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  1. I've benn gaming my Edels for a year now. I'm not sure they're any shorter than my old Vokeys, but they aren't longer. What I have noticed is my contact spot is very consistent on the club face. The custom fit is doing its job there. The feel off the face is very soft and I have have the cast version. Mid year, I picked up a Mizzy TP4 gap, 52*. This is an odd feeling club compared to my MP64's and Edel wedges. It produces more spin than my Edel, but has no feel. The feedback I get is a hard smack. YMMV.
  2. How are you trying to throttle back your PW? I was taught to simply grip down about an INCH and that should take nearly 10 yards off your distance. From there, work on stopping your backswing at the 9 o'clock position. You will probably continue a little farther, but from that point make your downswing. That should take another 10 yards or so off. Another quick thought would be to have your current Titleist PW bent up one degree, making it a 46* wedge. Your yardage will not change much, maybe 2 - 5 yards. Combine that with the above mentioned technique and you are closing the gap.
  3. Glad to see this post. I was unaware the impact of bending a club. But, I'm only changing the lie angle. Edwin Watts is the shop I'm planning to use. They should be gtg. Thanks
  4. Good choice. If you're after forgiveness and might want a little extra distance AND want a few years newer Mizuno technology, check out these JPX 825 Pro's . On sale at Ebay. Lots to choose from and probably pretty similar to what you want to spend. amac
  5. LOL! I started my response and had to navigate away. I thought I was starting all over, but apparently, both replies were attached. Silly dope!
  6. I don't consider myself a good player, but I do appreciate the importance of getting fitted. I play MP 64's and replaced my Vokey wedge's with Edel's. A day with a fitter revealed that I had too little bounce, the shaft was creating a ballooning flight and the standard lie angle was too flat. Before the Edel's, I had played Vokey's since I can remember. Why, they do nothing but Wedge's! They specialize in wedge development. If you want to maximize your game, why not purchase one of the most important clubs in your bag from a manufacturer that specializes in that one club? I certai
  7. I've never owned Cleveland's, but I'm a first time owner of Mizuno's. I've played Ping and Titleist prior and feel my current MP64's are by far the best clubs I've owned. I say if the clubs fit your specs, you are happy with the appearance represented on the net, then go for it! You've owned Mizuno's before, so now guess work there. Why buy a new brand you have no experience with? Stick with what you know. Sorry to hear about your loss. : (
  8. I'm wanting to add a gap wedge to my bag. All my irons and wedges to date have been fitted and ordered at +2* UP. My local golf shop says they can bend a Mizuno gap wedge up. Will this be as reliable (holding it's new angle) as ordering it custom? Or will Mizuno just do the same thing? What would you do? Thanks amac
  9. This is a major problem all golfers have. The book I mentioned has several chapter dedicated to negative self talk and the impact that has on our game. How often to you cheer for yourself when you hit a good shot? Probably never. But you find it okay to openly criticize yourself when you miss a 5 footer. The mind is a powerful tool. I believe if you don't dedicate some time to the mental game, you will find it difficult to advance to the next level. That's not just for you, but anyone that wants to improve their game will run into the mental road block at some point.
  10. I'm no 5 hcp, but understand how you feel. Nerves get the better of me way too often. You need to take mental note of how you feel on those "casual" rounds when you shoot 68 vs the tournament round when you shoot 78. It's all in your head. There is no trick or gimmick. It's your personal routine that is somehow changing. You are doing something different or thinking something different before the putts and don't realize it. Maybe you realize the importance of each putt in tournament situations. Perhaps your birdie putts are more tentative strokes for fear of blowing it past and missing
  11. Don't misinterpret my message. I'm all for force on force. My message is to train yourself better to handle people like this. I don't know how big you are or how big the dude coming at you was, but I do know that he could have been easily thrown to the ground - weapon or not. His state of mind would have made him vulnerable to easy counter attacks. Wanting to "draw down" on a threatening guy leads me to believe you were simply afraid of him - he must have been bigger. With better training, you will be able to think more clearly if you ever find yourself in this situation again. Watching
  12. OP, I'm all about conceal carry whenever and wherever its legal. Personally, I don't perceive a golf course the type of place to "expect" life threatening trouble. While your experience sounds threatening, I agree with the poster stating that if you require a firearm to handle a drunk, you need to reassess your self defense plans. What happens if you reach for your weapon and the assailant knocks it out of your hand with his 5 iron? You've given him another weapon. Forgive my tirade here, but too many people purchase a handgun, get a permit to carry and think they are ready to defend them
  13. I suppose my confusion is understanding at what point I'm swinging left. If Trackman say's I'm 4* out and the Pro says swing left, then I'm thinking I have to approach the ball more square. I'm allowing myself to think I have to get around or behind the ball before impact. The result is reducing the degree of outside swing path. Or, is the left swing what happens just after impact? The turn and follow through should eventually take the club's path to the left. From watching slow motion swings of professionals like Adam Scott, I notice his swing approaching from the inside. But, it seems
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