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  1. I went from ping answer 79 to scotty Cali and quickly back to the ping with a new oversized Wynn grip.
  2. It's all about degrees, I go from 10.5 to 15,19,22,25,28,31,35,39,44,48,52,56,60
  3. From 95 to 105 I'm money with the 56 degree. The total nuts people!!
  4. I have a 60, 56, 52, 48 and a cobra 44 pitching wedge, I love wedges!!!
  5. Hey sorry been super busy with work lately, ill be free Sunday if you want to play or any day afterward.
  6. 285 yard drive, 275 to an island green, hit driver again and stuck it about 10 feet from pin.
  7. John daly said when growing up if you didn't curse or break your clubs you didn't care enough about the game. Great minds think alike. I snapped my RBZ driver and Nike 3 wood in half in one round last year. Expensive lesson but it felt good.
  8. I have all cobra t-rail baffler hybrids and love them. 19,22 25, 28,and 31degree .
  9. I think I'd be rude if I were a pro, stuff gets old after a while. Fans are so demanding and want you to jump through hoops. People never can put them selfs in the shoes of others.
  10. Finally the cold weather leaves after this Saturday for my Kentucky peeps :)
  11. Let me know when you want to play a round when this snow leaves and we can chat about the number 1 recruiting class of all time.
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