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  1. This isn't little league FFS.....tee it up and play
  2. Well, shoot.....reading between the lines on the statements and the follow up articles from folks "in the know," this appears to be Phil terminating the employment relationship...... Have to admit my first impression looks to be wrong.....I guess time will really tell, but I guess this is what happens when you haven't won in a while, even if well, well into the back 9 of a career If you had to bet 10k straight up whether Phil would win another PGA tourney, what would you bet.?....I would bet "no"
  3. I just have a feeling he may end up on Rahm's bag.......may not be immediate, but you never know
  4. LOL
  5. What an absolutely dynamic round.....kudos to Brooks......what a great, great performance BTW......listening to these post-round questions is/was just painful...who the fu*k is paying these people to ask these questions....
  6. Truer words have not been written
  7. Thank you Billy Hors(eshit) for blowing my US Open pool.........
  8. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/my-tiger-woods-moment-how-i-lost-24-hours-to-a-rare-form-of-amnesia?mbid=social_twitter Interesting read here......
  9. Will certainly take your word for it....doesn't look that way when viewing on the internet, but that can be deceiving.....good to hear quite frankly
  10. Wouldn't even blink at 6+ hour rounds on this course...gonna be a bloodbath
  11. But, seriously......is there a classier dude in the sports world than Jack
  12. I take a prescribed medication (indomethicin) from time to time (it is not a pain killer) -- 9 out of 10 times I feel nothing, but every once in a while I will have a bad reaction and it will hit me like a freight train. I obviously have no clue about Tiger's situation, but I can very much appreciate the potential for something similar happening to Tiger here
  13. Really glad he didn't hurt anyone......and hope this really turns out to be a blessing in disguise The guy has made some very poor decisions, but I do not think he is a bad person....the one thing that will really sting from this is the impact on his children...hopefully enough to really get his attention here I wish Tiger the best.....honestly do
  14. There still seems to be a bit of a disconnect between his explanation of the situation and the shot that he actually played......just doesn't add up that he hit pretty much a perfectly paced shot with the "belief" that that ball was sitting way down and maybe even slightly plugged.....just doesn't look to me that he was trying to gouge out a shot that is sitting way down........as Erik said on the first page, there is a huge difference between a ball sitting all the way down and one that is sitting up even a 1/4"
  15. Semi-related topic: Would you consider a breach of the Rules of Golf if you followed a ruling from an official that was wrong? Asked another way, if you followed the ruling and it turned out to be wrong, should you take the penalty?