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  1. mrmud4206


    at least that is what golf and ski told me about graphite shaft clubs.
  2. mrmud4206


    To stogiesnbogies: my swing speed is between 90 to 92 and that a graphite shaft is a lot harder to stay consistent with. I really like the weight. I have rented the Nike slingshots and love them but they don't make them any more. So I am trying to find a set of irons similar.
  3. Thank you so much for all the comments!!!
  4. So I have a question. Can you play perfectly good golf without leaving a divot. Also is the divot just for backspin?
  5. mrmud4206


    Thanks. I went to golf & ski a couple of days ago and all they had were graphite.
  6. mrmud4206


    So I am new here. I am also not the best golfer either but I am so addicted to the game. I just love it. My question is do they make a hybrid iron with steel shaft?
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