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  1. Originally Posted by WalkTheCourse

    After watching a lot of poor golfers on the course, and reading a lot of threads on this forum, I've discovered a lot of things that we novice/intermediate golfers do to "improve" our game, which are actually hurting us. And many of them stem from the innate desire to "man up."

    I've started the conversation with this list of common errors related to male chauvinism. I will gladly admit - at one time or another, I have been guilty of most of these crimes myself. But now that I've personally benefited from curbing my libido, none of this bothers me anymore.

    -Swinging way, way too hard.

    -Spending all your time on the range perfecting your big drive, and none perfecting your chipping and putting.

    -Dropping $500 on the latest driver, which will likely perform no better than a basic model.

    -Buying any driver with a loft that is way too low (I've seen a lot of novices with 9's in the bag)

    -Using a Pro-V1 when what you probably need is a decent 2-piece distance ball.

    -Buying stiff shafts when regulars are probably more appropriate for your swing speed.

    -Not wanting to convert lower irons to hybrids, because "hybrids are for wussies."

    I'm sure there's more. Please, add to this list with your own "Viagara" moments, or ones you've seen others commit.

    I am less than a year into the sport of golf and love it. I am almost 58 years young but am in pretty good shape.  When I first started I found out in a hurry that golf will humble the strongest person in a hurry, so I studied and researched a lot of things out there, got some excellent advice from a good friend of mine who has played all his life. I now have collected a set of clubs (Ping G20's) which are GI clubs also got rid of the ideal of a 9.5* driver, have a G20 12* which is easy for me to hit and have the 4 and iron in the closet, which I replace them with an Adams A12os 3 and 4 hybrids. It just makes the game so much more fun for me, I may not have the longest hits out there but I would rather be 200 yds down the middle of the fairway than 300 in the woods! Just my thoughts.

  2. Originally Posted by Eleven13

    Thanks for the replies everybody, I feel better about the clubs now. However, how do I know I have the "right" shafts? I just bought the clubs as they were, never changed the shafts, so is that something that I should look into?

    Also, I was unaware that there was both GI and SGI clubs, do you happen to know which kind my clubs would fall under? I would assume just standard GI since they are progressive offset, but I'm really not sure.

    Thanks again!

    As far as the right shafts go about the only way to tell is go to a fitter like a pro shop, one of two here will even let you bring your clubs and swing them on the track man and compare them to other clubs with a different shaft to see what suits you the most, good chance you may not even have to get something else. However be aware that a set of clubs that are fitted to your swing is not going to create a magic moment that everything gets so much better! That is a deception many have when they get a new set of club fitted for them, as said the swing is the most important part of the game, the indian not the arrow, not saying that a fitting doesn't benefit you as it will in the long run. Hope this makes sense, as far as your clubs goes I would say they are a SGI club which nothing is wrong with that as long as you are doing well with them. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Originally Posted by SloverUT

    It would be really hard to give you advice without seeing your swing.  I would suggest reading up on the 5 simple keys as a start and they will educate you on what is really important to make good impact with the ball.

    Common causes for hitting behind the ball and/or hitting fat is:

    1) Trying to scoop the ball up into the air by letting your wrists break down on the down swing.  You need to drive down on the ball and have a flat left wrist at impact.

    2) Not getting your weight forward and/or doing what is called a reverse pivot (leaning all your weight onto your right foot instead of pushing it forward onto the left) This would be reversed if you are left handed.

    Mats, unfortunately, do no favors when it comes to players who hit the ball fat.  Often the club hits the mat and is still able to make decent impact with the ball, even if you hit behind it.  And you are now seeing the effects of the less forgiving real grass.

    Where will I find the 5 simple keys to read?

  4. Ok this is my first time posting here besides in the welcome section. So please be patient with me, I am 57 years young here and just started playing golf, however I have spent most of my time at the range because of no golfing friends yet. So here is the big problem, I was given advice on how to hit the ball and to practice on mats, I had gotten to where I could make some pretty nice shots and learned to hit the driver straight but now I have moved off the mats and on to grass at the range and my iron shots look like I am totally an idiot! Every now and again I get a clean shot off but not often, I still hit the driver the same as it is on a tee. My irons it seems almost impossible to take a divot in front of the ball, seems like I am either topping it on hitting behind it. Ok can someone give me some simple advice here on this? Thanks in advance and btw I have fell in love with the game of golf.

  5. Hello everyone I am  new here and just started golfing last fall. I am 57 years young and have a lot to learn about this game, but I just love it. I work in the racing industry, work at Hendrick Motorsports in the engine department build cylinder heads for all our Sprint Cup teams and lease engine programs. I live in Gastonia,NC near Charlotte, I have Ping G20 irons, G20 driver and woods, Adams hybrids and Cleveland sand wedge, now if I can just learn to use all this! Planning on some lessons this spring here. I hope to play many years in this wonderful game, my only regret is that I started late in life. Thanks

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