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  1. I am less than a year into the sport of golf and love it. I am almost 58 years young but am in pretty good shape. When I first started I found out in a hurry that golf will humble the strongest person in a hurry, so I studied and researched a lot of things out there, got some excellent advice from a good friend of mine who has played all his life. I now have collected a set of clubs (Ping G20's) which are GI clubs also got rid of the ideal of a 9.5* driver, have a G20 12* which is easy for me to hit and have the 4 and iron in the closet, which I replace them with an Adams A12os 3 and 4 hybrid
  2. As far as the right shafts go about the only way to tell is go to a fitter like a pro shop, one of two here will even let you bring your clubs and swing them on the track man and compare them to other clubs with a different shaft to see what suits you the most, good chance you may not even have to get something else. However be aware that a set of clubs that are fitted to your swing is not going to create a magic moment that everything gets so much better! That is a deception many have when they get a new set of club fitted for them, as said the swing is the most important part of the game, th
  3. Where will I find the 5 simple keys to read?
  4. Ok this is my first time posting here besides in the welcome section. So please be patient with me, I am 57 years young here and just started playing golf, however I have spent most of my time at the range because of no golfing friends yet. So here is the big problem, I was given advice on how to hit the ball and to practice on mats, I had gotten to where I could make some pretty nice shots and learned to hit the driver straight but now I have moved off the mats and on to grass at the range and my iron shots look like I am totally an idiot! Every now and again I get a clean shot off but not of
  5. Hello everyone I am new here and just started golfing last fall. I am 57 years young and have a lot to learn about this game, but I just love it. I work in the racing industry, work at Hendrick Motorsports in the engine department build cylinder heads for all our Sprint Cup teams and lease engine programs. I live in Gastonia,NC near Charlotte, I have Ping G20 irons, G20 driver and woods, Adams hybrids and Cleveland sand wedge, now if I can just learn to use all this! Planning on some lessons this spring here. I hope to play many years in this wonderful game, my only regret is that I started l
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