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  1. Newsflash: Sexual preference seriously changes how attractive you appear to the "opposite, opposite" sex. What happened to liking those things you can never have? I'm out...
  2. It is interesting to read the posts to this thread and how it has wandered off topic - a little like some of my putts :) The OP asked a question about the ruling for placing a ball forward of the original marked position. It is my opinion that whilst you all make good points about "what if the 6" ..." and how the ball may or may not sink, what is most important here is to remember that golf is an honour game, and we each of us promise to adhere to the rules. So it is a mute point as to what happens once the ball is in motion, what is important is that it is was replaced in the wrong locati
  3. I'm more of a Kelly Tilghman man, sadly we never see her in a tight little outfit. AND that is where I am leaving this discussion ;)
  4. I'm glad it is not just me. I find the Genie chick looks a little ****ty, IMVHO. I have always believed that advertisers really do not need to dress up their product to sell it to me - when they do it screams "WARNING" as their product probably really NEEDS to be dressed up. WTF am I on about it is the Golf Channel everything is about sex...
  5. I agree we should not feel the need to prop up the TM machine. so I just posted my wife's TM Burner 2.0 clubs on eBay and bought her a nice replacement set of ProMaster off Craigslist. I think they may be a little long for her but I'm sure she will feel good about the decision.
  6. The rules can sometimes seem strangely in favour of better players. Like you said having to play from another players divot on a fairway when you are new to golf, for example. When I attended the NCGA on-course rules program I was somewhat amused by Ryan Gregg the Director of Education when in answer to another attendees question about "what should I do when the rules seem unfair...?" he replied 'PLAY HARDER! It is interesting how many people complain about other players for how they behave on course, course supers for the way the course is maintained (or not) or just complain in general
  7. Piers Morgan is a db of the highest order so it is no surprise to hear that he is attracting similar types.
  8. Indeed & I seriously doubt anyone will be throwing their TM clubs in the lake because of his outbursts. But if you don't have anything really interesting or meaningful to say, why not just say nothing? I would prefer to see the largest golf manufacturer in the industry lead by example not aggression & being outspoken. It really doesn't endear you to anyone.
  9. Looking at Mr. King's comment just reminds me of what an odious little man he is. Who has made a few comments which, in my opinion, have been worthless. The Tiger Woods has killed the game remark aside, let's not forget that he urges players to ignore the R&A; / USGA on the subject of anchoring & long putters. He even went as far as to say that within 10 years the USGA would be a non-factor. So I decided to do my own research & a quick search on the tint-a-net sourced some very interesting data. Two pieces which piqued my fancy are: 1. The National Golf Foundation (NGF) produced an 8
  10. Wow what a thread, there is eleven minutes of my life I won't be getting back!
  11. Always worn a glove and always will. That said I sweat through a couple of gloves a round when it's warm, so ai remove my glove after every shot and that way I also don't end up with one sun tanned hand and one white one.
  12. I prefer Monarch, but I'm trying to like Metro more. San Geronimo is a nice little course and it's quite a mean little track too. You should try it.
  13. Im not a big online purchaser but have had some good buys from 2ndswing.com. I just took a look at globalgolf.com and have to say I am impressed, I didnt do a price comp , yet. But their UI is fantastic - great heads up RTS. cheers
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