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  1. That's right, if they do that they should force everyone to play a non spinny two piece surlyn covered ball too.
  2. Not only will I continue to anchor but I am now officially adding a foot wedge to the bag too. Anyone doesn't like it can get out of my group. My friends won't say diddly about it because I would quit inviting them if they say a single thing or even make a face about it. the usga rules just officially became irrelevant in my group.
  3. It's strategic alright. That's why half the time they aim for the bunkers, because it is such a terrible place to be. lololololol
  4. usa course rough is a joke. usa bunkers are a joke. they purposely make the courses easy then blame the equipment, what a joke! the only thing good about golf has been the advancement in equipment. Nicklaus and Palmer are dinosaurs and should just shut their pie holes before they kill what is left that the golfing public likes. Speaking at U.S. Open Media Day Friday, Mike Davis, executive director of the USGA, promised "more birdies made - trust me - at this U.S. Open than any we have seen in recent history." Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/u-s-op
  5. Great comment. The equipment isn't the problem, the courses encourage slovenly golf.
  6. If they adopt this rule I won't quit playing or quit anchoring. I just won't watch pro golf anymore and won't even bother to read the usga rules of golf because it is all just one big joke and won't buy anymore new clubs either. Continue with the circle jerk I'm out.
  7. I took a year off and my zeal has returned tenfold. sell sticks drink more take time off smoke marijuana whatever
  8. Your right hand / right arm totally dominate your swing. Practice that iron shot with just two fingers from your right hand on the grip maybe it will help.
  9. Glad they are thumbing their nose at the officious usga. I predicted one of the major manufacturers would do that and everyone was such a know it all saying no one would dare challenge the mighty usga for the hearts of the weekend warrior. Palmer and his no anchor belly putter rule, he was touting the ERC driver on national television. He should just shut up already.
  10. ever hear of ebay? that old equipment is being bought up by people who don't like the direction club makers and the usga are going. the new stuff is overpriced junk imo. sure there are people who spend all day on a golf forum bragging about how much $ they spent on their eighteenth new set of clubs in 2013 but those are the minority. In real life people are buying up the old equipment like it's going out of style because it is. The number of golfers in the U.S. has fallen by 13% in the past five years, according to National Golf Foundation statistics. The number
  11. They should drug test everyone on tour. If they sanctioned him for admitting something to the press then that is just plain wrong. Hey Vijay, just tell them you lied and never used that chit. Prove it. Have Tiger piss in a cup before every match. If they won't do that then they are cheating too.
  12. Good grief that is a nice swing. I wouldn't tinker with that at all. If anything I suggest you move the ball at address to more off your left heel. It looks fairly centered in your stance. Believe in your swing would be my advice.
  13. If Tiger Woods used a belly putter we would not be having this conversation. period. It's all about whose ox gets gored.
  14. PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Tiger Woods has a solution to long putters -- make them no longer than the shortest club in the bag... http://www.pga.com/golf-equipment/equipment-feature/tiger-woods-offers-solution-in-putter-debate-fans-long-putter-wont the usga is the lap dog of tiger woods. hey usga, ban the nike covert driver and prove me wrong.
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