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  1. Hi all. been a lurker for a while, coming out now... :-) I'm 55, play twice a week year round, practice at least once more per week. Currently 14 hdcp, low last year 9. Best round past year, 70. I expect to shoot in the high 70s, low 80s but expect to improve further this year. Currently playing Cleveland CG16 Tour black irons that are about 2 years old. I've already replaced 3 of the wedges because I wore the grooves off of them. I hit the ball hard and play in AZ, so there are plenty of rocks and sand to wear a clubface. I like black or matte clubs; don't like shiny. Too easy to scratch. A few things... One, my PW is wearing out quickly. I'll either need to replace it or replace the set of irons. Also noticed that the other short irons are getting some wear as well. Should I expect to see this kind of wear after 2 years? I would kinda expect so, but wanted to check. Two; I like these irons, but have not played with any other newer ones. I'm considering replacing the set with either the Cleveland 588s, Ping G25s, or Ping i20s. I consistently hear good things about the Pings but am a bit put off by the thick look, although I've never hit them outside of a store sim bay. Any ideas what I should expect in the way of performance and durability if I move to any of these iron sets? Looking for real world experience with these or any comparable sets...