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  1. diet/exercise advice!

    For myself I found that if I only drink water during the weekdays I eat almost whatever I want and I don't have much weight gain. I do run 20 miles a week and I don't eat a ton. If I drink those extra calories I put on some pounds.
  2. I am going to coontinue to play lefty. Too late for me to switch. Unfortunately the closest place to get fitted is 2hrs away and they never have a reasonable selection for lefties. I did go get fitted at a demo day and found some adams irons I wanted but the $1100 was a bit stiff for my duffing. The calloway preowned seems like a great deal.
  3. I am a right handed person who has the curse of having a left handed father. I am to this day (I'm 34) using his hand me downs. I have a set of hollow back Warrior clubs with oversized grips that are probably 8 years old. Unfortunately since I golf lefty and live in a town where the only store that has golf equipment is Dick's I don't have the luxury of actually trying out clubs before I buy them. I know I am better off spending money on lessons and spending time practicing putting and chipping but that's not going to happen. I shoot 80 to 90 in most tournaments I play. 6 foot tall, 175 lbs, medium athletic build. Driver is the R11s, stiff shaft. I hit 285-295 ish. My 6 iron I hit about 175 My PW goes about 130 Help me buy some big boy clubs! **If it makes any difference, the ground on most of the courses I play on during the summer and the one I belong to get very dry and burnt.