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  1. What shafts should i get

    are your woods new or are they a few years old? honestly, the way they come out with new equipment every year, if your stuff is more than a few years old id recommend just going out and buying new woods. you can get last year's models are a reduced rate. its going to cost you probably around $100 per wood (give or take) to re-grip and re-shaft. if you really want to just get your current clubs re-shafted, you should go get properly fitted somewhere. may cost you a bit more but at least you know you are getting the right stuff. it is hard to play the guessing game
  2. hey, thanks for the feedback. i ended up getting fitted for Callaway X Hot PRO irons this weekend. got an extra half inch, 2 degrees upright lie, and slightly larger grips. These are the less bulky version of the X hot, yet not the forged blade style callaways. I myself never really liked callaway irons due to their large head size but these are indeed some sleek clubs i tried out the titleist ap1 but they felt slightly bulkier and they are like $200 more. I did actually see your mizuno H-4's, they were a nice looking club but unfortunately they dont make them in LH
  3. Please Help! Can't Find Anywhere

    did you try EBAY? thats probably the only place you would find those clubs. they are old
  4. Help Me Finish My Bag

    i would recommend a hybrid/utility wood in the 19-21 degree range. something that you can hit around 200-220 if your irons are not there. also another wedge (depending upon what degree your 'AW' is) as far as putters go, i think its crucial to get a style/type that you are comfortable and put well with. there is basically no technology in putters so get something you put well with. you can go to Dicks or Sports authority and putt around all day sampling the different styles.
  5. hey Superfly, i didnt realize that you dont carry a 3 or 4 iron....i see what you are going for now. if you cant hit a 4 iron it might make sense to add another hybrid. i personally prefer to hit a 4 iron from the fairway from 210yds and be short, rather than hit my 21 degree hybrid because i might crush it and be long, or im just flat our less accurate with it. my 4 iron gives me a greater % to be online with the hole, even if im a few yards short, ill take it

    i recently picked up last years RBZ 3 wood for $180...the new ones are $250 i believe. So i think there is good value there. I was recently at a golf shop (Golfdom) and the pro there was boasting about the new callaway X hot. he said he got invited out to carlsbad, ca where callaway has their headquarters and was demo-ing all their new clubs. He claims its the best fairway this season . keep in mind hes a +1 so he can hit anything, and he basically gets paid by callaway to push their clubs my buddy tested it in the virtual room however, and hes only about 5'9 and was crushing a 3 wood about 260...so i think its fair to say its a good club. he ended up buying it. we haven't played this season yet since its still cold in the DC area, so i havent seen it on a live course these would be my 2 recommendations
  7. i would recommend craigslist, and also ebay. I recently sold a scotty cameron putter on ebay and had a pleasant experience with it.
  8. i personally would go with another hybrid. i am 30, and i was against hybrids until 2 seasons ago a guy fitted me for a taylormade 21 degree rescue with a steel shaft. it sounds like you are a good repetoire of woods already, maybe consider adding a wedge to your bag if you have room for an extra club i just think woods are hard to hit off the fairway, my personal opinion is that most of the courses i play are around 6300-6700 yards, so unless you are playing longer courses, or trying to reach par 5's in 2 shots, i dont think adding an extra wood is really going to move the needle. plus, why spend $250 or so on a club that realistically you are only going to use about 3 times per round i dont think there's a huge need to bridge the gap between your 3 wood & 21 hybrid. it's only 6 degrees right? you might be over-thinking it
  9. hey guys, I'm new to the forum as a member but have spent some time reading on it over the past few months. I was looking for anyone's 2 cents on possibly selecting a set of new irons I currently play with 2005 Taylormade Rac LT irons which i have been using for 7 yrs now. From what i can tell, these are a mid size, semi cavity iron. I like the look & feel of them. I've never been a big fan of the big bulky cavity backs, and I'm also a decent enough player to where I can play something slightly smaller. However, a pro club fitter told me once that the stock size shafts were 3/4 inch too short for my 6'3 frame. So basically my 2 options are to get these extended or reshafted & regripped. (cost is about $200-300) Or do i go get a new set for $800-1000? I always seem to see people saying that iron technology hasn't changed much. If i decide to get a new set, what are some similar style irons to the Rac LT's i currently have? My buddy recently got some ping g25's and i personally find them on the bulkier large cavity side. I have gone to a few stores to window shop and the ones that i seem to like are: Callaway X pro Callaway X forged Mizuno MP59 (ive always like the look of mizuno's but im lefty and they only make a few models in LH, this being one of them) Titleist AP2 Titleist CB I obviously wouldn't want to get a set of clubs are too hard to hit, thats my main concern. I'm a decent golfer (when im playing well im in the 83-88 range, ive never broken 80) I have good hand eye coordination from my baseball days so i feel like i am a decent ball striker. Any thoughts, please share. Thanks!