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  1. Old Putter engraving?

    ......anyone??? Still no idea, and no replys.
  2. Old Putter engraving?

    Does anyone have any idea on what I have, what the engraving is, if clubs used in an open usually get engraved? if it is worth anything, any info would be better than none. Thanks.
  3. I have had a set of clubs that were left to me, so I do not know the history of them; but one in particular caught my eye. It is an older putter and it is a " MacGregor " " GeoLow 600 ", " Jack nicklaus " putter, having it written on the head of the club. But there is an engraving on the front, in the wedge part, that says "1982 Southern Open" . I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this, and how much, roughly, it possibly could be worth. I am not a golfer, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.