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  1. Andy Dillard recently called Ray Floyd, by far the biggest A Hole...ever. He was rude to everybody and KNEW he was the best player in the world,
  2. Glad to see I got you cart-riders heart rate's up...you can thank me later. Now take your meds and geaux night-night. Us protectors-of-the-game have a half-marathon in the AM...then its an afternoon of couch time and the MASTERS...and if Tiger wins, congrats to him.
  3. @ IACAS...I am in no market for ocean front property (Gulf Coast), already got dat,..actually have lots...you need some? But to clarify your point, I do not "hate" Eldrick, I have no love for el-feline...which some can not accept...so be it. I despise his demeanor and arrogance much more than I admire his game. Some can seperate the two, I choose not to. I truly respect the young guns who also choose not to be the "next Tiger" in on/off the course demeanor...but play it with the same passion.
  4. Just texted my w/e foursome and informed them that I actually shot a 86 instead of and 83,..I did not know I was suppose to count ALL of my strokes ..I claimed ignorance of the rules so the $7.50 I won would not be refunded. They are not happy...obviuosly not Eldrick fans.
  5. You can dismiss my opinions as being anti-Eldrick...I have no "hate" for Eldrick. I have aknowledged the narcissist his greatness. However, I will not allow the sycophants at home and in the media to exploit/bastardize OUR game without protestation. NOBODY is bigger than the game...the game belongs to us. We are unique, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc...do not enjoy the "viewer particiption index" the PGA does. Collectively we are more invested (time and treasure) in the game of golf than fans of any other major sport. As loyal members of that not-so-elite group, we should call FOUL. Not out of di
  6. The fact Eldrick was a given a pass is not suprising, The fact Eldrick did not take the high-road...in his warped sense-of-self, the high road is for HIM and HIM alone... also not suprising. The fact Team Tiger is in full attact mode is totally expected...lol. A more pathetic group am I am not sure exists. Most of them don't know the difference between a driver and a divot tool...except Eldrick use to be "driver of many" and the most of them truly are "tools". Its your world folks...live it...I'll stay true to the game.
  7. Really? I mean really? All Chamblee does is state what everybody else is afraid to say. Eldrick signed a score card that did not reflect his score...forget everything else...that is what happened...its the Holy Grail of Golf...or use to be. The problem with members of Team Tiger is it cannot stand ONE IOTA of criticism. It LOVES to bash actual good guys like Phil, Rickie, Hunter, Bubba and Nick but when their Lord and Master Eldrick is questioned in anyway then Team Tiger responses include bigot and racist. The fact everybody misses is Tiger's own arrogance caused this...he was BRAGGIN
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