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  1. I'll be 64 this year. I shot a 68 with 2 bogies. It was my best score in about 10 years. For the last month or so I have been using the Ping G400max with a Diamana red stiff with the G400max weight reduced 5 grams. I hit this driver straighter and longer than any driver I have ever used since I started playing 30 years ago. And I am loving my Spyder X Copper putter. The course was 5900 yards so not too long, a par 71.
  2. I am a 6 HDCP and a short hitter. 63 years old and 150 lbs. I never practice. My iron play and short game are good. My goal is to hit better drives and make more putts. I changed drivers from the Ping G30 to the Ping G400 Max. Then changed shafts from the Diamana Blue to an Oban Kiyoshi HB which I am hitting straighter and longer. I am using a new putter. The Odyssey O-Works 1W and have been making more putts. So far, so good and I am now practicing.
  3. I actually have a couple of sets 3-Pw if anyone is interested.
  4. Ping G400 max, Cobra fw woods, Callaway irons, Ping wedges, Odyssey putter. ping bag
  5. I'm a single digit hdcp and I use D,4,5,7,9 woods 5-pw,gap, and sw. I am a short hitter but I am a straight hitter. I can hit it longer than I do but I score better hitting it straight. I keep saying I will get hybrids to replace my 7 and 9 wood but I love these clubs. They have served me well over the years. Learn how to chip and pitch and know when to do each. That got me from the 80s to the 70s. And forget the lob wedge unless you hit the ball like a pro. And hit the 3 wood whenever you need to on par 4s. Remember, A good man knows his limitations...DH.
  6. You are on to something. Rhythm has a lot to do with setting a tempo. Rhythm is set by how far back you take the club. Everyone has their own rhythm and finding it can be difficult. Starting with half and three quarter swings is how I think it should be done. You may find you like the faster tempo with a 3/4 swing and by like I mean, you make the best contact for the best shot.
  7. I am 63 and still play X-14 irons. 5 thru sw. I've won quite a few local tournaments with them. They are hard to wear out. I sent them back to Callaway twice and they refurbish them to new. I played the x-12s for a few years before the 14s came out. 14s are better. I just picked up a mint set of Ping ISI Nickel irons 2 thru lob wedge. I really wanted to play them but they aren't x14s. Lol I do like the pitch and gap from the nickels though. I've had 3 holes in one with the Callaway's so I can't get rid of them. ha
  8. OK when I was 40 years old and had been playing for 6 years, I started casting and I couldn't stop doing it. I kept on playing for a whole year. The next year my swing returned and I never had the problem again. It was strange. I wanted to just quit but I couldn't so I played through it until it went away.
  9. I play the Titleist ProV1. It's one of the longest balls out there but that's not why I use it. I use it for the way it feels on my putter face. It feels like I can put a good roll on it. It just happens to bite with irons and drives well. I am a short hitter and a 5 HDCP age 63.
  10. I consider myself a good putter and I use a mallet style putter. I think it's good to try different putters until you find one that you feel good lining up your aim. Also finding one that feels good with the ball you use. Some putter faces are for harder balls and some work better with softer balls and I'm talking about the covers of the balls, not the core. I have found I like the Titleist prov1 and a plain face putter feels the best to me. I think the putters with the grooved faces work well with harder balls. Also, the weight of the putter is something I look at as well as the length. I have found if the putter is too heavy, I lose some feel. Too light and I lose feel. Once you find one you really like, try ones that are like that one. It never hurts to compare like putters. Right now I use Cleveland Smart Square mallet. It fits all of my criteria.
  11. And yea I know this is an old thread. So
  12. I'm thinking about getting some metal spikes. I think PIN makes metal spikes although they look like plastic. I'm lucky enough to own more than a couple of pairs of golf shoes so maybe I'll set up a pair with metal. They are always nice when standing on hardpan or softpan. I slipped a little yesterday standing on a bare spot that was a little soft.
  13. That's what I thought, you don't vote. So you know, Hillary will win and we are all screwed. So keep sitting on the sidelines pretending your too smart to be part of the system. I blame people like you for allowing losers like Obama to be President. Your such a snob
  14. I noticed a difference in distance. When the ground is dry I use prov1x balls because of the spin and short game. That said my theory is I don't have the swing speed to compress the provs and there's more side spin therefore less distance overall. So when it's wet which it has been in Cincinnati all summer, I use the callaway chrome soft. All I can say is they have not invented the perfect ball for me yet.
  15. Sounds like you just want a democrat in the office. Do you think anyone has a chance to beat Hillary, backed by virtually all blacks, Hispanics, union members and half the women in this country. Before Obama was elected in his first speech at the Democratic Convention for Clinton, he gave a speech about how Democrats and Republicans, black and white, should come together. It was bullshit and how have those lies worked out? These guys will say whatever it takes to win. it's politics. So do YOU think the left is the way to go or do YOU think the right is the way to go? If you think the right is the way to go, you will vote for the guy that's getting the most votes. If you think the left is the way to go, you try to convince everyone the most popular Republican is a nut without showing that you are on the left. Sounds like your the latter. And you continue the name calling because it makes you feel smarter. Maybe your the megalomaniac. IMO
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