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  2. I know a lot of people have jumped ship to KBS shafts...but I launch the ball pretty damn high as it is with my PX flighted shafts... a few shafts are bent and was looking into new shafts for this season... was wondering if anyone has hit the Pxi's yet and what they thought compared to their old shafts.
  3. funny.. I blind tested 15 different drivers during the off season a few times...and RBZ always came in the top 5 for feel, playability, distance and control. behind the R11S and ZL Encore.... but to each his own...
  4. what's going on everyone? Welcome to the next season. hope everyone's been good. I'll be staying in Venice Beach this Wednesday. Looking to get out on Thursday morning... what's a good course within a 45 minute driving distance that I can/should go play? Also if anyone is in the LA area, I'll be doing a Fashion event this Thursday at Sur Lounge from 8 - 11 for all my golfers that want to come out. I have a few golf reps coming to hang out too!
  5. Just wanted to share this with you guys The DJ Yoshi Experience Volume 2: Live From Marquee NY www.soundcloud.com/dj-yoshi The DJ Yoshi Experience Volume 2: LIVE From Marquee NY Recorded June 30, 2011/July 1, 2011. Run Time: 79 Minutes Top 40/Electro/Classics 1. You Belong to The City Blend 2. Stevie Wonder - Superstition 3. ABBA - Dancing Queen 4. Remy Ma - Whateva 5. DJ Yoshi - Goodies Break feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris 6. Montel Jordan - This is How We Do It 7. Gwen Stefani - Holla Back This Way 8.
  6. 2 really stand out in my mind 185 par 3 over water. trees right. cart path and woods left. bunker in front and in back... so it's well protected... pin was playing back left... full 6 iron and I didn't really mean to attack the flag.. just wanted to stick the middle of the green & 2 putt. ball lipped out for a hole in 1, 6" tap in for birdie. 2nd the shot was great b/c it started out so UGLY 455 up hill dog leg left par 4 to a protected green w/ bunkers on the left..trees long and right.... tee shot didn't draw at all..went dead straight into the woods b/t the 15t
  7. was pretty erratic today. out in 7 over... in at 1 under...... 6 over on the day..... I'm STRUGGLING off the tee lately
  8. Out of 150 balls when I do a range session 50 will go towards tee shots 3 iron to the driver 60 or so will go towards scoring shots... (firing at target points or greens at the range within 20 yards - 150 yards) the rest will go to 4,5,6 iron shots. then I take it to the bunker for maybe 10 - 15 minutes to work out of there...from chipping out of the sand to fried egg to expo shots.
  9. jesus 170 into the wind? I wish! anyway congrats...def makes it better than pops was around to see it
  10. I'm not long at all.. off the tee or with any of my irons. 9 iron is 150 MAX but I usually use it for 140 and would rather smooth out an 8 iron for a 150 shot. off the tee my avg is 250. sure i've gotten a hold of some drives and cracked it 300+ on GPS..with wind and great roll... and there are other drives into the wind I'll smash it and it only goes 230...whatever.. I'm def not above saying that there are a TON of am golfers out there that I play with who are much longer than I am... but as said earlier... get me within 150 and a scoring club...and I'm more confident with that..... e
  11. agreed....... I grip down a lot too when I'm struggling in a round to try to find it again
  12. scratch! but it's been such an up and down season so far... I've shot 2 under...and I've shot 22 over! consistency improve the following stats: f'way, GIR, sand recovery & bounce back... true story: i only hit 51% of fairways. I only hit 60% of GIR... my sand conversion is 50%. up & down is 60% some pretty poor stats to get to scratch.
  13. that is freakin CLASSIC! on a side note, I'm a WEAK -1.3. I can shoot par 1 day...and shoot an 83 the next day... that was my weekend of scoring 71 at my home course 133 83 at Great Gorge 134 78 at Architects 139 for 2 weeks I couldn't get rid of a snap hook off the tee to save my life! hopefully you can see him again and see how he really is
  14. i'm down to play... I play by you every now and again... mostly down by High Bridge, Architects, Rutgers
  15. trees don't have many leaves on them...and you're close enough that you can see the tee box on the next hole... and hear the people...
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