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  1. I am hoping that someone can explain the impact that a swing thought is having on my swing (very positive impact!). Firstly, I am very much a feel player and try to replicate a feel that works in each swing. My bad shots come from not shifting my weight in the downswing. It has become very OTT after an absence of 5+ years from competitive golf. I read a thread in another forum after Noel Thomas and his 'Master Key'. This is subconsciously controlling the lower body movement by moving the lead shoulder up in the transition. I had mild success with this, however my break through came when
  2. I have recently embarked on a journey to overhaul my swing. I reached low single figures and scored well over the weekend - 69 & 71 in tough and windy conditions - but have come to the realisation that my flip release style swing gives a ballooning high ball flight which kills me in the wind and can cause the odd destructive shot. I have dabbled with S&T; in the past but am very interested in the concept of the 5 Simple Keys. Are there any certified instructors in the UK?
  3. Ghansen, thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed reply! As you can see I am new to the forum and it's nice to experience such friendliness and a desire to support a fellow golfer. Good luck for the season ahead
  4. Could I trouble you to discuss the aspects of S&T; that you have incorporated. You say that you have a S&T; type swing and I am doing research about the swing model at the moment. You have a good looking swing and I am hoping that you would be happy to share your knowledge and experiences. Thanks in advance
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