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  1. BallStriker

    2018 John Deere Classic

    Good to see Hunter Mahan show up with a fairly solid week....
  2. BallStriker

    Non-Instructional Golf Books

    Thanks for the recommendation here, as I am on vacation and needed a great read -- these kind of books that are about the day to day life on tour are great -- like this one especially given the focus is the Euro PGA tour -- I would definitely also recommend
  3. The point that is being made is that Kang was "95%" certain that it crossed the into the hazard up by the green...at the same time, his playing competitor was certain it did not.....so, with that information, is it appropriate under the rules of golf to give his own belief of the situation more weight and determine that his perception is the "best estimate" based on all of the information he was given?
  4. Great point......remember when Venturi claimed that Palmer cheated in the Masters and how it ruined Arnie's career.....oh wait.... Ridiculous conclusion here.....it is never wrong to do the right thing
  5. BallStriker

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    I voted "NO" as I really think this may be a perception based on the 24/7 ever-present media circus we live in.....I would be surprised if there wasn't a number of other generation tour pros grousing about USGA conditions in their time, but they just didn't get the attention/exposure that goes on today
  6. From the guy running SHOTLink on the hole............... Michael Klock‏ @mklock7 FollowFollow @mklock7 More Replying to @Joel_Dahmen @jdfla1974 @PGATOUR He (Kang) sure did cheat. I was running SHOTLink on the green. That ball never came close to entering up where he dropped... Should’ve been 200 yards back. Told your caddie who told the rules official but Kang threw a fit and got his way. He won’t get away w/ that @ The Open.
  7. Just heard Joel D. on local radio -- he is not commenting further on the matter (he says big brother is listening and doesn't need to continue to stoke the fire on an unfortunate situation), but did very clearly say he stands by his prior Twitter comments (which, of course, is a comment itself)...... If you don't know about this guy, he is a great story...small town, family hardship, cancer survivor and just all around solid dude....I am a Seattle guy and know of him since his days playing golf for the UW
  8. Have a feeling he will be revered for this among the tour guys.....
  9. BallStriker

    “Ernie, not again!”

    Not to over-react here, but a bit surprised that the consensus is so apathetic (and in some cases glorifying) a situation where basically a bully is assaulting another person against his will.........if EE trying to pull that on me, it would be a problem for him....
  10. BallStriker

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    Bottom line is that, to me, Zach Johnson's opinion matters a ton or two more to me than this guy..........
  11. Brandell is telling all of us to lift the left heel on the backswing -- love to hear thoughts -- please discuss.
  12. BallStriker

    Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    I will say this....right now, Tiger is kicking himself because he truly believes if he played a little better and started the weekend in the 5 or 6 over range, he could have right in this tournament at the end....I believe that
  13. BallStriker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Kudos to Brooks....and the USGA....credit due for today
  14. BallStriker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    You are right......that wind and sideways rain yesterday was brutal....no way for the USGA to prepare for that
  15. BallStriker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    No expert, but if they do not have a plan to avoid what is happening, there is a problem......plenty of other venues out there Again......why pick a course you cannot control..........why? Sorry for the weather.......ok, what....the weather was great today, after the cut.....are we worried about the guys that got hurt by the weather before the cut? if so.... gg The ultimate question is.......should we be picking courses that are subject to so much variance? I apologize for my belief that the same apporach shot at 5 pm should not be fundamentally different than the same approach at 1 pm......let the golf shots make the difference....to the extent possible.....sorry, but the other majors seem to "get" this concept

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