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  1. Just getting back into the game, dusted off my clubs that have been hiding in the closet and just picked up a couple hybrids and a putter Driver: 9* Adams GT Tight Lies 410cc 3 Wood: 15* MacGregor Tourney V-Foil Hybrids: Nickent 7DX 3i and 4i, I like them so far< only hit them at the range Irons: 3-LW Adams GT Tight lies Putter: Nomad PBS-1 New Putter: Odyssey Backstryke Marxman-- Just ordered this from Rock Bottom, should be here this week Bag: Acuity Cart Bart Ball: Titleist Yellow DT So/Lo
  2. Just getting back into the game after a four year layoff. I cleaned the dust off of my clubs and picked up a few new ones. I'm ready.. By the way this is a great site. after finding my way here several times I have decided to join. Steve