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  1. You know, I've read the "like you're throwing a baseball" analogy hundreds of times. I was a pitcher through high school, but could never understand the analogy. When I had that swing thought, I thought about pitching, so I swayed, big time, on the back swing, and was way out of whack on the down swing. But your explanation just clicked with me. Stand feet shoulder width apart, 90 degrees from your target, and pretend to throw the ball sidearm. You will definitely have a massive forward weight shift, with almost all of the weight on your front foot. You will also have hip rotation...and it f
  2. I bought a RUKK Net and LOVE it. It practicly sets itself up, and can be taken down in about 30 seconds (if you take your time). It is more expensive than the Callaway, but in my opinion, it is a much better product. I bought specifically because it is so easy for one person to set it up and take it down (which I need to do as I cannot leave it set up in my backyard, or the Arizona sun...not to mention my kids...will destroy it). It is also very durable. No joke, first swing I took I smacked the pole with my 3W...I've since learned the proper distance to stand from the net...and there was
  3. Good to know about the AMP cell. As far as wanting a 4H and 5H, my distances are actually pretty consistent for 6i through SW and my 3H (direction and too frequent thin shots are killing me). I figure if those distances are consistent, a 4H and 5H would be too. Think I'll try a 5H first though just in case.
  4. I have a bit of a dilema. I'm a high handicapper, but am starting to figure things out (play a stretch of 4-5 holes close to par, making a few birdies here and there, but fall apart 2 or 3 holes a round). One of the things that I've "figured out" is that I love love LOVE my Cobra Baffler T-rail 3H. Easily my favorite club, and I consistently hit it the same distance (185). I have Ping G20 irons and my 4i and 5i are very inconsistent. I'd like to get a 4H and 5H to replace them. My assumption is that it makes sense to get matching Cobras, right? Problem is that I'll have to hunt around used c
  5. Oh, I get it. Like the shaft is parallel to the ground when the head is pointed roughly towards the target over your shoulder? I was thinking that left arm parallel wasn't very far back!
  6. Stupid noob question, but what exactly is parallel? I'm envisioning left arm (right handed swing) parallel to the ground at the top of the back swing????
  7. I'm also a beginner, but after I got fitted by Ping, it is soooooooo much easier to hit the ball consistently than with the incorrect clubs. I also highly recommend getting SGI or at least GI irons. You will need the forgiveness. Hell, my boss is a scratch golfer playing the most difficult courses here in Phoenix-Scottsdale and he plays Ping G15s. You don't need blades to be good, but it's hard to be good with blades. Good luck!
  8. Call me crazy, but I've always been quick to judge somebody who blames others for their own mistake. Also I watched the event live and I'm not basing my opinion on the video. Bubba acted like a complete baby that entire hole. To his credit he did show a lot of class on the 18th congratulating Stroud after the killer chip. I'm just saying that, to me, his treatment of his caddie was classless and unprofessional.
  9. The fundamental difference is that the player-caddie on course interaction is in the public. The mature way to handle this situation is for Bubba to publicly own the mistake (he hit the shot), but deal with his caddie privately. It's no different than if my secretary makes an error. I'm the attorney and I'm responsible for everything with my name on it. To the court I own the mistake. But I talk to my secretary privately to make sure it never happens again. I definitely have a different take on Bubba than I did before. Just childish behavior.
  10. I'm also a relative beginner. I can't really "feel" a difference in balls when I hit an iron, I can hear a difference between a harder ball and a softer ball. However, I can definitely feel a difference when hitting a wedge and putting. Honestly, the feel of the ball doesn't make a lick of difference in my performance, though. The same is NOT true for custom fit clubs. Even with my inconsistent swing, have the lie of my irons correctly fit by Ping made a HUGE difference. Virtually all of my iron shots are straight or very slightly push-draw. Before, I tended to slice or push-slice everything.
  11. Ok, so I've settled on either the Adams a12os or the Cobra Baffler T-rail. From an aesthetics standpoint I love the day glow yellow on the cobra. I also like the heavier head feel. From a performance standpoint, they're dead even. Two questions: (1) Is one of these two clubs better constructed or longer lasting? (2) I have Ping g20 irons with steel shafts. Is a stiff graphite shaft in these hybrids equivalent to the regular flex steel? Also, FWIW, Golfsmith fit me for a stiff shaft in my Amp driver, but I was right on the regular/stiff border, and the thought was that my swing would get qu
  12. Yeah, I haven't seen steel shafted hybrids on the shelf either, but I've seen other golfers with them on the course. I assumed that you should purchase hybrids like woods (buy what you hit best without regard to the brand of your irons/driver) but wanted to make sure that, since hybrids sort of replace irons, they don't need to match your irons. Thanks all.
  13. I did a search and didn't find anything that addressed this issue. I currently have Ping G20s steel shaft, regular flex. Looking to get a 3H and 4H. Is it beneficial to go with the G20 hybrids to match my irons? How about shafts - should the hybrids also be steel?
  14. Went out and played 18 today in the 110 degree weather (Phoenix summers suck). Used the E6, Wilson Staff 50, and Callaway Warbirds about equal. Course was wide open so my buddy any I would hit 2 or 3 shots several times. My verdict. The Warbirds flew the straightest, putted the most consistent, checked up slightly better, but felt the worst. The 50s felt great but I had terrible distance control. Loved putting them though. The E6 neither under whelmed me nor thrilled me. Kind of the middle ground of the other two balls. Now, take my opinion with a ginormous grain of salt since I'm a beginner
  15. That was the biggest disappointment for me too. I could try to hit short knowing the e6 would release a lot. But I didn't like the putter feel. They didn't feel hard or soft really....more "thick" if that makes any kind of sense. I'm a high handicapper so I don't put much stock in my "feel", but the more balls I try the more I'm surprised by the different putter feel.
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