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  1. here's a different wrinkle on this topic. A player is a 9 handicap, B is a 16, C is a 17. playing off a's handicap has B getting 7 strokes on 7 hardest holes. likewise player C gets 8 strokes on 8 hardest holes. but what about the stroke handicap difference between player B & C. should it be on hardest hole as that is how handicap strokes are usually allocated, or on 7th hardest hole, because that is where C would be getting a stroke relative A's handicap? I think it should be on hardest hole. what do you think?
  2. well i certainly disagree with your down grading this to even less than a controversy. i have read much about this topic, but i will wait till i review more before replying to your message. but i have to say applying 33-7 here certainly sounds kinda wrong.
  3. as i said, i had no intent to rehash the entire controversy. if you need to know more details check out the post with over 1000 replies about this incident. i do not know the integrity of the people on augusta national's rules committee personally, nor in any other way, tho i must admit being perhaps swayed by the fact that this private golf club that hosts a classic pga major tourney just recently admitted women and for years excluded african americans. i would suggest that by itself speaks to their integrity overall, if not spefically to golf.
  4. as my sons, wife, and friends would testify, i have a keen interest in integrity in professional sports. baseball drives me crazy when a perfect game is pitched and not recognized even tho the umpire admits his error. football used to drive me crazy when i'd invest hours watching a game only to have it decided by an obviously bad call. luckily instant replay fixed most of that. until this masters i did not question the integrity of professional golf. now i see that it is very very thin indeed. not rehash the whole story, but tiger admitted breaking a rule for his own benefit, tho he didnt realize he was breaking it at the time. the rules committee of the tourney penalized him, but did not disqualify him, as the rules would have called for. instead they cited a new revision of rule 33 meant to address situations where players broke the rules and would not know of it. but tiger should have known of it. why was he not disqualified? i suspect the rules committee did not want to dq the most known player and have their tourneys tv ranking tank. maybe relatedly they did not mind penalizing a 14 year old 8th grader from china, perhaps because they did not like him treating their world class course as if it were a municipal link? tourney's need to be not only run by usga rules, but supervised by the usga. leaving it in the hands of a local committee is just asking for trouble like this, and leads me to question the integrity of professional golf.
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