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  1. I've done some looking around today, and I can tell I'm going to have to pay a bit more if I want to have a nice, complete set...any suggestions on best buys for the price?? I'm looking at starting with a set of Taylor Made Burner Plus irons...thoughts? Beyond that, is it possible to find a quality driver at or under $100? Thanks!
  2. Hey All, Brand new to the site/forum, and I'm hoping for some help...looking to find a decent set of clubs so I can get back into playing with my father in law...I was an avid golfer many years ago, but never really invested in a quality set...I've been away from the game long enough to have no idea what's worth buying, what I can expect to pay, etc...can $300 buy me everything, or am I way off? I appreciate any info and guidance you can provide! Please note, I'm looking for LEFT handed clubs. Thanks so much!

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