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  1. Interesting thought......I see a P and I still think "p*ssy".....which is just more evidence I didn't mature past the age 14
  2. Boy, he should have taken the additional $15k when offered....that offer is not coming back around....I clearly fall on the side of Kuchar here. On a side note, I had the opportunity through a friend of a friend to help with the review a contract for a professional athlete that was negotiating without an agent -- the deal was that I was paid hourly and (of course) did not receive nor expect that I was entitled to any agent's commission in connection with the deal. And I just loved this line from Kuchar's interview...."It's not coming out of Steinberg's pocket"
  3. I would watch if they could find a way to make Bill Murray disappear......
  4. What would be great is if the PGA Tour slapped a suspension on him.....not sure they could actually do it, but would love to see it if they could.
  5. Koepka is the man for calling out Sergio's little tantrum
  6. I have a pretty big bet on JT over Rickie for the 4th Round (-120 play).......it is just a comedy of errors between these two.....crazy
  7. The USGA for me....I am also a proud "twitter blockee" of Billy Horschel after he acted like a complete jack-ass at the Chambers Bay US Open
  8. Four wins out of last nine worldwide starts.......impressive stuff.....the Mad Scientist is certainly walking the walk and proving all the doubters wrong Geaux Dechambeau!!!!
  9. I agree, good for her.....junkies come in all forms!
  10. I keep waiting for this to be Gary Woodland....so, I will say Gary Woodland
  11. Personally loved it.......not embarrassed to admit it....would pay for it again
  12. Meh....thousands and thousands of more professional golfers than golf broadcasters....to simply say "top whatever" all time the respective categories isn't really a fair measure. Let's look at bigger picture question.....is he higher (from a percentage standpoint) as a golfer in comparison to all the golfers that have every played....or higher on the ladder in comparison to all broadcasters that ever played
  13. I voted broadcasting career because the question is about "legacy" and many, many, many more have had exposure to his broadcasting career than his playing career But, if you want to try to compare the success, I think he was a much better golfer relative to his peers than he was a broadcaster (as a golf professional, he was the top 1% of the top 1%, if not higher......as a golf broadcaster, he was good, but hard to say he was even top 1%).....maybe apples to oranges, but I think there is some sense there. And it also doesn't mean he still didn't shove it in Oakmont....
  14. Who really knows....but, when something significant happens in a relationship (like cheating), there is a tendency for a lot of stuff to be said and come out of the woodwork......Paulina and Brooks' GF may be friends and can make for uncomfortable enviornment and sometimes things are said or implied (for example, Broooks maybe new shit about DJ screwing around....maybe DJ has said shit implying that Brooks may not be so innocent either)....just speculation, but this kind of stuff can happen fast when in a massively stressful situation such as a cheating situation.......people have a tendency to say half-truths or outright lies in attempt to deflect.........you just never know As for the NY Times article............Phil would be my overwhelming favorite for this
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