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  1. Has anyone had any experience with these? I prefer my Pro V's but with a $25 price tag they are tantalizing. So, any thoughts?
  2. I think it works well in his case because it seems like he does not quite rotate his hips in the backswing as much as others do. Like he said it is not really something you can teach because for most thinking about initiating arms/shoulders first would greatly throw off rhythm.
  3. Golf Career Advice

    Hello everyone my name is Joe and I am new to TST. I am currently a college student working at one of the most prestigious country clubs in my state. Back in high school when I played for the golf team and played everyday I was easily a 2-3 handicapper but I have dropped to around 9-10 currently. This spring/summer I am dedicating all of my time to getting back to where I was or even better. Golf is by far the one thing I am absolutely passionate about and I recently thought it would be a good idea to look into pursuing a career in it. (i.e. instructor, eventually head pro, etc.) I was hoping that some of the fine folks on here had any tips or advice for me?