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  1. 15* hybrid goes anywhere from 210-240 depending on whether it's a draw, fade, or (generally) straight.
  2. I just bought a set of Mizuno MP-30's on ebay and I love them! Take some getting used to, but they are far superior to my old irons. $220 shipped, 4-PW, and they're in excellent shape. Main thing is to try and be patient; eventually a good deal will come up. The main thing to remember about buying forged irons on ebay is to check the photos, since these irons wear easily and I saw more than a few sets that were in pretty rough shape.
  3. Just curious, do you use your 15* hybrid for that shot? I have the exact same club and I love it, but I haven't learned to hit it well out of the rough.
  4. ummmm....do you hit the ball about 400 yards on average? Just wondering. Perhaps you are a far better athlete than I am!
  5. I never understood what that moron is doing turning on the faucet when he should be nailing his wife! I gotta admit though, I like the Pinnacle ad with the guy and his friend, Ted Snuggle-bucket (or whatever!) who has a good short game but can't hit the ball very far. And the cobra ones with David Feherty! But wait till I've seen them 500 times. Then I'm sure I'll hate them as much as all the others. Why do ad companies do that??!!!!??
  6. Yeah, they're great aren't they. I'm starting to wish I got the 3 wood and the 18* hybrid instead of compromising with the 15* hybrid, especially since I've got an open space in my bag now.
  7. I can also recommend the G10's. I use a 15* as my 3 wood. The 18* would be the 2-iron replacement. Also, I like my Mizuno MP fli-hi, which would be good for players who like long irons. It comes in an 18* loft, too.
  8. I'm using a Taylor Made 580xd and I love it, but I can't help but wonder if something newer might give me more distance. The one thing the 580 doesn't give me is very much roll. Can anyone tell me if there's been any great leaps in technology since the 580?
  9. Yes, of course! Though it's usually more for drama than genuine anger. And I haven't really done it since high school, and I sure wouldn't do it on a nice course. My six-iron spent four months in some bushes near a water hazard, until someone found it and realized it was mine! And I still used it up until recently when I got new clubs.
  10. I use a 53 and a 58, Mizuno MP T. The 53 I've been using mainly just as another iron, so full swings from 100 yards or so. The 58 is for everything else around the green. I'm going to work on using the 53 from shorter distances for more versatility, though.
  11. Well, I tried a variety of different sloped lies on the range, but there isn't any rough to practice out of, so I'll have to spend some time with it on the course before I can say.
  12. Well, the verdict is in (OK, honeymoon verdict) - I love this club! I took it to the range this morning and gave it a workout, and it's a great club. Much more consistent for me than any 3 iron I've tried, but I can work the ball better than with a typical hybrid. The low screamer is a little tough with it, but I was never good at that shot. I get a nice strong trajectory with this club, and a solid shot just feels so nice! Higher handicappers might want to try it first, but if you're comfortable hitting a four or five iron this club won't give you any trouble. Hopefully our honeymoon gr
  13. I just bought one yesterday, for the same reason: My set of Mizunos didn't have a 3 iron, so I got the 21* MP fli-hi. It felt great in the store, but I can't really give a review until it has gotten a better workout. I'm a mid-handicapper and I certainly didn't have any trouble hitting it. It's probably a better choice than a regular 3 iron - I chose it because I don't have a rescue club and I'm hoping it will give some help for long shots out of rough and other tight lies.
  14. I use a 15* hybrid and find it to be an acceptable compromise between a 3 wood and a 2 iron (since I like having that extra wedge). It's not very workable, but it's a lot easier to control than a 3 wood. I was hoping it would be more usable out of the rough, but then a 3 wood isn't much good for that either. I'd consider replacing my 3 iron with a hybrid, but then there's my ego to think about!
  15. Personally, if you're new to golf, I think hitting long irons is a great learning tool. Infinitely frustrating, probably, but this is a game that demands practice. Hitting long irons will tighten up your swing with your shorter irons. Start by teeing the ball up just slightly so it's easier to make contact. Hybrids are very useful, but I suspect most people here learned the game with long irons. It's a struggle, but it pays off. Either way, make sure you at least give long irons a chance!
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