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  1. Solid get on that number....and he could easily steamroll....I took a shot with Gary Woodland at 66-1 and had a small grin when he got to 3 under....but he faded...GL with the BK bet
  2. Gonna be interesting if it is relatively calm in the morning and starts to blow like they predict for the back half of the day......BK is just seemingly on another planet, but did shoot 70 at Augusta day 2.....Vegas has him just about even money to win, which is absolutely crazy after day 1 Great stuff so far....damn, we are blessed this year for venues
  3. FWIW, I think I am going to put down $100 on Gary Woodland at 66-1.......
  4. I love watching tournament golf -- I don't care if it takes them 5 1/2 hours to play a round. You're a tour professional, deal with it.
  5. Great topic........ T-1. 2004 and 2019 Masters......both just epic "silence the haters" moments and just love both PMick and Tiger 3. 2001 Open Championship.....was in Vegas and the all-night run at the BJ table/strip clubs segued right into Duval's major victory...loved watching that round 4. 1992 Masters.....being a Seattle buy, Freddy winning the Masters was one of the all-timers for me 5. 2010 Masters.....all Phil....instant classic Honorable Mention......1991 PGA....very early in my "golf junkie" life, but the John Daly story was just crazy
  6. Have read about every article among the usual talking heads -- great stuff, but for whatever reason I just cannot stand John Feinstein and his need to express his opinions in a manner that are intended to be accepted by the reader as historical fact. Goddamn the guy is a pompous asshole and his books suck too (although the stories/information are solid, the writing is crap). Anyway,.....sorry for rant Love this......for whatever reason, I have a feeling that Jack understands that the GOAT label is more important to Tiger (and maybe to the world) than it is to himself and he has very, very unselfishly acknowledged as much........and that is something he absolutely did NOT have to do in my opinion. Goddamn....what a class act he is.
  7. Someone need to get some crow over to the GC desk for Chamblee
  8. Wife: Are you tearing up? Me: Fukkin A right...
  9. Can't think of when I have ever been so nervous for someone.....LFG
  10. Could you imagine if Brooksy made that putt and we were sitting in this position?
  11. So..........so...........so 🤑 of a tee ball
  12. Find fairway....just find fairway
  13. Kopeka miss GIGANTIC....obviously
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