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  1. Please answer the question. Provide a definition for a divot hole that does is non-ambiguous. I promise I don't have the passion about this particular subject to continue this. It was just a thought I had that it seemed a bit unfortunate to hit into a divot. I might be able to spend some real time on it and come up with a bullet proof definition, but I am not. I will however start with one that might suffice for the situations I am thinking of. You get free relief if your ball is in the scar left on the ground that a golfer of knowledge and prudence would say was clearly the res
  2. We left the principles "in the dust" because you're allowed to mark your ball on the green? Good grief...... We NEVER do it. It is adhered to 0% of the time. Bubba's situation wasn't subjective at all. The hole was determined to be that of a burrowing animal. That's all there was to it. Then mine isn't subjective either. My ball is determine to be in a divot - that is all there is to it. Those that want to change rules want to change them because they don't like the rule, and the consequences for the rule. Truth is, I don't have a huge dog in t
  3. When does a divot hole cease to be a divot hole? At the same point in time a burrowing animal hole ceases to be a burrowing animal hole Also, divot holes exist in the rough, and the Rules don't define the fairway. I didn't know the fairway wasn't defined. I've often heard that "Winter Rules" apply only to the fairway. So someone is finding a way. But to make it easy, I'll say any divot anywhere. I think y'all are really trying to make something difficult out of something that isn't so complicated. Is your ball in a divot? Yes. Then you get a drop. In the VAS
  4. I agree with you on what the point is. I just don't agree that we're doing it. When the principle is that you don't touch your ball, and then 100% of pro golfers touch their ball on 100% of the golf holes they play (except hole-outs I guess), I feel we've left them in the dust. This principle happens 0% of the time. If we were adhering to your standard above, I'd bet we'd see them adhere to it upwards of 1% of the time. I'm also not sure LC&P; because it rained yesterday is adhering to your standard. And I don't want to sound like I'm railing against these things. I think they were
  5. With the guys I play with most often, two players will sometimes play at the same time. No reason not to if you are in the rough on opposite sides of the fairway and not disturbing each other. Order of play is irrelevant in stroke play, despite the wording of the rule. Whatup Fourputt? I had a feeling I'd hear from you on this - or anything else about the rules. I like the new avatar. Is that an impressionist? or is it just an effect in a photo? Anyway - I agree. If you are that far away from each other, fire away. Under what rule? Rule 25 is Abnormal ground.
  6. I second this. I first heard of this as a report on TV. The way I understood it at the time was that it helped prove that talent was over-rated and that the goal was some level of professional golf - not sure exactly what lever, but I assumed a playing pro, but not the PGA tour. It does sound like they are backing off of the goal.
  7. How do you know where to drop if your ball is lost? Maybe every hole has a drop area? Or the last place it crossed over from fairway into rough / woods / whatever? How do you define a "divot", and at what exact point does a divot no longer become a divot? I guess a divot is a spot where a chunk of grass has been taken out of the fairway by a previous player hitting the ball. I'd also probably include include when a ball sets down in a ball mark of a previous player - although I've never seen or heard of that happening. I see your point with wanting a line of dema
  8. I'd probably change S&D; for OOB / lost ball to something more like hitting into hazards. Mainly in an attempt to rule out any going back to re-tee. And I'd give a free drop out of divots.
  9. Gotta go with this one. In Georgia in the summer, it can become more of an exercise in sweat management than golf.
  10. I see what you're saying - she didn't pick Mary out of a crowd or anything. But right out of the gate she wasn't concerned with weather or not the girl would hit the circle. Instead of leaving it to chance or her intuition on that girl's accuracy, she chose to engineer a head-to-head shootout. And she knew who the opponent would be. I think this says she thought she had a better than 50% chance of beating her. And then she did.
  11. I noticed that as well. I'd think a 6 or 7 would get her there? Maybe creative editing. I didn't think the golf was as bad as some have stated. Seems like a decent amount of those shots were in the 5-8 ft range. That Mary is just kind of an ass, huh? And she really thinks highly of herself. So pissed that she got picked - as if it was the dumbest decision ever. I can tell you one dumber - Sadena. Based on what I've seen so far, she is much better than Mary. Just because you are big and a jerk does not make you the best golfer. And hadn't Tonya already decided that
  12. I agree with the "used' crowd. When I started a few years ago, I went in to the PGA to just get a beater set until I could decide what I wanted. Paid about 200 bones for a full used set of Ping G5's - 4-SW. Still have 'em. Love 'em. When I hit a bad shot, it isn't the G5's fault. I'm sure there are better clubs, but my misses are misses with any club. And my good shots make me feel like a pro. And the same goes for any beginner. Also, in retrospect I could have gotten an even cheaper set. The Pings were the ones I wanted, so I went ahead and sprung for them. I think the starter
  13. What school is this out of curiosity? And how do you think a week long golf school adds to your abilities as compared to lessons more spread out over time? Do you not fear it is too much to take in? I feel it takes me months sometimes to get down a move they taught me in 30 minutes.
  14. 1 - 14 rounds / year 2 - 95 on the card / 110 in real life 3 - Age 40
  15. Watched the DVR last night. My thoughts: - Maybe a little more emphasis on golf and less on pretty girls this season. A few cute ones, but less than previous seasons. I thought they did pretty good on that 100yd shot to the circle as a group. A lot of those shots were pretty close. - I didn't mind the 'elimination' challenge. It has got to suck to get eliminated on the first show. It always seems to quick. This would be the second season in a row where no one leaves after only one show. Seems by design. - Probably the best co-host since I started watching. Wasn't a
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