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  1. i don't like tiger, but he has brought golf to a whole never level. a lot of people wanted to start playing the sport because of him, to say that he hasn't impacted this sport is crazy talk. but man do i like to see him struggle out on the course. probably cause he is so good...
  2. I love golfing, but i would find it very hard to make it through a round without a smoke. believe me i would love to quit but haven't been able to do it yet. So i enjoy having a couple of cigs while i play a round. Would you still play as much if you were not allowed to smoke or chew on the course, or at the club house?
  3. the truth is i started hitting my 5 wood where i would usually hit a 3 wood. for some reason i can hit a 5 wood long and far and with the 3 wood i never know whats going to happen. i'm not sure if its the size of the club head on the 3 Wood or if i just need to choke up on it, so how about 5 wood and 4 hybrid...
  4. if you get used to hiiting a wedge, you will want to start using more and more of them. i took out my 3 and 4 iron cause i couldnt hit them anyway and replaced them with a 4 hybrid and an extra wedge. pitching, chipping, and all shots from 120 yards from the green have become very easy to me, because i use a 49aw, 54sw, and a 60 lob wedge and love them all...
  5. good question? i was wondering the same thing. anyone know if the black pearl is a tour version, or if it is just look difference
  6. a friend and i played a scramble against 2 other guys and we both had to make our putts to tie, but i didn't give them the chance and made a 15 foot putt on the last hole which was a steep downhill with alot of break. i couldn't believe i made it considering putting is the worst part of my game... on my own i was in wet sand on a par 3, about 15 yds from the hole, hard sand wedge swing and almost went in, ended up 3 inches from the hole...
  7. i hit a 48 on the front 9 and got warmed up and hit a 44 on the back 9.
  8. Cleveland cg 16 satin chrome 60/10 and a callaway ft iz 3 wood.. the cg 15 head was too small for me but i like the cg 16. and i have the ft iz driver and hit it so well i upgraded my fairway woods from the 2007 burners...
  9. a security guard district supervisor...
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