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  1. Ryan Moore--he is now his own man--no endorsements

    From a sponsors point of view....I would want to have my brand plastered on someone that stands out because they dress a little different..or their antics are not the norm...he has some game too...
  2. Superquad 8.5 with Matrix F7M2 Stiff

    Thanks for the input...i am going to hold off on the the SQ....thinking i may play with my buddies G10 driver to see how I like it....especially since i already play the G10 for my 3 and hybrid...
  3. This is kind of a ramble....would like some thoughts on my thoughts... Been waiting to find a deal on a Superquad....and found one today at a local shop with this shaft....$250...pretty good deal I am now faced with the question...do I really want to change drivers....i am hitting my Titelist alright, but I really have to hook it in the wind to keep it from balloning on me....but i know how to hit that shot, so i am reluctant to learn a new driver, even though i think it will help me control the ball better in the long run.. Thoughts on the Superquad head and this shaft are much appreciated.... Thanks
  4. Like others have said, if you want them, get them. The feeling of hitting a blade pure is equivalent to hitting a home run with a wooden baseball bat. I had my Hogan Apex's stolen last year, and played Mizunos before that. The Clevelands I play now are good sticks, but there is nothing that feels or looks as good as a blade. I am probably going to pick up the MP 67s sometime soon. There will be a major change in forgiveness of course, but it sounds like you put in the time it takes to get better, so you will be fine. They will force you to slow down and swing within yourself, thats for sure.
  5. Scotty Cameron putters

    rudygu is right on. I really like the Selects over the Studios and Circa 62's, but it is just preference. I actually think it is the best putter Cameron has put out in the last couple of years, IMHO. You can find plenty of Camerons for 300 or less, which in my mind is reasonable for a quality milled putter. Trying to get a Tour Model for less than that is going to be very tough. Also consider that if you are concerned about the resale value, then you are not primarily focused on finding the tool that will best improve your putting/scoring.
  6. Ball spinning question

    Don't forget that wind, elevation, and slope of the green can have an influence on spin
  7. Sox or Rays tonight?

    Rays all days My buddy Scott is going to mow them down tomorrow
  8. If your buddy told you that you need to swing towards "left" field to hit a snap hook, then he gave you incorrect information. The only way to hit a hook/draw is to swing from the inside towards "right" field (or down the right field foul line). Trying to hit snap hooks forces you to make a severe inside to out swing. This is often needed when someone has a severe outside to in swing. It is such a different feeling and move that the only way to feel it is to try and hit a "bad" snap hook. Then you try to find that spot somewhere in between, also known as the "slot" The uphill drill, or the right foot back drill is what I use on the course to try and get back in the slot if I start to leak them right.
  9. Zero Friction Tees?

    I have had the same experience with the ball falling off. The only ones I have tried are the ones you describe. I will never use one of the brush tees or anything to crazy looking, too much of a traditionalist. They are worth the money though to give a try. You will want to keep wooden tees in the bag though because they can be a hassle on hard tee boxes.
  10. Odd

    It could be a number of things obviously, but here are a few things I do when I am slicing my driver during a round. - pay attention to the angle of your lead shoulder during take-away. do not let it dip down. try and pull it straight back to under your chin. - make sure you are bringing the club back to the inside, low and slow. swing out on the ball -your lead hand must be square to the ball at impact. make sure you are not leaving the club head open - check ball position and alignment, posture is also important As I am writing this, I am starting to think that too many suggestions like this might be counter productive. THere are sooooooo many things that could be causing this problem. Go to the range, and try to hit nothing but hooks with your driver. A hook is a lot easier to fix then a slice Best of luck!
  11. IMHO, you need to buy the Odyssey. You use the putter more than any other club in the bag, and putting well will improve your scores and confidence. Continue to work on your swing, but don't wait on getting a putter that you feel comfortable with because you are wanting a new bag, irons, driver, whatever.
  12. Distance Measurement

    Figure out what your 150 yd club is (probably a 7 iron right now) and then club up or down based upon 10-15 yd intervals. If your range does not have the distances marked very well, then find one that does. Probably better to just play though. The best distance readings will be on a course. (100,150,200, and sprinkler head readings) I learned by being told that my 7 iron should be my 150 club, and then playing accordingly. You will learn very quickly what your range is by doing this.