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  1. Great commercial - you can sense that these guys are going to compete like h*** with each other and let one another know about it, especially being with the same company now, let the games begin!
  2. I would pull my 5 iron for 170-180 yard shots, or 155 dead into the wind knockdown shot (pulled it off a few times this summer :) )
  3. Adam is continuing to play great today, controlled and aggressive at the same time! But tired of hearing how "Tiger just isn't the same as he was a few years ago" or similar comments every poor shot he makes.....we know!!! Say something new, we've been hearing the same thing for nearly 2 years now.....how about some "constructive criticism" for Gmac since he is +4 for the day in the final group and Tiger is "only" +3 on the day. (I am a Tiger fan but also having nothing against Gmac either , just an observation!)
  4. Just had a question for all you fine golfers about playing in a tournament and how the course handles lightning/weather delays. Here is the scenario: today I was playing in the 2nd day of qualifying for our local city tourney, had 2 weather delays due to lightning/rain but there was zero organization/communication really about when it was "ok" to resume play (everyone had come into the club house b/c the storm blew in, hailed for 5 min lol), some guys took off on their own and started skipping through groups b/c another cell was on the radar for sooner, I did not think this was fair at all
  5. Played a "practice" round this morning with some buddies at a course where I could potentially be playing in a tournment in 2 weeks, shot 92 with 5 penalty strokes and only hit 1 fairway....it was hot but my swing was not good today, but 3 of the 5 penalty strokes were on balls 5-10 yards max off the fairway that we could not find - dang cow pasture course! An outing behind us kind of kept us on our toes, other guys in my group had the same issue, oh well, its only 1 day!
  6. I agree Costas really wasn't that great - but geeze Johnny Miller just seems to get grumpier and more negative with each passing year.....maybe because less people give a s&*t about his 63 at Oakmont 30 yrs ago now......I don't mind being honest about a player making a bad choice/swing but he just seems to be so condecending like "oh the great johnny miller NEVER made a bad swing or decision"......get over yourself seriously, apparently you were a good player 30 yrs ago and yes you may have been a member @ Olympic but that doesn't make you the earthly version of the golf gods, ok , rant over (
  7. Quote of the day "Enjoy your jail cell bud" - good call Webb - LOL
  8. Tomorrow is gonna be fun to watch , NO clue who is the favorite after today!
  9. Phil is STRUGGLING (fatigue maybe..... sorry had to say it :) ) - but its great to see Tiger is piping his tee shots pretty well.....Bubba's driver off the deck.....I know thats how he plays but didn't the commentators say that he said "hit 2 drivers as hard as I could yesterday and was still 60 yards short of the green", so not sure what the point of that was............I did hear 1 "Get in the hole" on Bubba's bunker shot a few holes back, I bet these guys are glad the weather is cool , this course looks hilly!
  10. I color over the number with a red circle on both sides no matter what brand ball I am playing
  11. Erik, Good debate - but I do think that when teams "rest" their starters......it is a strategic thing that is pre-planned (starters NOT playing the whole game, only playing 1/2 of it), it usually is NOT dictated by a game going poorly to start with. I get that the majors are the most important to him, but if he drops a 70 yesterday, he somehow sacks up and manages to deal with the mental fatigue and we're not all having this debate today. If you are burnt out, fine - but then don't even start the tournament and none of this is an issue. In athletics, I get that when you l
  12. Driver - ~225-235 (250-265 if I make a great swing/transition and everything feels perfect LOL ..........maybe once a round.......a few weeks ago I hit 8 250 yd drives in a round, and I can't get the feeling back!) 3W - 215-235 2R - 210-215 (if I carry it) 3R - 205 4R - 195 5i - 175-180 6i - 165-170 7i - 150-160 8i - 140-150 (my favorite club) 9i - 125-135 PW - 115-125 GW - 100-110 50 Vokey - 95-100 (haven't been carrying this in the bag lately - hit the Mizuno GW more consistent as far as 100 yard club, I feel like I have to swing out of my shoe
  13. I was very surprised to log on line last night and read that Phil had WD from the tournament after a poor round. I think its safe to assume that 99% of us on here would be taken to the woodshed by our boss/co-workers if we pulled this at work, "I was on vacation last week and I'm so mentally fatigued from it so I am going to tap out for the rest of this week, besides, the big presentation isn't due for a few weeks so its ok, etc". IMHO - "unsportsmanlike" was a good choice of wording....Phil has long been lauded for being the consummate professional/fan friendly, etc etc, but this is
  14. I think they are more durable overall.....but yes if you are playing on a "rock" tee box, it can be difficult if you aren't compressing them exactly straight down.
  15. Men, Any secrets to keeping the while collars on your golf polo's nice and white, and not yellow from sweat/sunscreen run-off! Any particular stain stick/spray/detergent work better than others for you? I know people say use white vinegar on white dress shirt collars.....but I'm hesitant to use that on a $50+ polo shirt that has stripes/colors on it too! Thanks for any tips! Justin
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