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  1. "Day’s par-par finish might also have spared tournament officials from a vitriolic insurrection by those who felt that the teenager had been unfairly targeted. After all, Day’s group needed 5 hours, 45 minutes to complete 18 holes, yet Guan was deemed to be the only player in violation of the slow-play policy."....That was from the Boston Globe. Tell me how Gaun was penalized and no one else was. Two reasons, he wasn't savvy enough to know how to work the clock, and he was a 14 yr old kid from China. Paramour felt no hesitation fining a kid who wouldn't fight back and question him in the p
  2. Not sure if it was mentioned on this 2 week old thread but I've learned the "clock" doesn't start until a player pulls a club. Tour players routinely get around the clock by debating the shot with their caddy before pulling the club. Apparently Guan didn't know how to delay the game "legally"
  3. Good luck Jimmy. I read a book by Fred Shoemaker called "extraordinary golf" that was all about the mental side. Really enjoyed that book. Kind of a "see it, feel it, hit it" book.
  4. Loved the Black. I felt like a "mini me" version it's so big. And I mean everything is big, the trees, the bunkers, the greens, the tee boxes. Just getting on was an experience. I was designated "early riser" and got my spot in the numbered parking lot at 4 am. I think I was no. 32 or so. Didn't know that the rest of my group had to show up in person to pay for the greens fee before they'll sell you the ticket. So I called them and woke them up. We got on the course by 8:30. Ripped a drive down the left side 4' into the rough. Had 180 in. Hacked out a 9 iron. Hit wedge 105 on. 2 putt b
  5. Thank you. There's hope. You're the only one who answered the question.
  6. Are you improving? Are your scores lower than they were a year, two years, 5 years ago?
  7. I with you Indy, you're right on. Short game.. At least 2-3 shots a side.
  8. I hit it hard enough, driver 250 yd carry, 8 iron 145. I can birdie any hole. Problem is I can make8 on any hole. It's always a few crooked numbers that kill me. It's probably mental, and course mgt. I always hit driver and should play safe more often. But then I think, what the hell, if I shoot 78 or 85, whats the difference. No one cares. It's just for personal enjoyment. And I enjoy it immensely. I have a ton of fun. I've long ago disconnected my mood from my score. I'm just wondering...and I like to post topics that I think are interesting, universal, and a bit controversial, i
  9. My experience is that I'll "find it" on the range, but by the fourth hole, it's business as usual. I want to play golf, not golf swing. But when you hit 2 or 3 dead left, you tend to want to"figure out why". Then it's back to the drawing board....
  10. Or at least tell me how many strokes your avg student is dropping.
  11. Yes it's the same guy. I haven't been on this site long but I get the feeling if you can't shoot 70 from the tips, or say you do, then you don't belong. I've tried it all, the speed stick, the pure strike 5 iron, blades, shovels, hours pounding balls, instructors that I can't understand or that give the same lesson to everyone, and my scores are the same. Are yours better? I read golf digest, golf world, watch the golf channel. I play a 6900 yd course with a rating of 74.2 and a slope of 135. I've played Bethpage Black and Shinnecock, and its always 85. So tell me how you dropped 10 st
  12. 49 yrs old. Same handicap. Same scores. Lessons. New equipment. Play 3 times per week. Still shoot 85 almost every time. Am I alone here??
  13. I mean, there are no consequences to bad shots on the range. Where does that happen on the golf course? Don't we just wind up beating balls? I've found that going out on the course for practice rounds and playing 2 or 3 balls is more effective. Uneven lies, water, trees, endless short game opportunities. And consequences. You can't lose a range ball. The driving range is a tempo killer as well.
  14. I only mention Nicklaus because 18 majors and a close full of green jackets carries more weight than anyone named Chico in a golf forum, and for that manner anyone who disagrees with him in that golf forum.
  15. Jack Nicklaus said today that the Guan slow play ruling was ridiculous. All you rules experts who defended it may be right, but you're also ridiculous. Sorry. Ridiculous.
  16. In closing, I enjoy the fact that you have to resort to name calling and "shoot the messenger" animosity. Thank you for including me on Paul Azinger's team. I'm sure you know more about golf than he does. Have a nice day.
  17. This is all about the rules and human interpretation of said rules. How strictly do we adhere to them. The 14 yr old at Augusta was penalized due to strict enforcement of the slow play rule. I think I've made a case by expert opinion (Azinger said it was a joke), relativism (speeding tickets) and examination (rangefinder hypocrisy) that there was plenty of room for Mr. Paramour to show some leniency. Case closed. Ding.
  18. And I'm sure none of you purists ever give or take a 6 inch tap in.
  19. Your take on rangefinders makes my point. They aren't allowed in competition but you can scope every twig so you know every yardage. So why disallow them in competition. Which is it - they don't want you to know the exact yardage, or they want you to figure it out the old fashioned way (but in that case they wouldn't let the caddies make the yardage books with rangefinders in the first place), so it becomes some kind of Boy Scout "who can walk off yardage and do math contest. Btw why do they mark yardage on sprinkler heads? If its ok to know the number, why can't pros use a Bushnell. din
  20. Unless you on a college team, mini tour or nationwide/PGA tour, you already play different rules. Do you ride a cart? Use a rangefinder, ask a partner what club he hit, hit one ob and drop one rather than walk back to the tee? Ground your club in a hazard? Unplug a plugged ball (no such thing as "winter rules" for the pros). When "rules" contradict truth, the rule tends to be null, or at the least, ignored. Technicalities are the "gotcha's" that kill credibity like getting a ticket for going 36 in a 35 mph zone.
  21. Rules I break: - I don't drive 55 - I buy stuff on ebay and don't pay sales tax to the people's republic of New York - I talk on my cell when I drive - I don't wear my seat belt - I'm a bad man
  22. Yeah, the pattern is I don't like rules that are bullshit
  23. Last post: http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/masters08/columns/story?columnist=sobel_jason&id;=3324061 Check out what happened to Robert D if you don't already know. What is it about golf that allows for these things to happen? A 14 yr old kid takes a little too long to play at his first major. The best player ever drops his ball, in full view of the whole world and doesn't realize he made a mistake with corresponding two stroke penalty until the next day. By the way, where was Paramour when Tiger made the drop. Probably looking at his stop watch. Then you look at the De Vincezo story- ev
  24. My suggestion is you buy the most beautiful, buttery feeling Mizuno irons you can find. Have them fitted for lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size. Then go play, knowing your desire for maximum satisfaction when you hit your best shot will be fulfilled to the highest degree. Don't let anyone else tell you what you want. Only you know that. Life is short
  25. Not a bad set but I'd caution against buying them without having a chance to hit ballsa with them first. Also, you need to know what shaft flex you need. A pro could help with that. Go to a driving range, a retail golf only store like golf galaxy or golfsmith or go to a public course that has a nice pro shop and a driving range. They should have a golf pro there who can assess your needs. Where will you be playing - cart it or walk- how far ca you hit it - how big are your hands (grip size). All this is important. Start out with some decent stuff and good advice or you may wind up disapp
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