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  1. http://www.rendlake.org/golf/
  2. hehehehhehee does it find and fetch lost balls
  3. Me after about 2 I start to screw up, but the guy I golf with the more he drinks the beter he is. (up to a point)
  4. last round I used a hat pin and it worked real well, as long as you put the little keeper back on OUCH
  5. $200 on vacation $40 max other
  6. Titlest DT solo
  7. some guys have all the fun
  8. yep no more Hats ben playing under 100 ever scence with 95 being highest
  9. yep its a game you love to hate
  10. any divot tool because its the first thing i forget to take out of my pocket at the end of the round
  11. brings a new meaning to losing your balls in the bush
  12. I'll take tiger all the way to the bank
  13. OK went out today to the range With a video camera today and man was I blown away at the things i seen. I only video from the back (my right side) down the target line. And seen that the club face was wide open at the top ( parallel to the horizon) and also was taking the club away way to much to the inside. I thought i was staying to far to the outside. Next time I will video facing me and see what else i can see
  14. Last hole (#27 on the course) ok just one good drive today please. And then Bomb 333 yards right down the middle on a 356 yard par four. Pitched to with in a foot tap in birdie. Man that was soooooooooo swweeeeeeet. aint nothing like finishing with a birdie
  15. just another average 95 oh except the 333 yard drive at the last to23 yards infront of the green pitched to with in a foot tap in bird. Man that felt good