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  1. Want to improve my putting

    I like to find a staight 3 to 5 foot putt, place tee's 1/8 of an inch on both sides of my putter and try to knock down some putts. It has helped me hit every putt in the center of the club face and getting the ball on line.
  2. New member from utah

    I have been using this site to improve my game for the last couple of months (about 6) and felt it was time to join. I have found the resources very helpful and have dropped my index from 15 to 12.2 over this time. This site has made golf more enjoyable as I am showing improvement, instead of being the same 15 for the last 3 years. I just wanted to thank all the members for their great insight, videos and drills. My avg. for the last 5 rounds 83, 10 fairways, 6 greens, 33 putts and 3 penalties. Thank you for making my goal of single digit possible. Personal information I am 33 year old male and play at least 2 rounds a week. I started playing golf with my father when I was around ten. He had me take private lessons and played at least weekly with him at the club. I did not play as much through my 20's as I was attending college and grad school.