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  1. DCI 962

    Were there different DCI 962 castings? I have 2 sets of un-stamped irons and there appears to be small differences in groove patterns and sole grind. 1 set could be a knock off but the logo and Titleist script is dead on. Just curious what I have here. Thanks.
  2. Tommy Armour 845s?

    Would you mind elaborating on the "later model"? Thanks
  3. New Mid Atlantic Member

    Hello all, I am a new member from the Mid Atlantic. I played HS golf from 97-00 with a set of Wilson Staff blades. Since then I have played Tommy Armour 845s, Ping Eye 2s, and now I have Nike Blades. I know I have a high handicap for blades but I love the look of a thin top line and honestly I feel like I play pretty well with them. My bag consists of: 4-PW Nike blades (3i sometimes) Nike VR 8.5 Driver Titleist 904 3 and 5 wood Callaway Hawk Eye 7 wood (sometimes) Vokey 52 and 56 wedges Scotty Cameron Studio Putter I look forward to browsing around the forum and learning some stuff. Thanks
  4. This is my first post here and I did some searching and didn't find anything. Back in the day I played a set of TA 845s of the 1988-1998 vintage. The other day I came across a used set at the local shop for $9.99, I couldn't resist. It isn't a perfect matching set but for the price who cares. I believe these are also the same vintage. Now I have a few questions. While trying to complete the set I have found some clubs have "Pat Pend" in the cavity but mine have "Patented". Also they have 3 bars on the hostel and the middle bar is white. Does this mean anything specific? Just trying to do my best to complete the matching set. Any info is helpful and appreciated.