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  1. I picked one up yesterday after work.. in the Salem, NH Apple Store I waited in line for about 20mins. It was painless to upgrade, I love this new phone!
  2. Yesterday was my earliest... Played 9. Starting at 7:40am Not the earliest compared to you guys but it was early enough for me
  3. Cavalera Conspiracy- Terrorize Great tune.. amazing when working out at the gym
  4. I snuck in on the 25-29 but definitely turn 30 in 3 weeks.... ugh!
  5. No ever said I can't have both
  6. So I took my first lesson today... Overall it went well, Basically worked on grip, where the weight should be in my stance and trying to get the feel of using my shoulders to start the swing not the arms.. Everything definitely felt awkward but Im sure it will help more in the long run So far so good... now i cant wait to get back to the range and practice!
  7. I just signed up a few weeks ago and put up about 10 games for trade. I had one requested to me Sent it out and now am waiting to get my points. Im saving up to get a used copy of TW08
  8. My bag only have 5 slots, which annoys me because the grips touch each other in the bag and they never fit nicely. In each of the slots the top on which is the full width of the bag I put my Driver and 3 wood and putter. They all have covers so they don't get dinged up. The rest are grouped in together, 3-5, 6-8, 9,PW,SW. Now my bag is ripping so time to get a new bag Might go with a bag with more individual slots.
  9. I just got my hands on Grid... I love it. Also for the people who havent picked up Tiger Woods 08 yet. Its on sale at Circuit City $39.99
  10. Went to Scottish Highlands on Sunday and shot 100. Front 9 I played terrible, I settled down on the backside and shot quite well.
  11. Last time out I played with 2 other people, we had a bet for each hole. Whoever wins the hole (lowest strokes) the other 2 pay $1. Not sure if this is a typical way to wager, but i did win $9. Some holes were ties and didn't exchange money but it was good to add a little competition to a game of golf
  12. If i can hit straight its about 220yds. Most of the time is about 200 straight and about 100yds to the left. Stinking Slice
  13. I went to the course for the first time with my new Big Bertha Irons and Big Bertha 460. I played my irons very well, but had a wicked bad time with the driver... hard slices to the left (im lefty). My putting was also suspect but I'm going to blame my putter . Overall i was happy with my play considering this was my first time out in about 6 or 7 years. Any tips on how to straighten out my Driver?
  14. 1 week ago ordered, Callaway Big Bertha Irons 3-PW, Yesterday bought Big Bertha 460 10degree stiff Thursday when I go back to pay and pick up my clubs, Im sure ill be getting some other goodies. This forum has cost me all sorts of money since I joined!!
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