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  1. So Invision is the forum software. Lazy loading is definitely the way to go.
  2. I think he might be suggesting is that winners get too many points but consistent non-winners that make the cut don't get enough.
  3. I play The Golf Club 2 on PC. I thought about buying the 2019 version. Apex Legends is big now if anyone is into Battle Royale FPS and it's free.
  4. I buy the newest models but not brand new. $800 vs $1200 irons
  5. I voted no. I don't think people are factoring in the added pressure of jail and how easily that can affect your shot. A hole in one already requires a little luck.
  6. Really ? LOL. I am not sure I can take this as a serious statement.
  7. Do you think rotating out of the shot early and coming over the top can cause you to hit thin, low on the face or no divot shots?
  8. I think taking the money is a win for him and doesn't change how the people that agreed with him feel. So that being said I don't think he will care what the people that don't agree with him think about him.
  9. The winters not to bad in Upstate SC for me. We might get 1 maybe 2 snow days.
  10. That is so nice. I bet all that labor and materials cost $100k.
  11. I have no clue. The food looked good though. It is still used in a derogatory way often.
  12. Have you created any courses on TGC2? I play on PC but I will try them out if you've created any. This game is the best true sim golf game. You should try out TGCTours.com I've always liked Gran Turismo for the true sim and Need For Speed for the more arcade gameplay.
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