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  1. We burn calories while exercising, but also the o2 deficits caused from exercise create a continued calorie burn post exercise. Of course we need to eat properly and exercise to maintain a healthy weight, but this article is simply taking what is already known and stating it as though it is a new health breakthrough. The presentation would lead many to take the approach of "I'll simply watch my diet and forget the exercise". For cardiac rehab the single most important factor for a positive outcome is exercise. The same can be said for a healthy adult to stay healthy. I know diet is an important factor for both groups, as it is for loosing weight, but not the most important. Most people will take writings like this to suggest that exercise has little impact on weight loss and overall heath. That has always been my findings with patients and healthy adults, and I have never seen that attitude turn out well. In addition; they did not properly interpret the NIH findings that was cited. Last; A VO2 max stress test is the only universally excepted way to measure energy expenditure. M.S. Exercise Physiology, certified American college of Sports Medicine, certified Prevention and Rehabilitation Cardio Pulmonary Health. Please forgive if I come off pretentious
  2. waldo

    Tiger Has Spine Fusion Surgery

    I agree, I was commenting on the quote in post 41 by CMartis. If I misunderstood that's my bad :)
  3. waldo

    Tiger Has Spine Fusion Surgery

    Not to be argumentative but they don't touch your aorta and they don't push your intestines aside. They do use laparoscope for anterior entry. That's just FYI but the real issue is some recover very nicely and some do not. Only time will tell and I hope Tiger is in the group that recovers nicely.
  4. SM Global is the listed manufacturer of ksig but I keep seeing people refer to Nassau Golf. Any idea why?
  5. The original pbs special, which aired back in the 80s, was even more detailed with the quiet eyes concept. They showed that the fixed gaze on the ball was such that the greater the pupil stillness while looking at the ball the greater the success rate, and this pertained to all shots from the driver to the putter. They used ams and pros and found that even at the pro level there was pupil movement. The very best ball strikers had very little eye movement. At the pro level this quiet eye movement separated the top pros from the rest of the field. The best could fix their eyes on a dimple and keep that focus through impact. They also showed how this could be trained. Of course beta blockers became the easiest way to accomplish this and they ended up being listed as a phd.
  6. waldo

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Nicklaus had polio at the age of 13 which presented post polio syndrome symptoms throughout his career. He also had degenerative arthritis that created a need for hip replacement. While this peaked in his 50s it's a disease that starts much earlier in life. As far as flying around in his jet, that came later in his career. He has often spoke of he and his wife dragging the kids along from event to event in their station wagon while staying in cheaper motels. This is not intended to express who is better but to simply clarify some misgivings pertaining to jacks health and style of transportation.
  7. waldo

    Best Irons Ever!

    Wilson fg17 I bought these new in 1983, and I occasionally take them out for a spin. Surprisingly they aren't all that hard to hit. Perhaps it's because the head is so small that I focus more on the target and the strike then I do mechanics.
  8. waldo

    adjusting "stock" clubs

    Ping will bend for you. They aren't the easiest to bend. If you were at golfsmith they could've answered the question but more importantly they could make the adjustments you. Bending for loft and lie is fairly easy if you have higher end tools and a lot of experience. If you don't have both then WUTIGER is heading you in the right direction. Buy locally and have that shop ie golfsmith fit you and do the adjustments. My fitting, building and adjustment equipment cost me over $1500, and that was buying used. I was the lead club builder at a golfsmith for several years so that's how I acquired training, "skill", and certification. WUTIGER advice is the path to follow.
  9. waldo

    Rory has no star power

    2004-2007 fw hit was 57.8%. There was a stat analysis I found that showed the entire tour got longer since 2000 and the average fw hit % decreased. Tiger had lost more accuracy then the tour average and his distance increase was also lower then average. The article was showing Tigers recovery skills were better then average.
  10. Sure is a tuff question but great is great. Gale Sayers was 4.5 0 in pads on grass and full length cleats,Brown was the same, the Baltimore colts o line avg 295 pounds, whitey ford threw 90 plus for 9 innings, the bears 63 team d line was bigger then recent years, Nicklaus still holds the record for the PGA championship long drive, and jabars play dominated as a young man and still was highly competitive in his last few years. Phil Jackson and Pat Riley have recently commented that the nba has become watered down. They think there are more very good players then in the past but the quantity of great players has not increased while the number of teams has. Less great to go around. I think great in the past could learn to be great today and they would. Tiger would be great in 1960s and 70s, and jack would be great today. Average is better but greatness is always rare, and Dick Butkus will always be the nastiest meanest football player. Of course he would be suspended multiple games each season:).
  11. waldo

    Tiger WDs from Firestone Event

    I'm liking choice 3) a new tweak. Gate problems and posture wouldn't be a in play with a high profile athlete. The rehab team would have researched his pre injury movements and had him training to keep those motions from day 1. An athlete like tiger has a lot of video concerning his "healthier" days regarding his body motions. I was impressed with his poise since he came back. He's shown he was willing to step out and "figure" out his swing in a very public way at very hard venues.
  12. waldo

    Lie Adjustment Question

    Lessons for certain plus find a certified fitter of club maker when you decide to make a purchase. Right now it would seem it's the Indian creating a problem with contact. Once you find improvement then you can look into new arrows. A club fitter or maker that is certified by an independent organization instead of one that is trained and certified by the retail store is usually a better bet for getting it right. Just HMO
  13. waldo

    Lie Adjustment Question

    I am not certain this would provide accurate results. The offset and sole demensions are going to affect the lie and loft calculations, and those variables influence the playing length of a club. That's why club rulers and lie/loft machines are used to make more accurate measurements. Back to OP, four degrees is a boat load of lie adjustment. When a player is that extreme it would suggest they might need a length and lie adjustment. Add or subtract an inch and add or subtract 2 degrees, or what ever combination gets you what your need. As prior poster humorously suggested a 4 degree change suggest your either 8 feet tall or 4 feet tall :)
  14. Stress fracture of the tibia when he won 08 Open. I would think that took a lot of "drive"
  15. I'm not sure where the HL designation came into play with the rocketbladez irons. A taylormade rep told me it's a "rebadging" of the originals, and they do look the same if compared side by side. The price seems very good and I personally play the rocketbladez and love them. You probably have already done a search and found the really large thread regarding this club when it was originally released. They are very forgiving on miss hits and I find them fairly easy to draw or fade, but my opinion is coming from the perspective of an average golfer.

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