Day 3: 2 man net scramble.
  13. You are getting close to my area. Cascades, Calderone and Grande are all nice courses. I am not sure the Grande allows walking. I think their rates include the cart but maybe you can walk and just pay for the cart. Cascades is a good walking course. Calderone is a bit more of a chore with some distance between tee and next green.
  14. Thanks, @ncates00, for a light discussion item during the Mitten's recess from golf. At 68, I continue with the dated collared shirt, plain shorts/pants, USGA hat "look". Fashion has passed me by. If I attempted to wear what Ricky Fowler and others wear, I suspect I would look a bit ridiculous. I don't miss the old look, it never left as far as I am concerned.
  15. Yes, the day did remind me that Spring would be coming. Maybe we will be lucky and play in March.
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