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  1. Personally, I would go with PING and get fitted for all your clubs. No need to go with the latest model. You can get into some G20's for alot cheaper then G25's. They will not let you walk out of their pro shop with the wrong ping clubs. I vote for PING Irons, Woods and Driver if you want Titliest Vokey Wedges, 52, 56 ( a 60 is hard to hit, but I typically play it most rounds) The Driver is really what you hit well, I have a G20 Putter your choice, I have Ping B60 I would 100% get fitted to your clubs by a PING fitter. They will adjust clubs and also PING will repair any broken clubs. I would hate to see someone not have the right clubs and be frustrated with the game. You will spend roughly $500-800 dollars, but no need to go with the latest greatest. I have Ping G5 Black dot irons, love them. G15 3 Hybrid, G15 3 Wood, and G20 Driver, Titleist Wedges and a Ping putter. Also the AD-333 srixon ball is great, now the srixon q-star. Starting out though you may want a softer ball, and I would pay close attention to shaft flex based on swing speed now and 5 years from now. Also take a few lessons and the driving range is key!
  2. cool thanks, and this week I broke two of my Ping Irons - flew the cavity badges off the back!
  3. Ping G5 Iron Help

    BAH! Now my damn 4 iron did it!
  4. Hello! Early today during my round somehow I damaged the crown of my driver, this is the first time in 10 years ever doing this! I am not idiot for these marks! So anyways - can I ship this club back to ping to be refinished? What does ping charge, any ideas? Thanks guys!
  5. Ping G5 Iron Help

    Awesome thanks for help everyone. I'll send it back to ping! Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, I just got done playing a round today and noticed that the cavity badge on my Ping G5 5 Iron flew off. I hit the club a few times afterwords and not good doesn't feel right. The club is about 3 years old, I love them but I wonder if I can get this repaired. Here is a photo, anyone have this happen to them before? Can I buy a badge?