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  1. Thanks.....no reason, other than his name and me being too lazy to type it out
  2. Off-topic, but seems like a good place to ask this question. I have noticed that Frenchie changes clubs a lot....almost to the point where he "may" be actually intentionally holding the wrong club when it comes time for him to play, just so he can then change clubs......my question is this: Does the act of changing clubs while it is your turn to play impact the time you actually have to play under the rules (even if just laying groundwork for the argument the change of club is evidence that the conditions/decision was difficult and should be taken into account for purposes of timing)? Thanks in advance.....
  3. No doubt....what an unbelievable finish.....gotta give a lot of props to Collin Morikawa too....just great, great stuff out of both......and that eagle by Frenchie on 18 was pretty clutch too Damn...........those guys make it look sooooooo easy....when it is not!!
  4. Just an absolute treat to watch this tourney on this course......will be glued all weekend
  5. I will start with what I think is a great quote about AimPoint from (I think) Hunter Mahan......."AimPoint is like poker, easy to learn but hard to master" So, I took the course a few years back and really felt it was worthwhile for the basic information and methods -- that said, I think the real value comes with practice and honing your own personal reading concepts/mechanics (i.e., mastering the bend in the elbow for speed; mastering the ability to get the slope correct). In any event, I unfortunately do not have the time to spend with the level on the green and practicing (so that is my loss). Curious to other opinions on whether they have practiced and really "mastered" this approach (or, if not necessarily "mastered," have gotten much better with practice). Erik, you are some kind of mensa-genius with lots of time on the course, so you opinion doesn't count (jk 😉)
  6. I absolutely love the guy.....one of the best follows on twitter (political views notwithstanding)
  7. This is about the only thing I have gotten right or predicted correctly about golf in what seems to be years.......so
  8. Laid a 66-1 bet on Woodland at the PGA.......damnit, I was one tournament off
  9. Great tournament........super happy for Woodland.
  10. OK.....I have not clue, just noticing they are 1.5 holes behind
  11. Any mutterings of putting Rose/Woody on the clock?
  12. This is awesome.......not over yet though...not by a longshot
  13. Koepka just a fukkin killer....
  14. So much for my Rory bet........oh well
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