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  1. I am one of the rarer golfers that doesn't constantly tinker with my clubs. I typically buy a set off the shelf and play them for 10+ years and then do it again. I can honestly say in the last 35+ years, I have really only used 2 main putters. An old ping answer, and then a TM Rossa. I just updated my clubs this year and put together an Odyssey putter that I had the head floating around the house for quite a few years. So we will see if that one works out, or if I go back to one of the other two. In my thinking, if the face is square and flat, it will work as well as any other putter. If I searched every corner of the house I might find a total of 5 putters +/- Now that I think about it, in that same 35 years, I have really only used two different sets of irons too. A set of TM Tour Preferred T-D ones I bought in HS back in the 80's (loved), and then a set of TM Tour Burner Irons from 2000ish (hated) and now new TM M1's (yet to use)
  2. Personally I have only carried a Driver and a 3 wood since the mid 80's, so maybe I am just slow to change. I still use and love my 2 irons.
  3. Guess mine isn't the only one, http://forums.golf-monthly.co.uk/showthread.php?22800-Durable-Golf-Bags-Taylormade-Brittle-Plastic-Bottom-Cracked-Open
  4. Well, it was in a spare bedroom on the main floor of my house. Sitting on a metal golf rack along with 4 or 5 other bags that are perfectly fine. my point was, the bag was not sitting out side in the sun, or in a cold garage, or anything like that. If the bag is going to fall apart in the location it was at, then the bag is junk. Plain and simple.
  5. This is pretty much just a rant, but I am a little PO'ed at Taylor Made right now. I bought a TM cart bag a couple years ago, literally just to hold some extra sets I had at the house. It had only left the house once in the last 2+ years. I was moving my golf organizer and all the stuff on it last week and when I picked up the bag with one set of (TM) clubs in it the entire bottom just crumbled and the clubs fell through. I sent an email to TM and never heard a peep back. Absolutely nothing. Not really happy about spending $150 on a bag, keeping it 99.9% of the time in a nice cool dark spot, and literally having it crumble under the weight of 14 golf clubs. Then not even a "sorry" email from them. Anyway, I have purchased virtually nothing but TM clubs for the last 25 years and this is how they treat their customers. I guess I will be looking for a different set very soon. Ok, Rant off. Thanks for listening. Brew
  6. I have been playing for a lot of years, but nothing really jumps in to my head. I have had a few nice shots that pop in my head, but nothing REALLY bizzare. One of the earlier replies does remind me a little story I had last year though. I was playing in a corporate outing for my wife's work place. One of the games they have available is a skins game you can buy in to for $20 per team. We did get in on a few of the games, but for some reason, not that one. Anyway, we started the round on #10, played all the way through and we were on our last hole, #9 a short part 4. I hit a nice drive just short and left of the green and chipped in for an eagle. In the clubhouse the golf pro (friend of mine) approached me and asked why we didn't get in on the skins game, I just told him I didn't think my group would really have a chance (I was the only experienced golfer in the group) He just laughed and said that eagle on the 9th hole would have won us $400 apiece since it would have been the only Skin "won" the entire day. Brew
  7. 1993 or so was the last time. Actually about once a year I give them a good cleaning, that usually includes buffing/polishing, and normally sandblasting the faces. I will wipe them off as I play, and if they are really dirty I will clean them up before a shot. Brew
  8. Why do people drive Volkswagen when they could drive a Cadillac? Why do they drive SUVs instead of corollas? Matter of preference I suppose. I am an OK golfer that I am pretty sure would see a marked improvement by going to a game improvement type of club, yet I prefer to play a more typical players club. Why? Who knows? I guess I grew up in the time that good players played forged, not so good players played cast cavity backed clubs. I think part of it is I still cling on to the idea I am good enough to play-hard to play clubs. I don't want to admit I am getting older, fatter, weaker, to the point I have to get huge, oversize, cavity back clubs to be able to compete. For some reason I have in the back of my head that if i can play blades, if I ever picked up a set of GI clubs, I would immediately shoot 65, I just choose not to, yet. But the fact is I have lost 50 yards on my drives in the last 15 years, I used to be pissed if I wasn't within 10' of the cup from 175 in, now I am happy if I hit the green from that far. I have started to look for a new set of irons, and am leaning towards some of those new-fangled watermelon sized clubs, with a big chunk missing in the back, and a crazy angled hosel. We will see what I end up with. :) Brew
  9. The meanest things we have on the course around here are geese. honest question, if you hit your ball near one, do you get a free drop?? Brew
  10. so no one has any feelings on whether a metal wood can go bad? Brew
  11. for me it partly comes down to money too. I play twice a month or so now and even though I would like to play more, there is no way I could play daily anymore. I did that growing up, probably 2 rounds a day usually, from about the time I was 10 until 18, and ever since then, I am kinda burnt out. I went to the range yesterday and only hit half the bucket before I was bored and went home. I kinda feel like I am at a plateau and just don't enjoy it like I did before. Brew
  12. generally I am a fairly descent putter, but for some reason this year I am having problem either reading the greens or with my stroke. The puts i used to make consistantly, I am now just barely missing. Also this year there has been a few puts that I was just flat out wrong on my read. So if I read 3' break to the right, it was only 1' or even worse, 3' the other way. It really does have me stumped. I am getting older, (mid 30's) but I have some strange things going on with my game now days? Brew
  13. about 10c here too. membership is $100 i believe, so that is the route I went this year. Brew
  14. tsbrewers


    I think as many have said already, it depends on the length of hole. I grew up on one of those small 9-hole courses that had 2 par 5's both under 500 yards, and 2 par 4's under 350. In all seriousness, I used to get one at least every other round. And more times than I can count, 2 in the same round. For me the double eagle has been elusive, I don't ever recall getting one of those. i do have a few aces, but no DE's. Brew
  15. I had virtually the exact same round a couple weeks ago. My irons were very good, my putting was terrible. I don't think i had any birdie putts under 3 feet, but I had probably 10 or 12 in the 10-15' range. I ended up shooting 79, with a double on 17 and a double on 18. What is driving me nuts is that I am JUST missing these putts. 1/2" left or 1/2" right and I can't fix it. Brew
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