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  1. 160 yard up hill shot blind pin location, hit a 7 iron draw to two inches
  2. So are the 1 and 2 pretty much exact same except for the line?
  3. I'm not familiar with the Scotty's but I really like the Newport 1 but am wondering if there is the same shape but with a t bar alignment?
  4. I don't really know my distances with my 3 wood, I don't have a 4 iron either and I hit my 5 180 so I'm kinda looking to fill that gap. My 5 is 23* the 4H is 21* and I seem to hit it very far at a golf store, would this change anything considering I jump from a 5 to a 3 wood?
  5. Alright thanks for the responses!
  6. I have a tournament tomorrow and I am a little sick, if I take Tylenol will it have an effect on my game?
  7. Totally agree holing putts is a lot of fun and I don't really notice the feel when I make a good putt, I just focus on the speed and line, maybe I'm over thinking it?
  8. Well I found a odyssey #9 on Craigslist for 40 good condition, going to get it. If I don't like it it's not like it's going to be a huge loss
  9. I'm not saying it's harder but I compare my spider and the odyssey side by side and I tended to pull/push more putts than I would with my spider
  10. When I talk about feel Im talking about the sound and the actual feel in the hands when the face insert hits the ball. I am currently using the spider ghost, I really enjoy the technology on getting the face more square at impact, it has helped tremendously 4-8 footers are no problem. The feel however is horrendous even when I use prov1's a very soft ball. I'm looking at an odyssey #9 as I understand this may not be as easy to get the face square at impact, but the feel is amazing, I also have very good distance control with it as I don't with my spider. (tried it at a local golf store) S
  11. Does practicing everyday have a large benefit or is it better to take a few days rest between practice sessions?
  12. keller19xc

    Bad round

    Just had the worst round of golf...EVER Help
  13. Thanks for the video, I make great contact with my pitches, just wondering how to play a pitch when the ball is propped up by rough very high
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