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  1. I have a BRAND NEW, never been swung, set of Taylormade RSi 1 irons. The set is 4-PW and they still have the plastic wrap on the heads and all the bar codes and stickers on the shafts. The shafts are R flex Reax Steel shafts. I won these in a raffle and just don't need them.
  2. 1. Matt Kuchar -11 2. Padraig Harrington -10 3. Tiger Woods -12
  3. look in the fairway after you swing. The 3 wood that hits the most balls there is the most forgiving.
  4. 1. Lee Westwood -3 2. Matt Kuchar -1 3. Jack Fleck +3
  5. 1. Lee Westwood-277 2. Ernie Els-278 3. Tiger Woods-278
  6. 1. Lee Westwood 277 2. Phil Mickelson 279 3. Tiger Woods 280
  7. Look at the back inside quarter of the ball through the whole swing and hit the ball there. It will draw every time, but be happy with the fade. Draws become hooks when timing gets off, and hooks turn in to a different hobby!
  8. I have a set of Titleist 735 irons for sale. They are in pretty good condition and I will email pics upon request. They have Golf Pride mid size grips and Rifle 6.0 flighted shafts. They are great irons but have the typical forged iron wear. I loved these irons, but recently switched to the Mizuno MP 68s and just can not justify these irons laying around in my closet.
  9. 3-PW set of Titleist 735's for sale. These irons have been played with but are in good shape. There is the expected bag chatter, but there is no wear that would harm the playability of these clubs. The 3 iron has the original cord grip, but the other irons have been regripped with golfpride rubber grips. These clubs have Rifle 6.0 shafts. PM me with email address for pictures. Asking $250.00.
  10. 1. Average 31 putts per round or better 2. Average 55% or better fairways hit 3. Average 10 GIR per round. 4. Get my Handicap below 3.
  11. I just played the wilmington island golf course last month. Its an old donald ross design and i thoroughly enjoyed it! It was not very expensive but the course was in great shape and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Its hard to find info nonline about this course, but i recommend it.
  12. They are awesome! My wife bought me a set for christmas last year and I still love them. They are much mor forgiving than you would think and the feel off these clubs is incredible. This was my first set of blades and there has yet to be a round where I wish I was hitting any other irons. For better or worse, you know exactly what the ball is doing as soon as it leaves your clubface. They are definitely worth trying and if you don't like them, you will have no problem selling them!
  13. I only get to play about 4 times a month on average. I farm full time and just dont have much time right now. I have been to the range maybe 4 times this year and the practice green about 4 times too. Looks like its not going to get any better as my wife is pregnant with our first child, which is an excellent reason to have less time to play!
  14. Getting my 52 was one of the best decisions i ever made. Closed a gap between my PW and SW and is a perfect club for chipping.
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