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  1. Or this one, with the 45.5 inch length http://www.2ndswing.com/p-121236-nickent-4dx-evolver-driver-10-5-graphite-senior-right.aspx?gclid=COmq1-H10bYCFcFAMgod4HwAfw
  2. Hm... So since it has an interchangeable hosel, would I still need to get an extra tall club or would I be able to get a "standard length" and be able to adjust? As seen here: http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Nickent-Mens-Golf-4DX-Evolver-Driver/5937242/product.html?cid=202290&kid;=9553000357392&track;=pspla&ef;_id=UPQGgwAARNpc22RJ:20130417142758:s
  3. What do you guys think about this driver, just to practice on/learn on? Trying to find something solid, but relatively cheap (
  4. Hey guys, I am new to the golf world and looking into buying my first set of clubs... I am 7 feet tall and it is looking like this may be a problem in purchasing clubs.. Any thoughts? It look likes +2" is for people who are 6'4 to 6'9 ... Should I buy clubs that are +2"? I'm looking to spend $200-300 on my first set of clubs or $100 on a driver just to see how I like it. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  5. Add me in, Dumfriesshire, South west Scotland. Oh... and hello to all! New member here.
  6. Hi there! New to this forum and Golf altogether. I am a Sr. Manager heading up our Financial Service Group.
  7. Hi all! I do personnel security work but am currently in between jobs.
  8. I am a Database Administrator here in Rochester, NY. I work with DB2, mainframe and distributed, and IMS. I could say I'm a golf professional, but one look at my swing, and you would know what a crock that is.
  9. I shot an 82 today at a course i've only played a few times. The only bad thing is that i've changed my swing, and instead of hitting draws and hitting it strait, I slice it really bad. Luckily my chipping and putting saved me
  10. i am new here, my parents are from mississippi, i plan to go to state, i live in dc at the moment, i aswell raced motorcross as a kid, but it fell through aswell. I was told i was a natural at golf, stuck with it and love it. Have a farm in jones county mississippi. And am a 3 handicap
  11. I'll be 28 in 2 weeks . I have been playing for a long two months with some improvements.
  12. I work on a tugboat for a company in Baltimore,MD.
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